11 Best LinkedIn Schedulers Tools to Use in 2024

Use LinkedIn schedulers to create and maintain posting sonsistency on the highly professional platform, projecting an active and credidble brand image to your connections.

Exclusive LinkedIn Scheduling Tools

As per recent studies, LinkedIn is solely responsible for 80% of social media leads for B2B. Needless to say, its decision-making demographics provide a conducive environment for generating qualified leads.

LinkedIn is rapidly growing with 772 million monthly users and 30 million companies, giving you access to the world’s largest professional market.

You need to have LinkedIn tools to make a profound impression on this platform in a short while. Out of these, you must need a LinkedIn scheduler to put your manual scheduling efforts on autopilot.

From scheduling LinkedIn posts, managing your LinkedIn profile or page, to being super responsive, these best LinkedIn scheduling tools can automate a lot of your redundant processes.

They not just save you time but also make you incredibly productive by automating everyday posting for you. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Have a look at this list of top 10 LinkedIn post scheduler to boost your marketing strategies for an enriching output.

How we analyze and select these tools:

This list of exceptional LinkedIn scheduler tools has been formulated through in-depth research and experiential analysis. We have considered various aspects of the tool, such as user engagement, G2 ratings and reviews, price points, and scalability. The list ranking also reflects the evaluation of these tools’ competencies in automation, content production, visualization, analytics, and collaborative features. Our goal in curating this list is to enable marketers to choose tools that will help scale their business.




SocialPilot is that tool that caters to every LinkedIn posting needs of yours. It has all the features for stellar LinkedIn campaigns, from bulk scheduling posts and discovering relevant and amazing content that drives engagement to setting up visual media campaigns.

You get a flexible calendar where you can visualize your posts day/month/week wise. You can even target specific audience sets and tag businesses or collaborators for nailing your engagement goals.

It also offers LinkedIn analytics which you can download as pdf reports and email them to your clients and teammates.

The best part is it is not limited to just the LinkedIn post scheduler. SocialPilot lets you post on other major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram (Direct Publishing), Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google My Business, and VK, along with LinkedIn.

Thus, it removes the need for multiple tools and saves time as it facilitates strategizing everything from one place.


  • Optimize your images with its in-app image editing tool or use SocialPilot integration in Canva to export your designs and schedule on LinkedIn.
  • Generate fresh social media post ideas, captions, and hashtags quickly with the AI Assistant.
  • Analyze and document your social media performance with in-depth social media analytics.
  • Organize and visualize your LinkedIn content with a social media calendar.
  • Create UTM Parameters to track social traffic
  • Upload up to 500 posts in one go with bulk scheduling.
  • Create and schedule visually attractive LinkedIn posts.
  • Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts hassle-free.
  • Set approval workflows with Approvals-On-The-Go for effortless client- team collaborations.
  • You can also create customized posts for different social media platforms.
  • Post carousel-style documents on LinkedIn with support for multiple file formats to get high engagement.

What People Say About Us


Dan Fuoco

SocialPilot’s ability to bulk schedule content is a giant time-saver. When you have the ability to write everything out on a spreadsheet and then upload it into the platform with the click of a button, having all of your content in the right place, on the right date and the right time, that, my friend, is magic! It’s peace of mind.


Cindy Calvert

SocialPilot is amazing! I usually line up and schedule LinkedIn posts to my social feeds for when I know that I will either be stuck in a meeting or for the hours in which I know I will be asleep. So the fact that SocialPilot makes postings for me on my behalf even when I am too busy to do so counts very much in their favor! I love how SocialPilot does most of the work for me!




Postcron is another best LinkedIn scheduling tool where you can schedule your LinkedIn posts from desktop or mobile. With the help of bulk posting, you can schedule LinkedIn posts from an Excel or Google docs file. They also have a context gallery where you can find content for LinkedIn.


  • You can personalize your images with the automatic addition of a watermark (logo or personal brand).
  • It is easy to use, especially for those who are not tech-savvy.

Alicia E.

It’s easy to use, and it works properly.


  • While they do have mobile applications for both Android and iOS, they are very buggy, and the user experience is not up to the mark.
  • For the price it charges, the features they offer are quite limited.

