11 Remarkable Twitter Management Tools You Must Know in 2024

From scheduling to analytics, streamline your tweets and engagement to elevate your social media strategy with Twitter management tools, for the platform now known as X.

Remarkable Twitter Management Tools

Rowing the boat of popularity on Twitter needs some serious efforts. With consistent posting and being constantly aware about the hot trends often scare even the best of social media marketers.

But let’s admit it, it’s worth the chase.

Social media statistics suggest that Twitter has 368 million monthly active users. That’s why despite the hurdle, 67% of all B2B businesses are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool already.

Their secret weapon, They aid right from managing the character limit, finding relevant hashtags, garnering constant engagement, and posting consistently, to interacting with potential prospects.

Twitter tools help you cope with all this tweeting madness. We have listed the top 11 paid and free Twitter management tools to make your tweeting life easier and much more effective.

How we analyze and select Twitter Management Tools:

​​We have meticulously curated this list of premier twitter management tools through detailed research and hands-on testing. We considered various factors such as user satisfaction, G2 ratings and reviews, pricing structure, and scalability. We also actively analyzed the abilities of these tools in automation, developing content, visualization, analytics, and collaborative workflows. We have assembled this list to provide marketers with essential insights, enabling them to make well-informed decisions on the best tools to expand their businesses.

SocialPilot is undoubtedly one of the best Twitter management tools out there. It lets you connect over 50 accounts, discover relevant and evergreen content from across the web, and schedule posts.

The magic doesn’t stop here. It lets you manage all your social media channels from Facebook, Instagram (Direct Publishing), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Google Business Profile, Tumblr to YouTube.

This means your social media team can strategize easily as everything is in one place. They no longer have to deal with the information overload that comes from using too many tools.


  • Create and schedule visually attractive tweets
  • Organize and visualize social content with a calendar
  • Upload 500 tweets with bulk scheduling
  • In-depth Twitter analytics
  • Team management with its collaboration features
  • Manage client approval workflows with Approvals-On-The-Go

Advantages of using SocialPilot

  • Streamline teamwork and client collaboration with the added advantage of the ‘Approvals-on-the Go’ feature. This ensures swift feedback from clients and reviewers using any device. With content approval and permissions-based account access, you can efficiently manage workflow to prevent any mishaps when posting content across social media platforms.
  • Bulk scheduling helps you schedule up to 500 posts in advance, which means you can plan your Twitter strategy for weeks or even months in advance, and if you change your mind anytime, you can always edit, delete or move your scheduled posts.

What People Say About Us


Charlotte A

I love that you can create groups for different companies. In most cases, I’m posting the same content across five platforms, so this allows me to check a box and send the same content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business all at once.


Steve J

I have 3 Facebook business pages, 1 group, plus Twitter, Instagram, Google Business, and a couple more. SocialPilot cut my posting time by 75%. It is the best for marketers. And their tech support is better than I expected, and my expectations were high. Thank you for an amazing and fantastic application.



TweetDeck is another popular Twitter management tool that makes work easier. Offered by Twitter itself, this free tool helps you schedule and monitor posts. Its interface allows you to keep your scheduled, active, trending, and DM content neatly organized in columns, and you can also search for specific keywords or media types.


  • Link and manage multiple Twitter accounts from one dashboard
  • Watch, share, and record video clips in the tool
  • Segment Twitter audience into groups for targeted marketing

Nicole G.

I think my favorite part about TweetDeck is that it gives you the ability to feel so organized when it comes to Twitter accounts. I love the ability to move easily throughout the program and manage my accounts in a timely manner.


  • You can’t change the auto-scheduling settings. For example, if you set a tweet to be sent out today in the evening, you won’t be able to modify it later. You have to delete the tweet again and recreate it.
  • Many users find the experience overwhelming as information is abundant.
  • The user interface isn’t great, and it takes some time to get used to this tool.

