8 Fresh-n-Hot LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Boosting Sales in 2021

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Gone are the days when employees had to knock on people’s doors to sell their business’s product.

These days, it’s all about social marketing. People and businesses alike are using social media to find jobs, search for leads, sell their product or service or just connect with people in their field.

The reason is pretty clear. It’s easy, convenient, opens your business up to a global audience ranging in millions and to top it all, you have lots and lots of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn to test and modify your marketing strategies.

Marketers are using LinkedIn as their go-to marketing tool these days. The reasons being:

These statistics indeed prove that LinkedIn can be an incredible marketing tool but in order to reap all the benefits it provides, you’ll need certain tools to manage your content, discover top content, manage your LinkedIn profile or page, generate leads and so much more.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of 8 best LinkedIn marketing tools that will help you turn into a result-oriented social media marketing expert.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools To Boost your LinkedIn presence

Why SocialPilot?

  • Advanced scheduling and publishing
  • Automate multiple & carousel images
  • Schedule native videos
  • Add audience targeting for each post
  • Ability to mention other pages/people
  • In-depth analytics & downloadable reports
  • $30/month and 24x5 support

1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot rating



SocialPilot is one such LinkedIn marketing tool that takes care of all your LinkedIn marketing requirements from bulk scheduling posts, managing your social media team and its work, discovering relevant and amazing content that drives engagement to setting up your visual media campaigns.

The best part about one of the best LinkedIn tools - SocialPilot is that it offers you LinkedIn analytics that could be easily converted into a PDF report and shared over an email with clients and colleagues. The comprehensive analytics feature gives you audience insights, information on what type of content gets the most engagement, helps discover influencers, find out the best time to post and so much more.

SocialPilot will help you use LinkedIn as a marketing tool but it doesn’t stop there. SocialPilot will help drive engagement not only on LinkedIn but across social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google My Business, Instagram (Direct Publishing) and VK.

Features of SocialPilot:

  1. Create customized posts for different social media platforms.
  2. Analyze and document your social media performance with in-depth social media analytics
  3. Organize and visualize your social content with calendar
  4. New content suggestions with the content curation feature
  5. Upload upto 500 posts in one-go with bulk scheduling
  6. Create and schedule visually attractive posts
  7. Manage multiple client accounts hassle-free
  8. Leverage the power of social inbox to access all page conversations in one place.
  9. Set approval workflows in team collaborations to work seamlessly
  10. Create best designs with Canva integration in SocialPilot.

What SocialPilot Users Say:

Cindy C.

What I like most about SocialPilot software is that it saves me time! I have connected my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media accounts to SocialPilot and I manage my accounts directly from the dashboard! This software is smart and easy to use. It is designed in such a fantastic way that anybody can learn to use it.

Luis Ignacio Cárdenas

Carrying the social networks of several companies at the same time, without the perfect tool, is a task that can end in a complete disaster. That is why, after using SocialPilot, I can say with confidence that it is the best option for small entrepreneurs and for consolidated work teams that seek to offer a better service.

Kristyn F.

I've been using Social Pilot for a few weeks now (after using Hootsuite for years), and I gotta say that I'm impressed! What I like most are their ANALYTICS - by far. They save me a lot of time, they're detailed, and the reports are easy for me and my clients to read and understand. Their browser extension tool is also helpful too!

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2. Crystal

LinkedIn marketing tool - Crystal

Crystal is known as the world’s largest personality assessment platform that helps you understand the personality differences in yourself, your colleagues and your customers.

As social selling is all about personality, personalization and meaningful interaction, this LinkedIn marketing tool helps leverage this by giving you access to personality profiles which you can use to target your marketing effectively.


  1. It helps you build communication such as emails in a way that it resonates with your prospects.
  2. You can also use the tool to assess your own professional strengths.

Lisa T.

Love the insights before a meeting and on the prospects, we are working.


  1. You don’t get to know where the personality details have come from and the results aren’t always accurate.
  2. The pricing can be high if you consider the fact that you’d have to use other LinkedIn marketing tools beside this if you really want great results.