Susan B.

The iOS and Android apps are abysmal. The iOS app being the worst and seemingly full of bugs – unexpected, random closing of the app in the middle of one’s work. Similarly, the Android app is buggy and difficult to rely upon on a daily (or even weekly) basis. The UX/UI design is clunky and not as intuitive as one might expect if you’ve used social media tools for more than a minute.




This LinkedIn post scheduler helps you do quite a lot of things. DrumUp schedules and publishes posts on LinkedIn. It also makes you reach more people with hashtag recommendations and repeats schedules, discovers new content, and measures social media engagement to gauge the effectiveness of your strategies with its analytics feature.


  • You can add multiple accounts to your dashboard and customize the settings according to your requirements.
  • Their recommendation engine allows you to see what is recommended to post to get more engagement on your posts.
  • The tool is easy to use and has a good interface.

John L.

DrumUp is very intuitive and easy to use. The ability to post and schedule content posting is something that makes life very easy, especially when you want to advertise or post on a regular basis.


  • They only offer email support which can be a problem when you need to resolve issues urgently.
  • They don’t support other social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok. Thus you’d have to buy another tool for those platforms, which would really shoot up the overall amount.
  • The feature list isn’t as comprehensive as other scheduling tools.

Enid B.

The content seems redundant like it all comes from a small handful of websites. Since everything is a direct repost, if you are not supplementing with quality tweets, it’s not at all original.

Sprout Social



Sprout Social helps you schedule LinkedIn posts to engage with your followers. It uses message tagging to organize and keeps track of your marketing campaigns. Sprout Social also analyzes post and page performance with audience engagement insights, organizes and stores images, and sets approval workflows to bind your social media strategy.


  • You can reach the right audience by applying audience targeting based on industry, company size, job title, etc.
  • You can use the readymade templates for content creation and marketing.
  • The learning curve isn’t very steep because of its good interface.

Nathanly W.

I definitely enjoyed the user-friendliness of the platform, and their support was also really great. I enjoyed the smart inboxes, competitors’ social analysis, and scheduling capability. I would say the platform is easy to get into straight away and is easy to build a well-formed strategy from.


  • It does not support scheduling in many social media networks like pages and groups, which means you’ll have to use another tool for these platforms.
  • Some user reviews state that they encounter many bugs in the software, and although they get resolved soon, it can be frustrating at times.
  • The pricing is very steep, especially if you have teams with more than 2-3 users.

Jocelyn P.

It is VERY pricey for what you receive. They provided limited customer service and are totally unhelpful when there are issues with any of the integration issues for the platforms. We also had an issue with them overcharging us for a service they’ve discontinued. It is painful to get anything resolved, and phone support is only available at a premium price.




Crowdfire is a LinkedIn scheduling tool that lets you know the best times to post every day. You can also schedule your LinkedIn posts for the entire week accordingly. The queue meter shows if you have enough content scheduled for the entire week, whether your timeline will look active for the next 7 days or so. They also have various other features like analytics and content curation for better social media management.


  • With this LinkedIn post scheduler, you can tailor posts for each social media platform and preview them before publishing.
  • With Crowdfire’s competitor analysis, you can understand what’s working for competitors and strategize accordingly.
  • You can download the analytics reports in ready ppt and pdf formats.

Verified Crowdfire User

I like that I can easily see who follows and unfollows in one easy place. I also like the competitor features.


  • Many user reviews state that although Crowdfire has a content discovery feature, they find it difficult to find good content.
  • While they do have a free plan, it’s of little use as all the features you really need aren’t there. You’ll have to pay individually for each of them, which will shoot up the price.
  • The support team isn’t good. Sometimes, they don’t reply to emails. Many user reviews state that they weren’t even refunded their due amount.


Customer service mostly ignores emails, then offers hope by replying, and then disappears again. Basically fobbed off. I cannot get any clear communication. I am still waiting for a reply and a refund.




MeetEdgar is the best tool that allows you to have category-based LinkedIn scheduling, i.e., it takes your content and sorts it into color-coded categories like “Quotes” or “Blog posts”.