Matt C

I think that TweetDeck can be extremely confusing at times. There is a lot going on with Twitter, and the constant refreshing of content can be too much to handle. TweetDeck gets too congested, and it needs to be simplified. It can be overwhelming for users of the product.



for 5 users

hootsuite cover

Best for:

Professionals, Small teams, Small-medium businesses, and Enterprises.

About Hootsuite

Hootsuite has been functioning as an all-encompassing social media marketing solution. The tool caters to a wide range of users, be it solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, large organizations, or marketing agencies with multitudes of clients.

Apps like Hootsuite make managing and monitoring multiple Twitter accounts possible from the same dashboard. This makes it a perfect Twitter management tool.

The main dashboard of Hootsuite is loaded with capabilities for monitoring engagement on not only Twitter but also multiple other social media platforms at a time. However, the complex look and feature-crammed UI make the tool difficult to master for newbies.


Hootsuite offers five pricing tiers after a 30-day trial, ranging from $99/month to $249/month, catering to different social account and user needs.

Key Features:

  • Tweet Scheduling: Hootsuite’s content publishing capabilities empower you to create and schedule multiple tweets for publication at your preferred times.
  • Engage Customers: Effortlessly manage conversations with followers and leverage AI chatbots for automated responses.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Hootsuite’s integrated social inbox simplifies monitoring conversations and promoting meaningful interactions on Twitter. AI chatbots can automate responses, enhancing customer communication.
  • Social Monitoring: This feature helps users stay informed about Twitter trends and meticulously track brand mentions, keywords, and hashtags. It provides valuable insights into the prevailing public sentiment around your brand.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Access in-depth analytics data from connected profiles across various platforms, conveniently presented in a centralized dashboard for actionable insights.
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitate efficient teamwork and project management within Hootsuite by defining clear roles for your team and clients.
  • Employee Advocacy: Expand your brand’s reach by encouraging employees to share company posts on their personal social profiles.
  • AI-Powered Content Generation: Create engaging tweets with the assistance of an AI-driven writing tool, streamlining content generation for faster and more effective results.

We went through a hundred user reviews for Hootsuite, gathered from trusted review platforms like G2 and Capterra. After carefully analyzing each of them in respect to all the features of the tool, we have gathered these insights.


  • Regarding the handling of platform-specific constraints, 43.86% of users expressed satisfaction with Hootsuite’s performance.
  • A vast majority of users found the content publishing features on multiple platforms very convenient.
  • 81.25% of users were highly appreciative of the team collaboration capabilities in Hootsuite, which allows them to work seamlessly with all their team members and clients.
  • Hootsuite’s responsive customer support, available 24/7, was able to solve the problems of users.
  • Most users gave a thumbs-up for the responsive design and overview of the aesthetic dashboard.


  • Many users find Hootsuite’s scheduling features lacking flexibility, constraining their publishing options.
  • Content recycling, a key scheduling feature, raises concerns for 76.92% of users due to certain gaps.
  • Approximately 8.08% of users are concerned about the absence of content collaboration functions, impacting their team coordination for post management in Hootsuite.
  • Users have varying levels of concern about KPI monitoring and competitor analysis capabilities within Hootsuite.
  • Users encountered persistent issues with the Hootsuite mobile app, highlighting a gap compared to the web version.

Overall Ratings:

Ease of Use



Audiense is an enterprise-level Twitter management tool that helps you discover influencers you can connect to. With this solution, you can find the right time to tweet to gain maximum engagement, run automated direct message campaigns, and even bulk follow or unfollow Twitter users. You get everything you will need to understand your audience, gain valuable insights, and drive better marketing results.


  • Audiense helps in targeted marketing as the insights help you better understand your audience and craft posts that appeal to them.
  • You can input customers’ email addresses to see if they have Twitter accounts, thus making it easier to follow and engage, turning them into your loyal customers.
  • The dashboard can be customized as per your requirements.

