What is AI Instagram Trend? Everything You Need to Know in 2024

What is AI Instagram Trend? Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Explore how creators and brands are utlizing Instagram-AI-trend and learn how you can do it too. Master creativity, create viral moments, and start hooking your audience.

What is AI Instagram Trend

Have you noticed the latest buzz on Instagram? It’s all about the AI trends!

From stunning AI-generated art to eye-catching AI filters, photos, and videos, Instagram is embracing artificial intelligence in a big way. These Instagram AI trends aren’t just for technology geeks; these are transforming how everyday users, influencers, and brands create and engage with content.

Brands and creators are leveraging these AI trends to connect more effectively with their audiences. But with all this cool tech, there are some questions that often arise, like which AI apps/tools to use, potential copyright implications, or lack of creative post ideas for Instagram AI photos or video trends.

Stick around with us, this guide will resolve all your concerns on AI trends and how to capitalize on them. 📸✨

What is the AI Trend on Instagram?

AI trend on Instagram is all about Instagrammers using AI tools/features to influence their content creation process. Starting from creating mind-blowing AI art that makes your posts feel they’re straight from a sci-fi movie to enhancing photos and videos through filters; people are taking advantage of generative AI to make their content pop.

The fact that this trend has become so popular has to do with the Instagram tools making your content creation process seem like a cakewalk. You can create super engaging and unique content without needing to have a design degree or a big team. Plus, it’s making your feeds super personal by showing users more of what they love.

More and more Instagram creators and brands are diving into this trend through AI-generated portraits, selfies, headshots, AI videos, content, and filters/effects to stand out and tell their stories. It’s about creativity, personalization, and having a blast creating cool stuff to share.

How to Do the AI Trend on Instagram: Using Lensa

Many apps on the iOS, Play Store, or the web will get you the results you want for your AI trend posts. Some apps can give you a god-like physique, and some will turn you into a cartoon character.

Lensa – a popular photo editing and AI art app, has been the most talked about app for the AI trend. Here’s how you can get quickly started with this trend using the Lensa app:

  1. Open Google PlayStore or iOS App Store and install Lensa AI: Photo and AI Art.
  2. Take a 7-day Free Trial to access the app.
  3. Now, select Try Now > Select Type > Styles.
  4. Then, tap “select 15-20 Selfies” to upload your facial sample to the app.
  5. Click Import > Check Out > and Notify Me.
  6. Finally, tap “Magic Avatars” and save your avatar.

Note: The 7 free trial offers limited capabilities, opt for a paid plan if you need more features. Also, don’t forget to cancel the subscription before your 7-day trial period is over to avoid charges.

Tapping into the AI Trend with Lensa: Steps

Since you’ve already got Lensa installed and ready to go, creating eye-catching AI art is just a few clicks away. Here’s a simple breakdown to get you started:

  1. Open Lensa and Select Your Photos: Launch the Lensa app. You’ll likely see an option to select or take a photo right from the get-go. Choose a selfie or any photo from your gallery that you want to transform. Remember, portraits often yield the most dramatic and interesting AI transformations.
  2. Navigate Through the Editing Options: Once your photo is selected, Lensa will offer you a suite of editing tools. Look for the AI or magic avatar features. These are specially designed to give your photos that trendy AI touch.
  3. Choose Your AI Art Style: If you’re leaning towards creating an AI avatar, this app might offer you a variety of styles to choose from. This could range from cosmic and fantasy themes to more abstract or realistic art styles. Pick the one that speaks to you, or experiment with several to see the different outcomes.
  4. Customize Your Art: Depending on the feature you’re using, adjust the intensity of the effects or make specific requests for how you want the AI to treat your photo. Use these options to customize the final piece to your liking.
  5. Generate Your AI Art: Once you’ve made your selections, hit the generate button (this might be labeled differently based on the feature you’re using). Processing times can vary depending on the complexity of the request and the app’s current workload.
  6. Save and Share: After the AI has done its magic, you’ll be presented with your transformed photo or avatar. Save it to your device, and then head over to Instagram. Share your new AI-generated art on your feed, and stories, or even use it as a profile picture.

    Don’t forget to tag @lensa.ai or use relevant hashtags like #LensaAI or #AIart to join the community and get your art seen by more people.

  7. Engage With Your Audience: Sharing your experience with the app and the AI art it creates can spark interesting conversations. Ask your followers what they think, if they’ve tried AI art themselves, or which style they’d like to see you experiment with next.

Remember, creating AI art with this app is as much about the process as it is about the final product. Have fun with it, try out different photos and styles, and share your creations to inspire others.

Bonus Tips:

  • Experiment with different styles and photo sets to unleash diverse artistic expressions.
  • Play with editing tools to personalize your AI portraits further.
  • Engage with the AI art community on Instagram for inspiration and feedback.

3 Art Generators for AI Instagram Trend

If you’re exploring the AI Instagram trend and looking for alternatives to Lensa for generating AI art, here are three popular tools that stand out for their unique features:

1. DeepArt:


DeepArt uses advanced AI algorithms to turn your photos into artworks based on the styles of famous artists like Van Gogh or Picasso. You simply upload a photo, choose your preferred style, and let this tool do the rest. Unlike Lensa, which is known for its selfie transformations and magic avatars, this app focuses on replicating specific artistic styles, making it perfect for those who want to see their photos reimagined in the manner of renowned painters.