  • With A/B tested social messaging, you can experiment with different messages to see which ones get the most engagement.
  • It helps you share and cycle evergreen content.
  • Its auto-variations feature automatically writes status updates from articles or blogs that you select.

Vert Hsu

Edgar enables us to categorize our evergreen content further and set up a schedule for distribution according to the nature of the content.


  • The reporting feature is very limited. There’s no dashboard to track how all of your posts are performing.
  • It doesn’t let you tag other people or businesses on your posts, so you’ll have to edit all your posts manually after they have been posted.
  • The tool is quite expensive for the limited features it offers.

Adriana L.

I don’t like that I can’t just “stop” a calendar. If I need to stop my posts, I will need to erase the calendar. This is very annoying if I’m thinking about stopping my posts for a couple of days, but I want to go back to my calendar later. I also think it is very expensive.




With Agorapulse is one of the best LinkedIn scheduling tools that allows you to respond quickly to comments using their optimized reply feature. You can even use its bulk upload posts from desktop or RSS feeds, send content to a queue timeslot, republish content regularly, get valuable insights on your published posts, audience, engagement and response time.


  • You can load your evergreen content into queue categories for later scheduling.
  • With the help of color-coded post types, you can easily find scheduled, approved, and queued posts.
  • You can download the analytics report on your computer.

Verified Agorapulse User

Agorapulse is very straightforward, notifying you of comments and interactions with customers on social media and allowing ease of replying to each one of them.


  • The tool has some bugs like sometimes the app doesn’t post images to LinkedIn, images come out to be blurry, etc.
  • The reporting feature is quite basic and doesn’t meet the requirements of the users.
  • For the price it charges, its interface and some features seem quite underdeveloped compared to the other LinkedIn scheduling tools in the market.

Ian P.

Our experience with AgoraPulse has been incredibly frustrating. Our team has experienced a range of issues. The customer service is responsive, but our problems are not being resolved.




This LinkedIn scheduler, Brandwatch, takes care of scheduling your posts, audience management, setting approvals, and task management. It lets you give rapid responses to potential customers.

You can personalize your offerings to clients with its wide spectrum of features. It is quite easy to create a social media calendar, design campaigns with in-built templates, schedule posts, and sum the performance with detailed metrics.


  • The internal communication options make sure that your social media team is connected and can strategize easily.
  • Custom URL tracking allows you to add parameters to every URL you post so they can be easily tracked in Google Analytics.
  • The support staff addresses all your concerns very quickly.

Joakim K.

The service of Brandwatch is very good – you will get a personal contact that you can get in touch with at any time if you have any requests, feedback, or concerns.


  • There are quite a few bugs that users face, both in the mobile version of the site and the mobile application.
  • There is no support for gallery posts or multiple image posts on Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • It’s very expensive, especially for businesses that are just starting out.

Suzanne M.

There are constant API and posting errors. There are some features I was sold on but weren’t actually what I asked/needed. It’s very high maintenance. Reports weren’t as customizable as expected.




Loomly takes care of your post scheduling, generating post ideas, and post previews. It also guides you on creating engaging posts, analyzing your LinkedIn performance, storing and organizing photos, videos, links, and post templates in a central library.

With Loomly, you can manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google My Business, TikTok, Snapchat, and more.


  • Loomly has approval workflows for seamless team collaboration.
  • You can split the calendar by type of posts to ensure that you are focusing on diversified topics.

Rachel C.

I really enjoy the calendar layout feature. They also have a list of features if you are trying to get a comprehensive view of all of your social posts.


  • The auto-publishing feature doesn’t work effectively for Instagram.
  • Some user reviews state that the picture isn’t sized right and often fails to post to LinkedIn.

Verified Loomly User

It is more of a posting platform and less of an engagement management platform. In my view – it is not as easy as other media to reply to comments or like comments or reactions, and I miss having the inbox that alerts you to posts that need replies.




Buffer is a LinkedIn scheduling tool that you can use to share and manage social media content across popular platforms in a few clicks. It allows you to post your content at a time when your target audience is online. This ensures that your post gets maximum reach and engagement.