Reece W.

Accuracy seems pretty hit or miss. A lot of the people I reach out to are in sales and are OVERWHELMINGLY said to be "D" personalities on Crystal, but tend to be a lot more varied on live connects.


LinkedIn marketing tool - IFTTT

IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’. This tool allows you to automate certain tasks between third-party apps. With specific commands, you can schedule your social media posts to the exact hour, share your LinkedIn post on Facebook when you use a specific hashtag, share a tweet every time you publish a post and so on.


  1. It helps save time by automating your processes and integrating multiple software solutions/platforms.
  2. This is one of the LinkedIn marketing tools that have existing automation flows set into the system so that a new user can easily understand the tool and explore different possibilities.
  3. It has a big community where you can learn things and implement strategies that have worked well for others.

Elaine F.

The user interface and the app are easy to understand and use. Integrating services is as easy as signing in with the click of a button.


  1. Sometimes, the automated processes stop running after some time and it becomes really tiresome for the user to start over again.
  2. It's easy to get started with the tool but you may need to know a bit of coding to create complex recipes that have multiple tasks and triggers.
  3. It is more set up for personal than business use. Most of the applets focus on connecting social media accounts and various in-home automated devices. You’d have to look for another tool if you want to automate business processes that have a robust offering of integrations other than Gmail or to-do lists.

Gilles De Clerck

I've set up multiple automation flows with IFTTT over the last few years but none of them have run more than a couple of weeks, for the simple reason that they didn't work consistently. You can't count on it and the whole idea kind of comes crumbling down. It's only as valuable as its reliability and that is just not good enough with IFTTT.

4. LinkedIn Elevate

LinkedIn marketing tool - IFTTT

LinkedIn Elevate which functions as both a desktop application and a mobile app, searches news sources to find relatable and informational content that can be scheduled and shared on your LinkedIn profile. This LinkedIn marketing tool helps you save time so that you can focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy.


  1. With this LinkedIn marketing tool, you can measure your progress with insights like how many people you’ve reached, how many are engaging with your post and so on.
  2. It is an easy way for employees to share stories about the company which helps increase the overall awareness for the company.
  3. You can share posts around topics that allow for different perspectives which further increases social visibility and presence on the platform.

Verified LinkedIn Elevate user

Elevate is an easy to use and manage platform that encourages employees to curate and share company/industry related content across social channels.


  1. There are some glitches and malfunctions in the program. For example, once a piece of content is shared, a dialog pops up that shows additional content to share but those suggestions often include the content you’ve already shared and wouldn’t want to share again.
  2. They offer a great range of analytics but it’s often found lacking in depth.
  3. It’s an expensive tool for a company, considering the fact that you’d have to buy additional tools for managing other social media platforms.

Verified LinkedIn Elevate User

I wish the analytics were more helpful and in depth.

5. SalesLoft

LinkedIn marketing tool - SalesLoft

SalesLoft integrates with a lot many sales tools and can be used by both beginners and professionals. It integrates with different types of data across multiple channels, streamlines your workflow and understands your audience for better targeting. This LinkedIn marketing tool helps you personalize your sales strategy and provides data-driven results to tell you where your sales strategy should be going.


  1. You can use this LinkedIn tool to keep track of your sales prospects. It can track and make calls, send text messages, send and track emails and automate outreach efforts.
  2. It helps put all the sales info in one pane. All the phone, email, and LinkedIn SalesNav stuff can be handled in one window.
  3. The interface of the product is easy and intuitive.

Sam D.

It's not perfect but I use it all the time. Overall it makes my life easier.


  1. Sometimes users find that the program runs into issues and doesn’t function properly. It also leads people to uninstall and reinstall the extension, making the process very tiresome and time-consuming.
  2. Operating the task manager part of the platform is very cumbersome as you have to go to each cadence individually to go through the due tasks.
  3. The email tracking is a very good feature but sometimes it gives false alerts if the prospect is opening their email with outlook or if you open the email yourself which can lead to confusion.

