How Often To Post on Social Media: Finding Your Perfect Frequency

How Often To Post on Social Media: Finding Your Perfect Frequency

How Often To Post on Social Media

How many pieces of content should I post every day on social media?

This is one of the never-ending debates that has been going on since ages. Everyone wants to know this secret sauce to maximize their growth.

While content quality is unarguably the most crucial factor to consistently growing on social networks, knowing how often to post on social media is essential to making sure you reach your target audience. 

Now, here’s something interesting: each social media platform has its unique rhythm and audience behavior.

So, how do you strike a perfect balance between being informative and not overwhelming your audience?

We have got you covered up!

We dived deep into the search engine, gathered some data, and along with our internal customer data of more than 12,000 users, created this guide.

With this guide, you will know the recommended posting frequency for multiple social media platforms, tips, and a bonus 😯. 

For quick searchers, here’s a short summary of what the recommended posting frequency on social media looks like:

  • Instagram feed posts: Aim to post 3-5 times per week.
  • Instagram Stories: Post 2 times per day.
  • Instagram Reels: Aim between 4-6 Reels per week.
  • TikTok: 1-4 times per day.
  • Facebook: Post at least 2-4 times per day.
  • Twitter: Similarly, 2-4 tweets per day.
  • LinkedIn: Try posting 1 time per day on LinkedIn
  • Pinterest: Post 1-2 pins per day.
  • YouTube videos: 2-3 videos per week for optimal growth
  • YouTube Shorts: Post 3-5 Shorts per week.

Let’s dive into the details to uncover the secrets to mastering your social media posting schedule.

How often to post on Instagram

Recommended frequency: 3-5 times per week

post on Instagram

Gary Vaynerchuk, a.k.a Gary Vee, a prominent spokesperson and social media personality recognized for his detailed insights into digital marketing and personal branding, says this about posting content frequently on social media:

A lot of you would argue that quality should be prioritized over quantity, but without quantity, you won’t be able to get the audience engagement data.

What kind of content does your audience relate to? Or what style of videos should you be posting at specific times to get the most engagement?

These are some questions that get answered when you post consistently with the right frequency.

Now, back to our main question: how often should you post on Instagram?

Our data suggests posting a minimum of 3-5 feed posts/week on Instagram, which is a good target to enhance your reach. 

For those of you who don’t know about feed posts, feed posts are a type of content shared on the main page of your Instagram profile. It can be photos or videos.

You don’t necessarily need to post every single day, posting on alternate days can work as long as you hit this 3-5 posts/week mark. Most brands post somewhere between 2-3 times per week and not more than 1 or 2 times a day.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, on the other hand, have a different story. Designed to share quick memories and updates that vanish after the 24-hour mark, sharing 2 Stories a day at strategic times means getting in front of a larger audience. We suggest posting at least 1 Story per day consistently to keep up the memento gained over time.

Instagram Reels

Reels are one of the most highlighted features of IG these days. Short-form content is something that really entices the audience and gets the juices going. To take advantage of this and stay on top of the algorithm, we suggest posting 4-6 Reels per week to stay relevant to your audience and to amplify the effectiveness, you can utilize the best times to post on Instagram.

How often to post on TikTok

Recommended frequency: Try posting 1-4 times per day

post on TikTok

TikTok being a fast-paced content and frequent engagement platform, suggests posting 1-4 times a day. While this may be daunting for you, especially when compared to other platforms and if you’re just getting started. Brands on TikTok post an average of 16 times a month, which comes to 1 post every two days.

We suggest maintaining the memento to at least 1-2 posts a day.

Ultimately, the best posting frequency for you depends on your goals and resources. If you’re aiming for rapid growth and maximum reach, more frequent posting (within reason) can be beneficial. However, if you have limited time or resources, focusing on high-quality, engaging content is more important than quantity.

For a brand to grow big on TikTok, it needs to be consistent with the posting schedules. Create a TikTok schedule and better plan your videos to reach a broad audience at the optimal time without doing manual labor every time.

How often to post on Facebook

Recommended frequency: 2-4 times a day

post on Facebook

With 3.030 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains the third most visited website globally, trailing only Google and YouTube. Across all industries, brands on Facebook get a median engagement rate of 0.60%. Every marketer wants to tap into this massive audience but often does not know how to find the sweet spot between staying present and avoiding bombarding feeds.

To find an ideal balance between both, we suggest keeping the posting number between 2-4 posts. Consider Facebook’s algorithm as a fickle patron. Fresh content is key, but overstuffing their plate pushes you to the back of the line. Aim for consistency above frequency.

Posting frequencies can vary from industry to industry. Experiment, analyze, and find your groove. Your audience – and the algorithm – will thank you for it.

Try our AI-powered free Facebook post generator if you lack time to create new content that sparks engagement. Level up your Facebook game by creating custom content following your brand tone, keywords, and even language.  

How often to post on Twitter

Recommended frequency: 2-4 tweets per day

post on Twitter

The Twitterverse transformed in July 2023, with the iconic bluebird replaced by the enigmatic “X.” Beyond the logo swap, whispers swirl about its ambitions. Goodbye “tweet,” hello “X-post,” hinting at a multimedia future encompassing audio, video, and more. X aspires to be an “everything app,”. Twitter algorithmic adjustments favor relevance and engagement, potentially boosting smaller voices.

Will X revolutionize social media or fade into a tech footnote? Only time will tell.

As for post frequency, the 2-4 tweets per day sweet spot still holds, but adapt to your niche and audience. Though there is no one-size-fits-all answer, knowing your audience by experimenting with different content types (polls and threads) and frequencies is the key.

Utilize videos, images, and GIFs to capture attention. Provide a mix of original content, curated articles, and industry news.

