Paid and Free Instagram Analytics Tools

11 Best Instagram Analytics Tools for Businesses in 2023

Are you struggling with your Instagram account to make it stand out and reach your target audience? Even after posting a sheer amount of content, you are still stuck with limited visibility.

There might be a chance that you are missing out on Instagram Analytics. To get a deeper understanding and access to valuable insights like engagement rate, content reach, follower demographics, and more, you need to get your hands on Instagram Analytics tools.

While Instagram insights are good for ground-level metrics, but if you`re a social media agency and need advanced analytics, these analytics tools can come in handy.

With 25.31% of the world’s population using Instagram, the opportunity to get in front of your target audience is endless only if you know who to target. Thats why most businesses rely on Instagram tools to get advanced and detailed insights and improve their content creation journey.

In this blog, we have taken the time and enlisted some of the best paid and free Instagram analytics tools. These will help you grasp your industry landscape, identify competitive advantages, and reflect those into your own strategies.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at each of these tools.



for 1 user

Unlike other Instagram analytics tools, SocialPilot comes with multiple features on a single platform. It has the ability to connect all your Instagram business accounts and provide in-depth analysis for each one of them. You can directly post images, Reels, Stories, or videos to Instagram with SocialPilot as well.

If you are a small business or an agency, you definitely need a tool like SocialPilot that is easy to learn, navigate and use. SocialPilot provides its users with rich features like social media analytics, social media calendar, bulk scheduling, etc.

With its in-depth analysis of social media platforms, SocialPilot is the one-stop solution for your social media management.

Why Select SocialPilot as Your Instagram Analytics Tool?

  • With SocialPilot, you can manage and analyze multiple Instagram business accounts in one place.
  • Directly schedule images, Reels, Stories, or videos, from the SocialPilot dashboard and publish them directly without any mobile reminders.
  • You can use its Instagram inbox feature to engage with your followers.
  • It lets you add the first comment to your posts where you can include all relevant hashtags for better reach.
  • You can add tag friends and collaborators while scheduling posts to Instagram.
  • Use its in-app editing tool to perfect your image uploads.
  • It provides information such as likes, impressions, shares, profile views, website clicks, gender-wise reports, location-wise reports, engagements, etc.
  • Instagram analytics reports are divided into four sections: Profile, Posts, Stories, and Reels for an in-depth understanding.
  • You can create separate PDF reports for each Instagram account or compile reports from various social accounts into a single comprehensive report.
  • It lets you create and add UTM Parameters to your post link to understand social traffic accurately in Google Analytics

SocialPilot gives detailed attention to each perspective of Instagram. From the most basic overviews to in-depth analytics, SocialPilot provides you with all the information you require to plan your ever-evolving Instagram content strategy.

What do people say about SocialPilot?


Palak J..

SocialPilot is very easy to use and user-friendly. I can easily post creatives and videos over all the social media platforms, and I can get the analytics, respectively.


Nadia G.

SocialPilot is undoubtedly one of the best Instagram analytics apps to program social networks, being able to create my publications in almost all known social networks or share other things that I find through the complement of the toolbar. Its interface is very easy to use, automatically shortening all your links. Another element that I like very much is that I can obtain the statistics of each account, which is really fascinating since it helps me to project the needs that each client may have.

Social Status


per month

Social Status is one of the most comprehensive Instagram analytics tools for tracking all your posts and Instagram Stories in one place. You can group accounts and report on aggregate performance if you admin multiple accounts.

Social Status enables custom report templates for agencies that need to create multiple report templates for clients. Automated reports can be exported easily in multiple formats, including CSV, PDF, PowerPoint, and Google Slides.


  • Detailed Instagram metrics are available, including follower demographics.
  • Social Status also supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • You can go for a free plan or opt for a free trial.

Geoff S

Quick to set up, easy to use, and a powerful Instagram analytics app for all our company social media accounts. We use it every week.


  • It is not an all-in-one tool as it lacks scheduling and management features.
  • Higher plans can be expensive.

Jacky C

It is a bit expensive but worth it. If you are looking for a white-label report feature, you have to subscribe to a quite expensive plan.

Sprout Social


per user per month

Sprout Social is a tool for Instagram analytics that lets you schedule, publish, and track analytics for multiple Instagram accounts. It also simplifies your editing process by utilizing a centralized Asset Library to make all posts look like they are linked to each other.

You even get a report on your frequently used and best-performing hashtags. As you continue to work on your hashtag strategy, Sprout Social can eventually develop a new social strategy or a campaign for your social profile.


  • They offer online webinars and conferences to pass on the knowledge of how to optimize their tools better.
  • Sprout Social lets the user schedule the Instagram posts in an easy-to-understand way.

