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50 Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tools For Your Business

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by Manvi Agarwal

The times are tough for small businesses and agencies. With surveys indicating 35% of small businesses are fearing complete closure and 65% of them opting layoffs and other cost-cutting measures, we believe your conference room is also filled with the ideas of mitigation, amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

So while you are buckling up your disaster policy and shifting to remote workforces, cost-cutting on marketing tools you have been using, and shifting on their cheaper alternatives will also help you save money.

At SocialPilot , we have gathered the list of 50+ most cost-effective marketing tools you can alternatively use to maintain your business continuity in the time of this pandemic.

We have divided these cost-effective tools into categories that every marketing team utilizes.

1. Productivity Tools

With the bulk of tasks and team members to manage, it is easy for you to lose your train of good ideas and also mishap the management. So if you are looking for efficiently managing your big projects or individual task and hoping to save time to jot down new ideas along the way. We have gathered a list of multiple cost-effective tools that can enhance your productivity and manage your tasks efficiently.

Most Used

Most Used



Task Management 

Trello ($9.99/M)

Trello is the Fun, Flexible and Free Way To Organize Plans, Projects & More.

Procezo (Free)

Say good bye to expensive task management tools. Procezo is a free for life digital workspace.

Project Management 

Basecamp ($99/M)

Trusted by millions, Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place. (Free)

Sendtask is the easiest way to collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place.

Calendar Scheduler 

Calendly ($8/M)

Find the perfect meeting time with super easy online appointment scheduling.

Google Calendar (Free)

Manage your time effectively with shareable calendars that integrate seamlessly

Time Tracking 

Hubstaff ($20/M)

Simple yet powerful employee work time tracker with screenshots, timesheets, & more

Everhour ($7/M)

Time tracking software equipped with budgeting, scheduling, and expenses tracking.

Note Making 

Evernote ($7.99/M)

Capture and prioritize ideas, projects and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Google Keep (Free)

Makes it easy to capture a thought or list for yourself, and share it with friends and family.


Slack ($375.00/M)

Make work life simpler, pleasant and more productive.

Flock ($135.00/M)

Organize all your conversations, productivity tools, and apps in one place.

2. SEO Tools

To grow in the game of the internet, you need a solid SEO strategy. Your business needs a well-audited website for the crawling and indexing phase, the right keywords targeting your niche market, and high-quality links pointing to your website. The list of free SEO tools mentioned below will help you in doing all of that to increase your domain authority.

Most Used

Most Used



Technical SEO

Screaming Frog ($180/Year)

The industry leading website crawler for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.

Merkle SEO Pagination Testing Tool (Free)

Technology-enabled performance marketing agency to maximize the value of customer portfolios.

Keyword Research

SEMRush ($99.95/M)

SEMrush — creating the best competitive intelligence solution for all digital marketing spheres.

Bing Webmaster Tools (Free)

A free service engine to add your websites to the Bing index crawler and monitor its performance

Rank Tracking

Bright Local ($79/M)

Make every marketer's job better by tracking local rankings, build citations, monitor and grow customer reviews.

Google Search Console (Free)

Measure your site's Search traffic and performance to shine on Google search results

Content Optimization

ContentKing App ($89/M)

Keep track of all your content changes and optimize it

Plugin SEO (Free)

Get more traffic by checking for problems in your content and optimzie it.

Backlink Analysis

Ahrefs ($179/M)

Grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche

SEO Weather's Bulk Metrics Checker (Free)

Bulk check the domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) of your URLs.

Video SEO

TubeBuddy ($19/M)

Higher your video rankings and get more views with its Video SEO features

Social Blade (Free)

Tracks the YouTube platform, and provides analytical information of other social media platforms.

Link Building

Whitespark ($40/M)

Build Citations, earn reviews and track your rankings to win customers

Domain Hunter Plus (Free)

Build broken links and scan for the dead links easily.

3. Social Media Marketing Tools

Implementing multiple social media marketing strategies on a large scale requires a lot of time, effort, and resources. This is why your business needs tools to level-up your social media marketing on the go. The below mentioned pocket-friendly social media marketing tools will help you schedule and analyze your social posts, opt automation, create recognizable short links and simplify your social media marketing to get better results.

Most Used

Most Used



Social Media Scheduling

Hootsuite ($129/M)

Enhance social media management with features like scheduling and analytics

SocialPilot ($50/mo)

Create, schedule, publish and monitor your social media posts under one roof.

Social Media Analytics

Keyhole ($299/M)

Automated Social Media Analytics for Agencies, Marketers, and Executives.


Effortless social analytics reporting tool to define your long term strategy.

Social Media Monitoring & Listening 

Awario ($89/M)

A social listening tool giving brands insights of customers, market, and competitors.

Google Alerts (Free)

Monitor the web for interesting new content.

UTM ($59/M) is the best way to build, share and sync your UTMs with your team.

Google Campaign builder (Free)

Easily add campaign parameters to URLs and track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics.