Stephen R

A very clear way to view engagement and target the most effective influencers.


  • Sometimes, the information gathering takes a lot more time than it should.
  • The learning curve is steep, and initially, the users may find it overwhelming and complicated.
  • If you want to access all features, the price model is very expensive, considering that this tool doesn’t handle all your social media channels.

Emily S.

Although there is entry-level pricing, it is pretty limited. If you are not interested in entry-level pricing, the tool is pretty expensive. This is a substantial drawback since the return from this investment may not always be evident.



StatusBrew is a cloud-based Twitter management tool that enables users to engage with their target audience through various social media platforms. You can bulk schedule posts, smart inbox consolidates social media interactions from multiple social networks in one place. With its in-depth analytics, you can track the performance of your accounts, including metrics on tweets, mentions, followers, and engagement.


  • Create and distribute content quickly using a dedicated workspace for each client.
  • Create and schedule Twitter threads, collaborate with your team, and even send them for approval before publishing.

Lavish D.

We’re two people creating content for 10 clients. Having a different workspace for each client has solved a lot of our problems. There’s no confusion now. We’re able to create & distribute content at a much faster rate.

Due to our previous experiences, we had pretty much given up on timely client communication & approval. This is the biggest hurdle Statusbrew has solved for us. We have some of our clients onboard Statusbrew, and it’s really easy for us to do our work with them now.


  • It might be a bit challenging for beginner social media marketers.
  • Needs to update the UI of the tool.

Verified User

They should improve the UI of the tool for better user engagement. Moreover, they should give a tour guide for beginners who are going to use this tool for the first time.



With the help of GroupTweet, you can have multiple contributors easily tweet from your Twitter account without having to share your password with them. With this Twitter management tool, you can have full control over your account and approve contributor tweets via email before posting on Twitter.


  • You can schedule smartly by sharing contributors’ tweets throughout the day.
  • You can download all your contributors’ tweets at any time for analysis or data archiving.

Verified GroupTweet User

We don’t want to have to share our credentials constantly, so this is a nice option for us. You can approve tweets so we can intervene with the negative ones.


  • There are minor bugs in the working, which makes the user experience unsatisfactory.
  • This tool could be very expensive for the limited features it provides, especially for small businesses that need a comprehensive solution for all of their social media channels.

Adham H.

Sometimes tweets are published after some time, and it takes a while to tweet, especially when using a bad internet connection.



for 10 profiles

Buffer cover

Best for:

Businesses, Publishers, Non-profits, Mid-stage startup teams, Higher education, Solopreneurs, E-commerce, and Sports teams.

About Buffer

Buffer is another popular Twitter management tool you can use. It lets users manage a variety of social media accounts, including Twitter, from one sole dashboard. Some main features of Buffer for Twitter management include scheduling tweets, engagement, Twitter analytics, and collaboration. In all, Buffer is a power-packed tool for managing Twitter and maintaining a solid presence on it.

Despite being a proficient tool in most aspects, Buffer somewhat lacks in providing effective chat support to its users.


Buffer provides a range of four pricing options along with a 14-day trial period for each. There is a free plan for beginners. Paid plans range from $6 a month for one account to a monthly $120 for 10 accounts.

Key Features:

  • Content Scheduling: You can create customized posts and leverage Buffer’s scheduling capabilities to automate their publishing.
  • Twitter Analytics: Dive into in-depth analytics and generate comprehensive, shareable reports for each of your linked social profiles.
  • Audience Engagement: Manage your audience messages and comments effortlessly, prioritizing impactful interactions with Buffer’s advanced social inbox.
  • Collaborative Workflow: Seamlessly collaborate with your entire team, and involve clients in the social media content approval process.
  • Start Page: This feature of the tool lets users build aesthetic but simple landing pages so traffic from social media can be converted to sales of businesses.
  • AI-Powered Assistance: Buffer simplifies your social media caption creation with its AI Assistant, making content generation faster and more efficient through your prompts.

