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How To Use Facebook To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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by Jimit Bagadiya

Facebook is the most visited social network across the globe. With the ever-growing popularity and importance of Facebook, it is a crucial social network for your business to get on and optimize effectively. Facebook is not only a great tool to connect with friends, family and colleagues from across the world, but it’s also a great tool to increase traffic to your blog.

Even if you are running a blog and write quality content, without readers, your efforts as a marketer will fail. Facebook offers a great opportunity to grow your blog readership. So, here I have explained some different tactics that should help you to get more traffic to your blog through using Facebook.

Use Facebook To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

1. Complete Your Facebook Profile:

Much like all other social networks, your Facebook profile is the first impression people see. It's best to try to make it a good one. First of all, think about your goals for your Facebook profile. Do you want to use it as a tool to establish yourself as an expert in your field and get more traffic to your blog? If so, you need to ensure your profile includes all the information to support your expertise. Be careful about the types of photos, video and personal interest you include in your profile, though. Also, for getting more traffic to your blog, you’ll need to make Facebook friends who are related to your target audience. Complete your profile with a personalized yet professional summary.

Useful tips on completing your profile:

  • Make a trustworthy profile that brief who you are.
  • Make a complete profile with professional summary.
  • Complete your profile with basic information and add a website.

2. Find Friends On Facebook:

Find people on Facebook with using the search tool. Additionally, you can search by name, company and more. This is a great way to connect with your friends or followers to build your network. You can also find people by looking through the friends of people you’re already friends with. Additionally, you can look for Facebook groups and pages to find people with similar interests to your own. This way you will get more traffic, visibility and engagement on Facebook. When you find people who match your criteria and might be interested in your blog content, go ahead and send them a friend request.

Useful tips for finding your Facebook friend:

  • Find bloggers, co-workers, and social media marketers. Build networks with the people who have similar interests.
  • The more friends you have on Facebook, the more people will see your Facebook updates.
  • Add your friends and follow people to build your network.

3. Create Group:

There are many types of groups available on Facebook. However, if you can’t find a group that is suitable to your business, you can create your own group on Facebook. You can create a group for any topic or reason on Facebook and invite people to join it. Also, you may send an invitation to all of your Facebook friends to join the group. Creating your own group helps your business as well. Through it, you can build trust and develop the reputation as an industry leader by providing a space where people can share ideas and tips.

Create new group

Useful tips for creating your own Facebook group:

  • If you want particular group according to your requirement then create your own.
  • Select the name of the group and invite your friends to join.
  • By creating a group, you can build network with many people.

4. Be Active On Facebook:

In order to get extra traffic to your blog from Facebook, you need to be active and post frequently. You need to actively update your status, share useful content, join conversation and engage with other people. In this way, you will get more visibility and traffic to your blog. Share your blog on targeted groups and like or comment often in a group. This is a great way to get more exposure and connection while engaging in conversations. By building a relationship with your Facebook friends, you can indirectly grow your blog’s audience as well.

Useful tips for being active:

  • Update your status frequently to build trust and increase your click through rate.
  • Like, comment and share someone else’s update.
  • Share useful content, join conversation and engage with other people.

5. Make Short Updates:

Yes, you want to get more traffic to your blog and your blog will have a great many texts. On Facebook, you need to use short texts for getting more engagement and visibility. If possible, make your update in one sentence and under the 140 Twitter character count. Nowadays, most of the users are using Facebook on mobile as well. So consider these things when you are creating your text. Make sure you should have a very short description of no more than one sentence summarizing the content of the blog.

Use short texts for getting more engagement

Useful tips for making short Facebook updates:

  • Keep your text as short as possible in order to get more engagement.
  • Keep in mind your mobile readers before creating your post.
  • Write 4 or 5 sentences that summarize your article and choose the most intriguing to post on Facebook.