Link Shortner 

Bitly ($29/M)

Educating the world about how links drive business results.

TinyURL (Free)

Are you sick of posting long URLs in emails? Then you've come to the right place.


Drift ($400/M)

The new way businesses buy from businesses. Try this conversational marketing & sales tool

TARS ($99/M)

A drag-and-drop chatbot builder to create website chatbots. A must-have tool for your marketing and lead generation.

4. Content Marketing Tools

While it is true that to create engaging content you need a human brain behind it, but having some tools in your arsenal will only strengthen your content marketing more. Get the below-mentioned inexpensive content marketing tools tools to help you in writing quality blogs, stirring away from plagiarism and finding inspiration for new content with the help of content curation tools, without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Most Used

Most Used




Grammarly ($12.50/M)

Make your online writing clear, effective and mistake free.

Slickwrite (Free)

Fix your writing for grammar errors and potential stylistic mistakes.

Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape (3c / search)

Detect plagiarism and check your own text originality with precision.

smallseotools (Free)

A complete tool for checking plagiarism, rewriting an article, and spell-checking.

Content curation

Feedly ($18/M)

Content aggregator to compile the feeds from your selected sources and help share them around.

Shareit (Free)

Free content curator and influencer discovery tool for you.

Content Management Software

Wordpress ($25/M)

Grow your business, built a website with custom plugins and themes

Joomla ($199/year)

Create powerful websites and applications with wide range of extensions and templates

Writing and Editing

Office 365 Business ($8.25 user/M)

It is an amalgamation of multiple apps and services helping you grow your business

Google Docs (Free)

Write, collaborate and edit remotely without spending a single dollar.

5. Designing Tools

A well-designed video and photo holds more power to communicate and simplify a marketing idea than a text. So to send a clear and engaging message through your marketing campaign you can create visually-appealing marketing videos, presentations, images, and illustrative landing pages easily by shifting to these budget-friendly designing tools.

Most Used

Most Used



Graphic Designing

Photoshop ($20/M)

The best imaging and graphic designing software for just about every creative project.

GIMP (Free)

Refined tools for every graphic designer, photographer, illustrator.

Video Editing

Premire Pro ($19.99/M)

Convert your marketing footages into polished films and videos

Da Vinci Resolve (Free)

Multi-user collaborative software to move between editing, color, effects, and audio with a single click.

Screen Recording 

Camtasia ($249/M)

Simply record your screen and add a few effects.

Screencast-O-Matic ($15/year)

Capture your screen, add a webcam and use it for narration in your video.

Stock images

Shutter Stock ($249/M)

From illustrations to vectors, perfect stock images for your website or blog.

freepik ($11/M)

High-quality illustrations, photos, icons, and presentations templates

Video Maker 

Lumen5 ($199/M)

Simple drag-and-drop interface to create professional video content in minutes.

InVideo ($20/M)

A video creation platform to create video ads, promo videos and social media videos.

Image making 

Stencil ($15/M)

Designed to help you create beautiful images faster than ever before.

Canva ($9.95/M)

Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts using drag-and-drop.

6. Online Advertising Tools

Creating a successful PPC advertising campaign, from designing to implementing and analyzing its performance, can be very time-consuming for a marketers. So we have gathered a list of advertising tools to help you optimize your PPC campaigns, spy on your competitors’ paid-ads and achieve centralized control over digital creatives with CMP.

Most Used

Most Used



PPC Management 

Adstage ($399/M)

Connecting marketers to the data they need to analyze, optimize, and report on paid media campaigns.

Wordstream ($159/M)

Create, optimize, manage and measure high-performing paid search and paid social campaigns.

PPC Competitor Tracking 

iSpionage ($84/M)

Competitive research and monitoring platform for digital marketers.

SpyFu ($58/M)

Learn competitors' PPC & SEO tricks and avoid their mistakes.

Creative Management Platforms

Celtra (Not-disclosed)

Empowering digital creatives for agencies, media suppliers, and brand leaders.

Smartly (Based on your ad spending)

Unlock greater performance and creativity on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

Display Advertisement 

Criteo (Contact for Price)

Best-in-class advertising technology solutions.

AdRoll (Try for Free)

A performance marketing platform using the largest advertiser data co-op in the market.

7. Analytics Tools

Analytics are the yardsticks that enable businesses to evaluate their performance and determine where they stand. Using these cost-effective analytics tools given below you can monitor your growth and market changes by analyzing your business, users, and website analytics.

Most Used

Most Used



Market Intelligence Platform

Quid (Not disclosed)

A platform that searches, analyzes and visualizes the world's collective intelligence

Clootrack (Starts-$500/M)

A platform that discovers and measures brand perception metrics that matter.

All-in-one Analytics Dashboard

Databox ($99/M)

Business Analytics platform built to help you understand your business.

Cyfe ($89/M)

The all-in-one business dashboard for all of your key performance metrics.

User-Behaviour Analytics 

Mixpanel ($89/M)

Customers insights tool to make smarter decisions & act faster based on how customers use your product.