2. Prisma:


Prisma is a photo editor app that became famous for its ability to transform photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists through its AI-driven filters. It offers a wide range of artistic effects and is frequently updated with new styles. Prisma distinguishes itself from Lensa by offering a wider variety of artistic filters that mimic specific art styles. It’s more about applying artistic effects to photos rather than creating detailed AI avatars.

3. Artbreeder:

Artbreeder uses generative adversarial networks (GANs) to blend and mutate images, allowing users to create unique artworks by combining different traits from multiple sources. It’s highly collaborative, with a focus on community sharing and editing.

Artbreeder stands apart for its collaborative and iterative approach to art creation. It allows for more experimental blending of features from various images, making it ideal for users looking to explore the boundaries of collaborative AI art, unlike Lensa’s more individual-focused creations.

Each tool offers a unique approach to AI-generated art, catering to different preferences and artistic visions. Whether you’re interested in adopting the style of famous painters, applying quick artistic filters, or collaboratively creating something new, there’s an AI art generator out there for you.

Popular AI Trends running on Instagram

Instagram has always been a go-to medium for creators and brands to get started with new trends. The same goes for AI trends; Instagrammers love to brag about their creative skills (which we all know is just a click away in an app). 😜

Here are a few captivating AI trends that have caught the eye of Instagrammers:

1. AI Yearbook:

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A post shared by Pau Palacio (@paupalacio)

This trend involves using AI to generate a collection of images that imagine what users would look like across different decades or as part of various thematic yearbooks (e.g., 80s high school, futuristic societies). Instagrammers participate by creating and sharing these AI-generated images, often accompanied by humorous or nostalgic captions, to engage their followers in a playful “what if” scenario spanning different times or alternate realities.

2. AI Selfies:

AI selfies transform ordinary selfie photos into stylized versions using AI filters or effects. This trend sees Instagram users applying AI-powered tools to enhance their selfies with artistic touches, turning them into digital art pieces. These can range from subtle enhancements that beautify or alter facial features in a natural way to more dramatic transformations that render the selfie into different artistic styles, such as watercolor, oil painting, or abstract art.

3. AI Avatars:

Leveraging AI to create personalized avatars is another trend that’s gained popularity. Instagrammers use AI apps to generate avatars representing themselves in artistic or fantastical styles. These avatars can be whimsical, realistic, or inspired by popular culture and are often used as profile pictures, in stories, or as part of themed posts. The trend allows users to express their identity and interests in a visually engaging way that resonates with the audience and helps grow followers on Instagram.

4. AI Captions:

AI captions is another trend that gives users and brands wings of creativity to engage their audience and stand out in a crowded space. This trend leverages artificial intelligence tools to generate creative, witty, or contextually relevant captions for Instagram posts. One of the handy tools for this task is SocialPilot’s AI assistant.

Imagine you have worked hard to create a perfect Reel, but you are out of ideas for captions – you can use this tool to quickly generate captions that will help you establish a strong presence. With this AI tool, you can craft captions based on trends and sentiments and select the tone to make it even more targeted.

4 Ways AI Art Generators Have Reshaped Instagram

AI has introduced a new era of creativity and build engagement on the platform. With these art generators, you can expand the boundaries of what’s possible and add new dynamics of interaction, making it a more inclusive space for artistic expression. Here are 4 ways these tools have made an impact:

  1. Raised Creative Expression: AI art generators have democratized artistic expression, allowing users who may not have traditional artistic skills to create visually stunning images. By simply selecting styles or themes, users can transform ordinary photos into extraordinary pieces of art, encouraging audiences to participate in the engagement process
  2. Personalized Content: These tools have enabled a more personalized content creation experience. Users can now generate unique avatars, backgrounds, or thematic visuals that reflect their personality or brand identity.
  3. Increased Engagement: AI-generated art often captivates viewers, leading to increased engagement. Posts featuring unique AI transformations tend to attract more likes, comments, and shares as they stand out from standard content. This novelty factor drives curiosity and encourages more interactive exchanges between users.
  4. New Trends and Challenges: Last but not least, the emergence of AI art generators has sparked new trends and challenges on Instagram. Users and influencers often initiate challenges that involve creating and sharing AI-generated art, fostering community participation, and bringing users together around shared creative pursuits.

Utilize AI Trends to Become Viral

Instagram as a platform will continue to grow as a center stage for all these trends and allow you, as a brand/creator, to leverage them. With a significant drop in the attention span of the viewers, you need something that is unique and makes viewers stop scrolling and engage.

These Instagram AI trends are not just to show off; they can be a marketing wand if you master them. And to reduce some of your hassle, you can use tools like SocialPilot to create captions for your posts and even schedule, publish, and analyze how they perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use AI filter trend on Instagram?

This popular trend involves using the Lensa AI app to apply artistic filters to your photos:

  • Download it on your phone. There's a free trial, but to save and truly rock the trend, paid options exist.
  • Choose up to 10 artistic styles you like, from fantasy to anime.
  • Upload 10-20 good selfies.
  • After some processing time, you'll have a gallery of unique portraits ready to showcase.
  • Save your favorites, hop on Instagram, and share them with the world using hashtags like #aigenerated and #lensaapp.

What is the AI trend on TikTok?

The AI trend on TikTok encompasses using Artificial Intelligence to create and share content that showcases innovative, AI-driven transformations, filters, and effects. This includes AI-generated music, deepfake videos, and visual effects that alter or enhance images and scenes, enabling users to explore and express creativity in new, technologically advanced ways.

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