After sifting through numerous user reviews of Buffer sourced from reputable platforms such as G2 and Capterra, we meticulously examined each one, considering all aspects of the tool. From this thorough analysis, we’ve compiled the following insights.


  • 77.80% of the users had similar opinions on the ease of scheduling posts, helping them automate their social media to a great extent.
  • 30% of users found the functionalities for content organization available in Buffer, such as storing it in the content library or creating drafts.
  • Around 5% commend the easy export of all the analytics data in the form of comprehensive reports.
  • 5% of the reviews appreciated the ability to integrate with CRM, leading to better inbox management.
  • 40% of users called the tool a user-friendly one, as learning and using the tool takes little to no time.


  • The scope of improvement in customization capabilities has been singled out by more than 33% of users.
  • 20% of reviews highlighted the fact that the content ideas and suggestions provided by Buffer proved unsuitable as per their requirement.
  • 33% of users have mentioned the lack of real-time analytics for them creates obstacles in staying updated on their social media performance.
  • According to 20% of users, the capability of the tool for message prioritization needs a lot of improvement.
  • Buffer has limited collaboration features, according to around 30% of users, which hinders their ability to streamline teamwork as a whole.

Overall Ratings:

Ease of Use

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a powerful Twitter management tool you can add to your toolkit in 2024. The tool allows users to schedule tweets in advance and maintain a consistent posting schedule over time. You also get a unified inbox when you use Sprout Social, where you can view every Twitter message, comment, and mention in one place. You can even access exhaustive Twitter analytics if you decide to use Sprout Social.


  • Sprout Social’s calendar is user-friendly and extremely organized. This makes it easy for users to schedule posts.
  • Sprout Social offers in-depth information on the top-performing posts, including the impact of photos versus videos, and insights on the best times to post.

Harmony S.

Honestly, the best thing about sprout is that I can easily navigate all my posts and get them approved by my client..Comparing my analytics with my competitors is THE BEST because it allows me to adjust my strategy to help me do better than what they’re doing.


  • The rise in Sprout Social’s price has led to a substantial monthly fee, making it a costly investment to make. This can put a lot of burden on smaller companies.
  • The add-ons offered by Sprout Social cost extremely high and don’t work on a frequent basis.

Taylor J.

My biggest issue is the constant profile disconnects that happens almost weekly with all of our linked accounts. The beauty of the automated posting is that the user doesn’t have to hop online to post for their clients during the weekend, yet I’m noticing that I’m doing that almost every week because a profile got discounted.



for 6 users

later cover

Best for:

Creators, freelancers, agencies, social media managers and small businesses.

About Later

Later is a Twitter management tool created to allow users to plan, schedule, and publish content on multiple social media platforms, which also includes Twitter. A few features of Later for Twitter management include scheduling tweets, Twitter analytics, and visual planning. In all, to maintain a good presence on Twitter, you can consider going for the tool.

However, a noteworthy point about the platform is that Later is more of an Instagram-focused platform, having advanced features for that platform.


Later presents three subscription choices, each accompanied by a 14-day complimentary trial period. The system presents a no-cost option, followed by paid levels starting with Starter, valued at $25, Growth at $45, and the final choice, the Advanced option, priced at $80.

Key Features:

  • Later Scheduler:Streamline your social media content planning, creation, and management in one convenient location. Later also supports scheduling user-generated content (UGC) for your profiles.
  • Social Inboxing: Effortlessly aggregate incoming comments, messages, and brand mentions from various channels to enhance engagement and responses.
  • In-depth Analytics:Delve into comprehensive data on engagement rates, impressions, follower growth, and click-throughs across your diverse social profiles.
  • Linkin.bio Page Integration:Establish a mini-landing page and link it to your TikTok and Instagram bios, elevating profile visibility and driving conversions.
  • Mobile Accessibility:Seamlessly plan content, reorganize your feed, or manage your social media calendar on the fly with the Later mobile app.