Google Analytics (Free)

A free tool to better understand your customers and use those business insights to take action.

Website Analytics 

ClickMeter ($99/M)

With ClickMeter you can track and optimize all your marketing in one place.

CrazyEgg ($49/M)

Use Crazy Egg to see what's hot and what's not, and to know what your web visitors are doing.

8. Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions for small businesses. But for better conversion rates you need a tool to set up an automated drip campaign, which is also reputable for faster deliverability. Using these amazing pocket-friendly email marketing tools you can run a hassle-free email marketing campaign from finding professional emails, cold- emailing them to set up automation.

Most Used

Most Used



Email Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign ($149/M)

Automate your campaigns in minutes with no tech or design background required.

SendX ($9.99/M)

Intuitive, Feature-Rich and Affordable Email Marketing Software.

Cold Emailing 

Mailshake ($59/M)

Automate your campaigns in minutes with no tech or design background required.

Lemlist ($49/M)

Intuitive, Feature-Rich and Affordable Email Marketing Software.

Email Finder 

Hunter ($99/M)

Hunter is the leading solution to find and verify professional email addresses.

Snovio ($69/M)

Find emails, verify them and run your email campaigns within minutes.


SurveyMonkey ($75/M)

Create simple to sophisticated surveys online & turn data into business results.

SurveyAnyplace ($50/M)

Easily create engaging questionnaires. Add gamification & interactivity to boost response rates

9. Lead Generation Tools

Getting the attention of your on-site-visitors with the help of lead generation tool is a first step in building a long term relationship. Lead generation tools help you in making effective and engaging landing pages, pop-ups, and push notifications. So we have gathered a list of cost-effective lead generation tools you can shift on to get more return to your investment.

Most Used

Most Used



Landing Page Builder

Unbounce ($199/M)

A landing page platform that gets you more leads, more sales, and more customers.

Landingi ($79/M)

Create, publish, optimize your landing pages and run A/B tests by yourself!

Popup Builders

Popupsmart ($129/M)

A better popup builder for conversion optimization and customer engagement.

Optinmonster ($49/M)

Best lead generation software for marketing agencies, bloggers, eCommerce websites, and any small business.

Push Notification 

OneSignal ($99/M)

The world's leader for Mobile Push Notifications, Web Push, and In-App Messaging.

iZooto (Free)

Audience marketing platform to help you build your audience and keep it engaged via Web Push Notifications.

10. Domain/ Hosting Tools

You got it, every business in your building got it and the flower man living two blocks from you got it. We all got a website hosting tools running our websites. But now is the time to get web hosting on a much cheaper rate. Shift on to the below mentioned low-cost web hosting tools to get faster and reliable hosting solutions, and make your business discoverable around the world.

Most Used

Most Used




Godaddy ($7.99/M)

Register your domain name, build a website for it, and get it on the web - all in one place.

Hostgator ($6.95/M)

Hosting solution with 99.9% uptime guarantee, free SSL certificate, easy WordPress installs, and a free domain for a year.


Siteground ($11.95/M)

Siteground offers an extremely Reliable and noticeable faster hosting solution for wordpress, web, woocommerce, and cloud.

iPage ($7.99/M)

Simple hosting solution for individuals and small businesses to create a professional online presence.

11. Accounting / Invoicing Tools

No small business owner enjoys working up the sheets to manage payrolls, invoicing and taxes. So we have gathered a list of cost-effective accounting and invoicing tools to help you with account / invoicing management. Whether you want to quickly create proposals or handle billings, accounting, and inventory management from one centralized place, the below-mentioned tools do that efficiently and economically.

Most Used

Most Used



Accounting and Invoicing 

Quickbooks ($12/M)

Helps businesses of all sizes manage expense, income, payment, and payroll from one place.

CloudBooks ($10/M)

Fully featured suite of online invoicing, billing, accounting, project management, time tracking and much more.

Accounting and Invoicing 

Xero ($9/M)

Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business.

Waveapps (Free)

Makes your accounting and invoicing easy with features like recurring billing and automatic payments.

Contract Management 

Docxpresso ($21/M)

Docxpresso is a software package that greatly simplifies the generation of dynamical documents in a web server.

Contractbook (Free)

Create, sign and store all your legal documents digitally in one, safe place to increase your efficiency and gain full overview.

E-Signature Software

DocuSign ($40/M)

The most widely used eSignature and digital transaction management platform

SignEasy ($15/M)

The simplest and fastest way to sign or get documents signed from your desktop, phone & tablet

Proposal Management 

Qwilr ($66/M)

Quickly create proposals, sales and marketing documents as beautiful, responsive webpages.

Better Proposals ($49/M)

Send professional looking proposals in half the time with better proposals.

Picture of Manvi Agarwal

Manvi Agarwal

Manvi is a Marketing & Communication Manager at SocialPilot. Social Media is Manvi's niche area in which she employs an interactive user-oriented strategy. Besides social media, Manvi loves experiencing new things and trying new food!

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