6. Make Your Images Big:

Facebook posts that include images get more engagement than the posts without photos. Make your images attractive. This is because with these types of images you’ll get more Facebook likes, shares and comments as well. Use large size images in your Facebook blog post updates. No one like to read a couple of text so include a photo in your post that represent the subject if the post. If you have the good image along with your post someone will actually click through to the blog. The posts without graphics are often overlooked because they are not visually attractive and take more time for the reader to become engaged.

It is also important to remember that Facebook is going to scale down your images to their maximum. Therefore, it is in your best interests to upload larger images in order to preserve the quality of your photos.

Useful tips for making big size image:

  • Upload visually appealing yet attractive images to increase click through to your blog.
  • Ensure you are observing Facebook and blog site metrics to analyze the success of your full sized images.
  • Use a shortened link in your full sized image posts to keep your text cleaner.

7. Ask Questions:

A common tactic used by many bloggers and brands alike is to ask questions. Ask a question that grabs the reader’s attention. Ask a question that is clear, short and intriguing. Keep your reader in mind and prefer to ask the question related to your blog post. There are many ways to ask questions such as: personal views, fill in the blanks, trivia and the like. Another option is to essentially poll your audience and ask their feedback on something then give the solutions in the blog post you are sharing. This way you can encourage people and they click on your post.

Ask questions

Useful tips for asking the questions:

  • Ask a short question that is easy to read and related to your fan page.
  • Questions naturally invoke a reply. Use short, curiosity invoking questions to get more clicks to your post, sharing, liking or commenting actions.
  • Use different types of questions from opinion getting to problem solving.

8. Skip The Link:

While you are sharing the post in your timeline or in a group, there’s no need to keep the link in the text of your post. Make sure you make your update clean. Remove the link from your text before you post it. The image and summary of your blog are clickable directly to your blog post. In the example below, Facebook has loaded the linking image right below the post. Once it has attached, you simply need to delete the URL. It is no longer necessary.

Skip the links

Useful tips for Skipping the Link:

  • Without the link cluttering your post, your Facebook update is more easily read.
  • If you are using a full sized image then only you need the link.
  • Delete your blog link before you post it to your fans.

9. Share Other People’s Blog Content:

Sharing other people’s content is also the great way to drive more traffic to your blog site. Social media is all about sharing so you need to share blog content from industry leaders, your fans, and other sources. Therefore, share blogs that are related to your business and related to your target market as well. By using these tactics, your customers will appreciate your informative content and the businesses you have shared will be likely to share your content to their fans also.

Useful tips on sharing other people’s content:

  • Make sure you are sharing other people’s content from trustworthy sources as well as your blog. This can help benefit your customer.
  • Add a link to their Facebook page when the blog is from another business.
  • Expand your network with industry leaders and fans that create the sharing opportunity.

10. Use Facebook Share Button:

Once you have fresh content, you'll need to make it shareable. Your first step is to add social share buttons to your blog. A Facebook share button makes it easier for a reader to share your blog post within their network. Also, consider asking for a Facebook share if you feel you have a particularly helpful blog post. You can remind readers at the end of your blog by saying something like, “Did you find this blog post helpful? Feel free to share it on Facebook by using the buttons below.” Keep in mind that people are mostly going to share something that is useful to them. In conclusion, when you are creating and sharing content, always keep your customer’s benefits in mind.

Use facebook share button

Useful tips for a Facebook share button:

  • Make sure you have Facebook share buttons in your all blogs.
  • Use these buttons to share your links with your groups but ensure you check your updates directly on Facebook.
  • Use sidebar buttons on your blog post for getting more shares.

What do you think? Have you found that these tips that work well for driving more traffic to your blog? If you have additional tips for getting more traffic to your blog then share your insights and experiences in the comment box below.

Picture of Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya is the co-founder and CEO at SocialPilot. He brings 13 years of leadership experience in building SaaS platforms. He divides his time between working with his team on product engineering and maintaining a good customer happiness quotient. He aims to bring SocialPilot to the forefront of social business.

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