Facebook Product Marketing: Expand Your Business Effectively

Facebook Product Marketing: Expand Your Business Effectively

Discover proven tactics for successful Facebook product marketing to elevate your brand presence and boost sales with actionable insights.

Learn All About Facebook Product Marketing to Expand Your Business

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If you’re looking to expand your business, what better place to start than the most popular social channel for marketers?

Sure, setting up a business page on Facebook is free. But how you make the most of the insights and tools at your disposal will decide your marketing performance.

Through this extensive guide, we’ll discuss Facebook product marketing with some brand examples and explore tips to optimize your Facebook marketing plan.

Let’s get into it.

What is Facebook Product Marketing?

Product marketing, in simple terms, is leading your product or service to a specific market. This can include designing the product’s message through research, launching it, and educating people about its usage and benefits.

When you incorporate Facebook as a channel to market your product or brand, you’re utilizing Facebook marketing. So, how does Facebook marketing benefit your product?

This is what Facebook offers to a marketer:

  • Access to a global audience with approximately 1.9 billion active profiles on a daily basis
  • Use in-built analytics tools (most of them for free)
  • Options to create targeted paid advertisements
  • Integrated features or companion tools like Messenger, Facebook Live, Pixel, and more

Benefits of Facebook Product Marketing

1. Increase in-store or Website Traffic

A Facebook page can help you increase your shop or website traffic. You can add this as your CTA button on the cover photo. Facebook also allows you to add linked posts. Make sure to shorten your links if you’re adding them to text posts.

2. Customer Support

Chatbots created through Facebook Messenger are highly effective in providing support to your audience. Reports show that almost 20 billion messages were exchanged between brands and their customers in a month.

Customers prefer communicating through messengers as they provide instant access to a brand. Brands can set up keywords to trigger automated responses for payment options or FAQs.

3. Audience Targeting

Facebook has tools to provide behavioral and demographic targeting for your audience. You can get information about your audience’s shopping patterns, media preferences, lifestyle, and income level. You can optimize your content and schedule your Facebook posts based on this data.

4. Availability of Ad Formats

Just like post formats, Facebook also gives excellent options for ads. Marketers can opt from among the below ad categories:

  • Image and Video ads
  • Carousel and Collection ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Poll ads
  • Instant Experience
  • Dynamic ads
  • Messenger and Stories ads

How to Promote a Product on Facebook?

You can use texts, images, long and short video content to promote products on your Facebook page. Let’s look at some brand examples to understand Facebook product marketing.

Sales and Discounts

Offering discounts or promoting any ongoing sales can also aid in driving traffic to your shop or website. Sephora does an excellent job of utilizing a special event (National Brow Day) while sharing the discount codes. They also use their custom hashtags and a shortened link to lead you straight to their website.


Behind-the-scenes Or DIYs

DIY or behind-the-scenes content offers education and transparency to your audience. You can create video tutorials or go live on Facebook to explain how to use a product.

Check out Ben & Jerry’s short and fun guide that offers a visually compelling recipe. Brands can invite users to recreate their DIYs and share their content using a personalized hashtag.


Highlighting the USP

Let your Facebook audience know what makes your brand stand out. Highlighting your unique selling point frequently is essential to set you apart from your competitors. As an example, IKEA posts multiple pictures on its Facebook page talking about its eco-friendly products. They also provide a link to help lead the audience to their website.


Collaborating with a Celebrity or an Influencer

Suppose your budget allows for it, partner up with a celebrity or an influencer to bring more attention to your brand. You can find new leads by collaborating with an influencer as they show off your brand on their profile.

Make sure that the celebrity or ambassador aligns with your brand image. National Geographic collaborated with actor Will Smith for a travel docu-series called ‘Welcome to Earth’.


Showing Your Social Side

Numbers prove that approximately 77% of people prefer purchasing from companies that prioritize environmental or social developments. Many brands have integrated CSR initiatives into their marketing campaigns over time.

As an example, Starbucks proves that they care about the military community by inviting their audience to send e-gifts. With posts like these, make sure that you stick to the subject and don’t add fluff.


Contests and Giveaways

Similar to discounts, giveaways and contests are another great way to promote your product. However, giveaways require you to complete an action to claim a reward. Look at this post from Lush Cosmetics.

They offer a chance to win a gift card by opting in for their newsletter. Not only are they adding to their email list, but they’re also engaging their audience.


Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an effective way to build brand loyalty through authentic customer experience. It encourages other users to share to participate and be seen as well. You can issue special discounts or incentives and invite your audience to share their reviews.

GoPro’s Facebook page is filled with UGC from their audience. Notice how they credit the user, provide an essential tip, utilize their custom hashtag, and link the products in just one post.


You can use one or a blend of these tried-and-tested posts in your Facebook marketing plan. That’s not all. You can also create customized hashtags for your business page and promote your business through Facebook advertisements. See what promotional acts work best for your brand and stick to that.

Best Practices for Facebook Marketing

1. Update and Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Your business page should have a Custom URL, relevant cover art, and crisp yet descriptive ‘About’ content. You can promote your brand page by adding the page link to your Instagram bio, sharing it through your email list, or setting up ads on Facebook.

2. Make Use of Facebook Messenger

Did you know that Facebook’s Messenger has 1.3 billion active users on a monthly basis? That’s a lot of potential leads in one place. The Messenger is a stellar way to engage with your audience and provide support. You can also create chatbots to automate certain responses and save time.

3. Experiment with Different Post Formats

You can access varied content formats on your Facebook brand page. Make use of images, GIFS, text, and polls and find what your audience responds to. Don’t miss out on using Facebook Live. Schedule your posts so that your page offers at least 3-4 different content formats in a day.

4. Learn more About Your Leads through Audience Insights

Facebook’s Ad Manager gives you access to the free Audience Insights tool. This analytical tool is best for creating targeted ads on Facebook. Additionally, it offers you data about the behavioral and buying patterns of your audience. You can use this information and personalize your content for your audience.

5. Start a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are amazing for garnering audience engagement. The groups or online communities can help narrow down the customers who are actively engaging with your brand. Set up some rules to ensure that people understand the purpose of the group. You can even offer special discounts or bonus content to the members to keep them hooked.

6. Choose an Appropriate CTA Button

Facebook lets you add a call-to-action button right at the top of your brand page. You can customize your CTA button for your cover art. This is a great way to attract your audience’s attention as soon as they get to your page.

Simply choose the ‘+Add a Button’ option and Facebook will offer some pre-made CTA buttons to choose from. “Contact Us”, “Follow”, “Book now”, “Watch video”, “Shop now”, and “Sign up” are a few CTA options.

Parting Words

Simply having a Facebook presence isn’t enough. You must make the most of your brand page. Customizing your page to make it more engaging and showing off your brand voice is essential.

With the in-built tools and features on a business page, you can access insights about your audience as well as content performance. So, follow our guide and excel at Facebook marketing.

Facebook, just by itself, is a great marketing channel. But what if you could enhance your marketing content with one simple tool?

SocialPilot’s Scheduling Tool can do that for you. This tool allows you to craft the perfect text copy or visuals, create carousel posts, and even schedule posts for Facebook groups. Add to that the analytical reports that let you keep track of relevant market trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 How do I promote my brand’s Facebook page?

Facebook offers paid promotions for a business page. You can set up a promotion objective, specify the target audience, and select a budget for that.

You can also add social buttons on your website, share the business page link through newsletters or add them to your Instagram bio.

You can participate in relevant Facebook groups and then build your own community. While promoting the brand page, don’t forget to put out quality content consistently.

🌟 When should I post on Facebook?

The best thing is to experiment with different times and find when your audience is actively engaging with your posts. Some brands prefer posting on weekdays at noon, while some opt for weekends.

Use Facebook’s Audience Insights to figure out your audience’s behavioral patterns. You can even set up a poll and ask about the timing directly from your audience.

🌟 What are Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights lets brands track page view metrics, post reach and engagement along with audience retention. You can check metrics for texts and video posts as well. You can export the insights data for further reference.

Insights also allow you to compare your performance with a competing brand page through the ‘Pages to Watch’ option.

🌟 What are the various types of Facebook posts?

These are the different content formats that you can use on Facebook:

  • Text aka Status post
  • Photo post
  • Video post
  • Facebook Live or Watch Party
  • Pinned post
  • Linked content
  • Polls
  • Facebook Stories

🌟 What tools can I use for Facebook Marketing?

Other than the in-built tools, you can find a lot of third-party content creation, publishing, and tracking tools for Facebook. Some of them are:

  • SocialPilot
  • Post Planner
  • Headline Analyzer
  • Canva
  • Fanpage Karma

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