Instagram Hashtag Analytics – The What And How!

Instagram Hashtag Analytics – The What And How!

With Instagram Hashtag Analytics, you can track hashtag performance and optimize strategy for better reach and engagement on the platform.


Since the introduction of Instagram in 2010, the usage of hashtags has become more prevalent. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Instagram has contributed significantly to the popularity of hashtags

Using hashtags wisely can rapidly multiply the number of followers you have. Social media users, who are aware of the purpose of hashtags, liberally use hashtags on their posts, stories, and reels to expand the reach of their content

The best part is that even non-followers can view your content through hashtags, which can further increase your followers’ ‌number dramatically

However, it would be incorrect to assume that all hashtags used in a particular post, story, or reel will yield the desired results

Preparing the right hashtags involves significant research and analysis of several metrics such as the audience, user trends, and products. You also need to look at the performance of the hashtags after implementing them in your strategy.

So, how can you track the hashtag performance?

Use Instagram Hashtag Analytics. Simple.

What is Instagram Hashtag Analytics?

Instagram Hashtag Analytics lets you monitor how the hashtags used in your posts are performing. With this feature, you can find out which hashtags are reaching the most accounts and people and which ones aren’t. Finding hashtags that resonate better with people is easier with this tool.

How Instagram Hashtag Analytics works and why businesses need it?

The first step in figuring out if hashtags are effective on Instagram is to use a tool that helps you pull analytics information. There are many tools available online to help you achieve this goal.

You can use hashtag analytics to track metrics and use that information to:

  • Plan a solid growth strategy that can help you grow
  • Discover the best time to post on Instagram
  • Determine the reach and mentions of your hashtag campaign on social media
  • Gauge social media engagement.
  • Find out the public’s sentiment and response to a hashtag
  • Learn more about your followers and when they are the most active
  • Discover top trending hashtags
  • See who’s sharing your content and where
  • Identify which influencers use your hashtag

Instagram has a vast pool of hashtags available on its platform. Here we have managed to list the top 10:

#love (2.1 billion posts)

#instagood (1.3 billion posts)

#fashion (965 million posts)

#photooftheday (925 million posts)

#beautiful (744 million posts)

#happy (636 million posts)

#cute (629 million posts)

#tbt (571 million posts)

#followme (573 million posts)

#like4like (533 million posts)

Note: It’s crucial to use relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts. The key to making your posts click is by using the right hashtags. The inclusion of irrelevant keywords will not help you reach more engage your audience.

Types of Hashtag Groups Beneficial for Businesses

There are several types of hashtags on Instagram. Here are some hashtag categories you can use for creating a successful Instagram hashtag strategy for your brand:

Community Hashtags

Like-minded individuals who share common interests form the community hashtags. Some examples are #singlelife, #bosslady, #fashionistasofinstagram, #bakersofinstagram. You can use the community hashtag to reach members of any community if your products/services are relevant to that community.


This image shows 2.8 million posts for the community hashtag #mermaidhair.

Branded Hashtags

These hashtags help you build a robust ecosystem of followers around your brand. Your followers can use the hashtags to create or tag content about your brand. It could be just the brand name, the tagline, or a product or service.


Campaign Hashtags

Many brands have unique hashtags for their campaigns. It is a great way to promote your campaign and get more involvement from the audience. Brands even use it for generating user suggestions for product development

For example, Lay’s came up with a #DoUsAFlavor campaign to involve the audience in deciding the flavors for their product range. It not only boosted engagement but also helped in the pre-launch of the flavor chosen by the audience.


Industry Hashtags

These are a great way to increase the brand reach and promote your products or service by using hashtags relevant to your industry. In addition, by using the same hashtags as high-performing industry hashtags, you can gain more followers through competition with them.


Location Hashtags & Event Hashtags

Location hashtags come in handy to increase brand awareness. Since location-based stories and explore campaigns appear on explore pages, they can help you reach your targeted audience and build local awareness for your business.


Event hashtags are, however, time-specific. The benefits include allowing attendees of the same event to connect and network and creating a viral flow of interest in your content.


Top Hashtag Metrics You Need To Track

1. Reach

Reach, and Impressions are often conflated as being the same, but they tell very different tales.

The Reach metric gives you the number of unique accounts that have seen your post, while Impressions shows the number of times the post has been viewed. The reach refers to the unique number of users who actually saw your hashtag

Here are some tips on how to effectively increase your post’s reach using hashtags:

  • Experiment with hashtags. Some might work, some might not, but calculated experimentation is necessary to be innovative and gain traction.
  • Use easy and relevant hashtags.
  • Be sure to keep your followers engaged. You can include hashtags when you go live, run interesting polls, add stories, and ask people questions.
  • Authenticity is key. Use catchy and appealing hashtags that people can quickly follow
  • Make use of Instagram ads. Using these, you can reach more target audiences who are likely already interested in similar products/services.

2. Impressions

Impression indicates the number of times your hashtag was viewed. It includes repeated views as well In other words, if a viewer scrolls past your content three times, you get one reach but three impressions

Additionally, impressions give you details about how many impressions were received from hashtags, your profile, and your home

A high impressions-to-reach ratio indicates your audience has viewed it several times. It is a good indicator of engagement.


