Introducing Facebook Boost Post On SocialPilot

Introducing Facebook Boost Post On SocialPilot

With this update, SocialPilot enables users to seamlessly manage content scheduling and ads without having to jump from one platform to another. Users can boost posts directly from their SocialPilot account, schedule boost posts in advance, and can also boost already published posts.

Boost Post Overview

Boost Post feature is a paid advertisement offered by Facebook to increase content’s reach. Typically, users had to boost their content from facebook while using another tool for their social media marketing needs.

Boost Post Overview

You can start boosting posts through SocialPilot by connecting an ad account. Once your ad account is connected, you can create a boosted post or you can schedule the boost post for later. You can also choose from a variety of objectives – Reach, Engagement & Traffic to help you get the most impact with your content. Additionally, you also get to set the budget and the time duration of the boost post.

Targeting options enable you to narrow down your audience group through filters such as targeted demographic, age, location, gender, etc. to reach the right people for the highest impact and a great return on investment.

start boosting posts through SocialPilot

impact on your audience. You have the freedom to select on which platforms the Boosted Post can be viewed. There are four platforms: FB Feeds, FB Story, Messenger Inbox and Audience Network.

On the payment front, you can set the budget from SocialPilot and boost posts directly from the account while the payment will be processed by Facebook Ad Manager. To know how your ad has been performing you can check the analytics on SocialPilot and also empower your team members and clients to Boost posts directly through selective access.

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