We’ve compiled numerous genuine user opinions of Later from G2 and Capterra, conducting a thorough examination focused on crucial features relevant to practical application. From this examination, we’ve extracted the following observations.


  • Although there are varied opinions on the subject, some users have found Later to be fairly priced.
  • 67% people said that they were able to comprehend the data from analytics dashboard better due to the simple user interface of the tool.
  • The scheduling features in Later have received an overall positive verdict from its users, 67% of whom say it makes their everyday social media activities seamless.
  • About half of the users found the social inbox in Later quite useful.
  • Bulk scheduling has been lauded as one of the best scheduling features by almost 83.3% of users, quoting the ability to schedule a month or more worth of posts as a reason for it.


  • The intuitiveness of Later interface has been found lacking by more than 50% of the users.
  • Six out of every ten users have expressed their frustration on the fact that Later has a big gap as it does not provide adequate analytics for Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • More than half of the users have not found any benefits from the social inbox, not even mentioning it in the first place.
  • Nearly all of th users have mentioned that
    The pricing plans in Later come with a lot of strings attached.
  • Some people have faced limitations and bugs regarding the automation in publishing functionality.

Overall Ratings:

Ease of Use



Fedica is one of the well-known AI-driven Twitter management tools that pick up crucial analytics and metrics. Some of its key features are influencer tracking, campaign analytics, customer targeting, and keyword filtering.

You can even manage multiple Twitter accounts with Fedica. It also tracks conversions and engagement, which comes in handy to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.


  • The tool has on-point scheduling and analytics capabilities.
  • Customer targeting with conversion tracking is a valuable addition to the tool.
  • Campaign management is relatively easy.

Keith K

There are a lot of handy features with this software. It really is an “ALL IN ONE” solution for anyone that uses Twitter as part of their marketing mix.


  • The interface needs improvement from a UI/UX point of view.
  • It doesn’t support other social media platforms.

Susan T

It is not the most intuitive software and is not necessarily easy to use. There are elements that would be improved by a bit of a UI/UX with some customers who are not as technical — I’d be happy to do this type of focus group with the team b/c I believe in the platform.


Twitter is a platform that can grow your business in leaps and bounds if leveraged right. But the amount of dedication it requires can tremble even the most experienced marketers.

A pro Twitter management software like SocialPilot lets you manage a total of 9 platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. It saves you time by automating tasks, helping you strategize effectively.

So, what are you waiting for? Activate your 14-day trial period and let SocialPilot work its magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to post on Twitter?

The best time to tweet is between 8-10 am and 6-9 pm. Posting early morning and late at night will also fetch you more engagement on Twitter.

How do you automate on Twitter?

You can automate posting on Twitter with the help of Twitter automation tools like SocialPilot. Just connect your account to the tool and draft your post. Schedule them at a befitting time, and you are done.

How many times a day should I tweet?

You should ideally share 5-20 tweets per day for better engagement.

Can you automate Twitter posts?

Yes, you can automate Twitter posts with Twitter automation tools like SocialPilot.

Is there a tweet limit?

The daily tweet limit is 2400 tweets, while the hourly limit is 100 tweets.

How long is a tweet limit?

The character limit of each tweet on Twitter is 280.

What are the best Twitter management tools?

The best Twitter management tools are

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Tweetdeck
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Ninja Outreach
  5. Audiense
  6. StatusBrew
  7. GroupTweet
  8. Buffer
  9. Sprout Social
  10. Later
  11. Fedica

Which Twitter management tool lets you publish to and manage multiple Twitter accounts?

SocialPilot is a Twitter management tool that helps you manage your Twitter profile completely. From scheduling, publishing, mentioning other Twitter profiles, deep Twitter analytics to adding GIFs to your tweets, SocialPilot does it all at the most affordable cost starting at just $30/month.

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