3. Engagement Rate

According to Oberlo, engagement rate is the most critical metric for 80% of businesses. Engagement is an important metric to determine the number of comments, likes, and shares your hashtag is receiving. As your audience peers into your content, they will share and like it more, which will eventually result in more followers.

Now the question is, how can you measure or calculate engagement rate?

Thankfully you do not need to be a mathematics genius to determine the engagement rate. Instead, you can calculate the engagement rate using this simple formula:


4. Mentions and Tags

On Instagram, mentions and tags are effective ways to increase the reach of your content. Often, when users are pleased with a product or service, they tag the company on their posts and spread the word about it

The benefits of this are obvious: you are reaching more users, who might become your customers in the future. In addition to allowing the brand to see the story, tagging and mentioning allow other followers of your customers to view the company’s profile. They will be taken directly to the company or product’s Instagram page with a simple tap on the tag.

5. Influential Influencers

Using this metric, you can see if any popular social media influencers are using your hashtags. Several variables are considered when calculating social media influence: the number of followers, reach, interactions, and activity of a source. By using this hashtag metric, you can find out if any influential sources mention your hashtag. You can also track the traffic source of a hashtag if it’s accompanied by a link

6. Interactive Authors

This metric shows your hashtag mentions from sources having the most interactions: likes, comments, retweets, and shares. In this way, you can track which sources mention your hashtag often and boost engagement. In addition, your brand can use this metric to identify endorsers and advocates

Top 5 Tools For Instagram Hashtag Analytics

1. Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics is a free, built-in feature of Instagram available to any business accounts on the platform. It allows you to track your content interactions, reach and impressions, followers, shares, saves, likes, and more. It displays data for the past 30 days. The tool tells you whether the different accounts reached were your followers or not. It is a simple tool to get details about what your hashtags are fetching you.


2. Hashtagify


Hashtagify is a free tool that gives you deep insights into your hashtags’ performance. For example, Hashtagify allows you to track:

  • Stats on any hashtag in real-time
  • Associated hashtags
  • Pick suitable hashtags for your social media campaigns

3. Brand24


With Brand24, you can monitor and analyze social media and hashtag activity in real-time. It tracks and analyzes hashtag mentions across social media networks, blogs, video platforms, review sites, and other publicly available sources

Besides, Brand24 also allows its users to track certain metrics like:

  • Reach of a hashtag
  • Engagement volume
  • Analysis of sentiment around a hashtag
  • Popular hashtags
  • Discussion context
  • The number of mentions

4. Pixlee


Pixlee’s Instagram analytics tool allows you to track and search hashtags easily. In addition, this tool offers weekly hashtag statistics reports. In addition to monitoring conversations about your brand, Pixlee can identify its top influencers using its social listening features

Hold on! The best is for the last

5. SocialPilot

SocialPilot analyzes the performance of your content as well as your Instagram business accounts. In addition to tracking your posts, hashtags, reach impressions, website clicks, and more, SocialPilot gives you the ability to track information about your audience. These metrics are critical for monitoring the performance of your account


Take full advantage of the analytical prowess of SocialPilot to maximize the outcome of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Visit the SocialPilot website to use the tool. You will find the analytics option in the left-hand side menu. Then, select Instagram and get going.

Bonus Tips to Ace the #Hashtag Game

  • Create unique hashtags for your brand
  • Choose catchy and relatable hashtags that will inspire users to reuse them
  • Do not include space in your hashtag
  • Follow trending hashtags groups
  • Discover when is the best time is to post
  • Include hashtags in your reels, stories, and highlights
  • A hashtag should not contain too many words
  • Don’t overuse hashtags in your posts
  • Join other creators on the platform for shoutouts or share for share using hashtags
  • Be creative and add fun elements. 42% of users share funny content on Instagram. Nowadays, brands use trending memes along with appropriate hashtags for advertising their products and services



According to social media statistics, Instagram has now reached 1.15 billion users, with 500 million active users each day. By 2023, it is expected to reach 1.2 billion users. The increasing user base is a boon for marketers like you to increasingly use Instagram for your social media marketing and grow your brand

It is no secret that Instagram feeds are not complete without hashtags, and understanding which hashtag works best for your page can help you increase engagement. However, with terabytes of data generated every day, it is essential for you to approach the marketing game on Instagram scientifically. Hashtag analytics lets you do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Can Instagram Hashtag Analytics be used for free?

Instagram offers a built-in Insight feature to calculate the performance of your account, which is free forever. Additionally, many online tools can provide detailed insights into how hashtags are performing and how the account is performing.

Even though you can sign up for a free trial, you should opt for the paid version to make the most of the tool’s capability. However, most tools allow you to cancel your subscription if you do not want to use the solution further.

🌟 Are hashtags essential for boosting Instagram marketing performance?

Certainly, they are important. Searching for content on Instagram is effective with hashtags. Through hashtags, non-followers can also find your posts. In addition to helping you reach your target audience, they also allow your target audience to find you.

🌟 Does Insight work with every Instagram account?

The Insights feature is available for business accounts or accounts set up as professional accounts. It is not available for personal Instagram accounts.

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