How often to post on LinkedIn

Recommended frequency: No more than once a day

post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than just a platform, it’s the world’s largest professional network that helps with career growth opportunities, knowledge exchange, and networking. 

What should be its posting frequency?

Aim for 1 post a day, no more than that. Being a professional networking platform, users on LinkedIn prefer to see content that is both valuable, unique, and not overwhelming.

Share industry insights, analysis, and original perspectives to position yourself as an expert in the market and increase your post reach

Looking for an additional resource, here is one from HubSpot marketing:

How often to post on Pinterest

Recommended frequency: 1-2 pins every day

post on Pinterest

How can we forget Pinterest: a visual search engine with billions of pins that always has something to spark inspiration. Unlike the fast-paced platform Twitter or the polished professionalism of LinkedIn, Pinterest thrives on a slower and more curated vibe. 

But when it comes to posting frequency, the question still lingers: how often should you pin to keep your audience engaged and boards bustling?

The truth is, there is no such magic number. The ideal frequency depends on multiple factors like fresh pins, repins, seasonal savvy, and your capacity. We recommend aiming for 1-2 daily pins of fresh content: Pinterest loves fresh and new content. 

Some growth tips from our social media team:

  • Eye-catching beauty: Having a visual nature and high-quality visuals are non-negotiable on Pinterest. Invest in captivating photos, stunning photos, and mesmerizing infographics that make scrollers stop and see.
  • Use relevant keywords: With millions of content pieces posted every day on the platform, it becomes hard for the algorithm to keep track of content. Use relevant keywords in your pin descriptions and board titles to help users discover your content through search.
  • Explore Pinterest analytics: Analyze your Pinterest analytics. Understand what pins are performing well, which boards resonate most, and how your audience is intersecting with your content. Use SocialPilot to get access to detailed insights and how your Pinterest boards are performing. Create detailed analytics reports and more!

Remember, Pinterest is a journey, not a destination. With consistency, creativity, and proper Pinterest marketing strategies, you can transform your boards into vibrant hubs of inspiration and drive success.

How often to post on YouTube

Recommended frequency: 2-3 videos per week

post on YouTube

When we talk about social media for businesses, YouTube is always at the top. Why wouldn’t it be?

With a massive active monthly user base of 2.491 billion per month, YouTube holds the title of the second most visited website globally. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how often you should post on YouTube. For some channels, posting videos every day works, and for some, posting once or twice a week works. 

MrBeast, an American creator, for example, posts 3-4 times a month, and Ninja, a professional gaming streamer, posts around 12-14 times a month. The conclusion: it all boils down to your capacity and your preference.


Meanwhile, posting 2-3 times a week is an ideal number for new channels that can help you build momentum and attract viewers. If your channel has started growing, aim for 1-2 videos a week while maintaining quality and audience engagement. 

YouTube Shorts

When it comes to YouTube Shorts, the beauty lies in their fleeting nature and their viral nature. Because of their fleeting nature and low survival time, it is important to maintain a consistent outflow. We suggest targeting a balance of 3-5 Shorts per week.

Capitalize trending topics, maintain quality, don’t shy away from experimenting, and post on the best times on YouTube to further propel your reach. 

How to find your posting frequency for social media

Now, to the final question, how can one find the right posting frequency on social media?

Determining the perfect posting frequency for social media needs some trial and error. Begin with a basic schedule of posting for several times a week. Observe how your audience interacts with your content, and track metrics like reach, engagement, and follower growth.

Frequency matters, but consistency matters more,” says Mari Smith, queen of Facebook marketing. Aim for regular uploads, even if it’s just a few times a week. Go for fewer, better-quality posts vs. worrying about quantity.

Leverage the platform’s analytics tools to track post performance and audience activity. Listen to direct feedback from your audience for valuable insights.

At last, a friendly advice, balance your posting schedule with your ability to produce content to avoid burnout.

Elevate your Social Media Game with SocialPilot

The ultimate tool for smart scheduling……

Now that you have got the complete idea of how often to post on social media, its time for some add-on. 

Though this guide can help you craft your social media posting plan, scheduling posts on so many platforms and managing them on a regular basis would be next to impossible. You know it….

What’s the solution?

Well, there is one handy tool that top marketers and entrepreneurs often praise for its social media management abilities: SocialPilot.

SocialPilot’s dashboard streamlines your social media efforts, allowing you to create more meaningful connections with your audience. Leverage its content calendar to plan and publish your posts automatically with ease and without spending endless hours. Get your hands on the raw data using SocialPilot’s analytics and track insights like content performance, reach, most active fans, best times to post, and other comprehensive metrics. Get all this data into a PDF and share it with your clients or team.

Want to see this in live-action?

Agency Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

How often to post on Google My Business?

Unlike other social media, Google My Business craves quality over quantity. Aim for 1-3 weekly posts packed with value for your audience: announcements, offers, insights, or local flair. Don't overpost, but stay consistent and responsive to comments and reviews. Track your analytics to see what resonates and adjust your rhythm for local SEO success!

How often should businesses post on social media?

Forget the magic number! Focus on where the attention goes. Instagram loves short content and Stories, YouTube also craves for short-form hits, and Google My Business wants valuable bursts. Tailor your frequency to platform vibes: Stories daily, YouTube Shorts and Reels often, IG Feed and GMB less, but always with quality and consistency. Track data, adapt to your audience, and watch your social presence bloom.

What does the 5 3 2 rule on LinkedIn mean?

LinkedIn loves a balanced social diet! The 5:3:2 rule suggests:

  • 50% curate: Share relevant news, articles, & trends to show you're in the know.
  • 30% create: Offer your own insights, tips, and questions to spark conversations.
  • 20% personalize: Show your human side with hobbies, interests, or inspirational quotes.

Mix it up, keep it valuable, and engage! Remember, quality > quantity.

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