Besides LinkedIn, this LinkedIn post scheduler allows you to post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, and more. You can also integrate Buffer with Chrome, WordPress, and other essential tools.


  • The UI is quite user-friendly.
  • It lets you customize posts for each social media account.
  • It offers a completely free plan.

Caroline K.

The interface is easy to use. You can pick up how to navigate everything very quickly. We connected to several social media channels and can schedule and post with relative ease. Their customer service has always been friendly and prompt with responses.


  • Buffer is quite pricey if you want to leverage its full potential.
  • It has its own tools for publishing, analytics, and engagement, which are usually the part and parcel features of most Buffer alternatives.

Charles F

If you’re using this platform from an agency perspective, meaning you have multiple clients and multiple internal and external stakeholders, this platform falls short. It lacks in critical areas, including not supporting multiple users, not having an option for client access, and not providing a useful view for routing or reviewing materials.




Among the array of social media schedulers, Sendible stands out as one of the most dependable tools. It supports a lot of social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Business Profile.

For LinekdIn you can schedule post to LinkedIn profiles and pages, monitor and resposnd to comments and analyze post performance using the data and analytics feature. The Canva integration lets you create posts as well as publish them all from the same dashboard. Scheduling posts in bulk saves marketers a lot of time to focus on networking efforts on the professional platforms.


  • Schedule posts on multiple platforms and multiple accounts at once
  • The learning curve for the platform is very smooth and easy
  • You can schedule posts in bulk and customize thema t the same time.

Kelsey A.

It’s very easy to get started on anything in Sendible. I came from using Hootsuite, and was worried about the learning curve but thankfully it was very minimal. I also like that Sendible has some features that other platforms don’t like the full preview calendar and the ability to run reports for each platform.


  • Sendible has stopped providing Pinterest scheduling
  • Users run into glitches while posting videos on Instagram

Louis R.

The only issue we have had with Sendible has been with issues uploading videos for Instagram. Other than a couple of videos, they’ve all gone on perfectly, however, there’s been a couple where it either fails to post or won’t let me upload the video in the first place due to being the incorrect ratio (despite uploading perfectly when I go directly through the Instagram app).


The end goal of every business is to establish a phenomenal social media presence that attracts more and more leads. LinkedIn is one such platform that is quick to show results with its excellent organic growth potential.

But you need the right LinkedIn tool that will give your brand the ammunition it requires to unleash the benefits of being on the world’s largest professional market.

At the same time, you shouldn’t be missing out on other platforms. So you must choose a tool that will outshine your presence online! SocialPilot is just that tool for your business. SocialPilot makes your social media marketing work effective and hassle-free.

Don’t believe in us? Activate your 14-day free trial to experience efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you schedule LinkedIn posts?

You can use a LinkedIn scheduler like SocialPilot, AgoraPulse, and MeetEdgar to schedule posts on LinkedIn at any preferred date and time. You can even schedule multiple posts for various LinkedIn accounts using these tools.

What are the best LinkedIn scheduling tools?

The most used LinkedIn scheduling tools are:

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Postcron
  3. DrumUp
  4. Sprout Social
  5. Crowdfire
  6. MeetEdgar
  7. Agorapulse
  8. Brandwatch
  9. Loomly
  10. Buffer
  11. Sendible

Can I schedule videos on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can schedule videos on LinkedIn using a LinkedIn scheduling tool like SocialPilot. You can draft your post with the video in the post composer section and schedule it with a social media calendar to set the publishing date and time. If you need to add a URL, you can do so and even shorten the link to keep your caption clean.

What is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

The best time to post on LinkedIn depends on your business type and your target audience. Usually, the best times to post on LinkedIn are between 10 am-12 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

How often should you post on LinkedIn?

Since LinkedIn is a professional platform, avoid being spammy. It is best to keep your frequency 3-5 posts per week but make sure to respond to comments on your and others’ posts.

Do hashtags matter on LinkedIn?

Yes, hashtags do work on LinkedIn. It has posed no limits on hashtag frequency as of now, but it’s advisable to add 5-7 hashtags at max. You can add them towards the end of your LinkedIn posts to get noticed by more viewers.

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