Eric A.

I'd say Salesloft runs great 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time my co-workers and I frequently run into issues where the system doesn't function properly. I've had calls that were never logged and also calls where it took over a day to show up.


LinkedIn marketing tool - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is made to help you find relevant leads for your business. It also offers you sales insights so that you have the correct information available before you make a decision. It provides lead recommendations customized according to your target audience and particular needs.


  1. With the help of one of its top features advanced lead and company search, you can make complex lead searches based on a plethora of factors like location, industry, title at company, years at the said position, etc.
  2. This LinkedIn marketing tool integrates with CRM tools thus helping you save and access your generated lead list any time you want.
  3. It has certain relationship building tools that allow you to move closer to your sales target.

Rodrigo P.

I use Navigator on a daily basis. It's easy to use and provides great information on your targets. I can build company or leads lists, I can save leads, get insights on companies etc.


  1. While it does have a lot of features and provides you with a lot of information, it doesn’t help you keep everything organized.
  2. It is not user-friendly and can take a lot of time to figure out how to utilize the tool effectively.
  3. It is a lot pricey as compared to other tools. Before buying it, a person needs to think, “Should I be spending this much just for LinkedIn marketing? If I add into this the cost of other tools for managing different social media, would it not strain my resources?”

Keith C.

I dislike the price - it's way too pricey for what it generates in return. It's only as good as the self-completed user data. And the information from companies house isn't quite as good (or accurate) as other platforms.

7. Dux-Soup


LinkedIn marketing tool - Dux-Soup

Dux-soup is a LinkedIn marketing tool that is used for lead generation. With the help of this tool, you can automate your prospecting work by having the tool view your prospect’s profiles and follow their activity as well as send them personalized messages and endorse their skills.


  1. You can download your prospects’ and leads’ profile details and upload them to your CRM tool.
  2. You can scan through thousands of LinkedIn profiles in a fairly short time which helps you get their LinkedIn URLs. With the help of other softwares then, you can get emails for those contacts.
  3. Doing follow-up campaigns is also easy with the help of Dux-Soup.

Jenny S.

I like that Dux-Soup just takes care of a lot of the manual work that doesn't need my attention.


  1. Its UI isn’t very appealing and the interface isn’t intuitive so it takes users some time to figure out how to properly use it.
  2. Sometimes the tool faces technical issues like it has trouble loading or you come across minor errors.
  3. If you take into consideration that you’d have to pay additionally for certain add-on features, the price could shoot up and the tool could turn out to be quite expensive for your entire team.

Collin M.

At times it slows down my browser and overall makes Linkedin run slower. Their support team could be a bit more involved and not charge for simple calls!

8. LeadFeeder


LinkedIn marketing tool - Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a website traffic tracking tool that allows you to see which companies or individuals visit your website and what they’re interested in. You can link it to your CRM, Analytics tools and email marketing for enhanced data-gathering and reporting. It can help in easy conversions as you target those leads that are actually looking for you.


  1. Integrating Leadfeeder data with CRM helps you streamline and automate communication with potential customers.
  2. It shows who you’re connected to on LinkedIn at the visiting company so that you can easily start a conversation.
  3. It offers many integrations and API keys to integrate to custom services.

Richard L.

Great insights. It helps us better understand our customers and prospects. Really love the open architecture which allows us to integrate with relevant 3rd party marketing apps.


  1. Setting up filters could be a little challenging. For example, if you want to filter out all international results, you’d have to manually set up a filter for each country which would be very time-consuming.
  2. It doesn’t provide you in-depth results. For example, you can only see which company visited. You can’t know about the specific person or the title so tailoring a campaign around what’s most important to the prospect’s role could be tough.
  3. The price is very high and could put a strain on your resources, especially for smaller companies that get a lot of visitors but are only concerned with a few of them.


All it tells me is the company that visited. It would be helpful if there was other firmographic and behavioral data included about the visitor: job title, how long they stayed on the site, pages visited, etc.

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