Alina P.

I absolutely love this! It’s important to know how our customers are reacting and interacting with our posts, so the analytics part of our social media posts is really necessary.


  • Sprout Social’s mobile application doesn’t include the analytics section.
  • With all the features provided, it often gets time-consuming to explore all of them.
  • It is comparatively more expensive than the other tools for what it has to offer.

Verified Sprout Social user

Not being able to schedule Instagram accounts that aren’t business accounts without assigning the “publisher”. In addition, I wish I could schedule Instagram stories from Sprout. It can get expensive to be able to use more tools and have further access to capabilities. I dislike how expensive the program is.



Hypeauditor is one of the best Instagram analytics tools that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and nearly indexed 3 million Instagram profiles. This in-depth analytics tool helps you find fake or ghost followers.

You can dive deep into influencer profiles to measure their engagement rates and how they perform compared to similar industry experts. You can track 28 different metrics including AQS (Audience quality score), and analyze an influencer`s real worth based on a scale of 1 to 100.

Other metrics include engagement rate, authentic engagement, follower reach, and more.


  • It comes with an intuitive dashboard design.
  • Offers great support to solve all your queries.
  • You can do influencer research, shortlisting, and media plan creation.

Dimitri V.

Intuitive interface, neat design, and great support. Hypeauditor is listening to our requirements and is ready to integrate the features we’ve been asking for. At the moment, the platform is fully covering our workflows in influencer marketing.


  • No phone app is available.
  • Searching by categories is limited.
  • Offers no pdf report in the normal package.

Aminath J.

Cannot get a pdf report of influencer for normal package, and searching by catergories is too limited. No phone app which makes us limit the use of the app as we are on the move a lot and having access to hype auditor by an app will have lots of users using it more efficeintly and sharing reports in pdf file in one go where its more convenient and easy rather than taking 3 or 4 screen shots.



month for 2 users

Iconosquare is a single-window Instagram analytics tool that allows you to schedule new posts, monitor the people in and around your brand community, and track your Instagram Analytics. These analytics precisely show your content’s impressions, reach, and trends related to engagement.

This Instagram analytics app also includes hashtags and competitor tracking that keep marketers updated with social trends. It also comes with a 2-week trial complemented with free tools such as a full Instagram Audit.


  • Its Instagram story analytics feature is considered crucial by its users.
  • Easy to use interface for all kinds of social media marketers.
  • It lists quite a few demographic details of the content.

Eirik V J

I love the simplicity and the impressive underlying data set and all the great analytics that they share. I also enjoy the fact that I can dig into the data as deeply as I want.


  • Users who want to post large photos have to resize them for Iconosquare.
  • Multiple breakups of categories and content can end up making you confused.
  • Email updates notification is received quite often, which hinders the user experience.

Devyn D

Some of the categorizations of features are a little confusing. The names of the categories are not necessarily user-friendly, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fine.



Squarelovin is one of the best free Instagram analytics tools. It gives metric details such as top posts, recent growth, and post-history in year, month, day, and hour categories.

One of the notable features of this Instagram analysis tool is that it tells you the best-performing times to post, which can be valuable to businesses that often share content. This tool focuses on what drives your audience’s engagement and how you can optimize your performance to maximize your efforts.


  • Squarelovin can track your growth over different time periods.
  • The engagement tab provides a collage of your most-liked photos.
  • It reflects the time frame when followers are most active.

Andreas Kitzing

Squarelovin is a cool tool done by a German company that takes analytics from Instagram and evaluates the return on individual images regarding revenue, traffic, conversions, and clicks.


  • The monthly analysis offered doesn’t start right away and begins after a month.
  • This tool, being new to the industry, is less explored by the users.
  • As it’s free, there are limitations to using it as a complete Instagram analytics tool.

Verified Squarelovin User

I love that it’s free of cost, but there are so many limitations to using it, and it’s buggy sometimes.



per month per user

Keyhole breaks the norm of past performance analysis with its power of analyzing real-time data. It provides real-time hashtag tracking, which is often useful for specific campaigns, contests, and much more.

As an Instagram analytics tool, Keyhole also addresses which of your internal trends are providing value to the social community to work better. It also helps you create a feed to track your competitor’s Instagram accounts to see what’s working for them and vice-versa.


  • Keyhole tracks web mentions to let you know what other people are talking about.
  • It has built-in campaign performance predictions.

Maria S

I like that I can track outside web mentions of what other people are saying about my company, as well as the ability to find influencers based on who is already talking about our company. But there are limitations on the number of hashtags you can use even when you pay the monthly fee.


  • The paid version of this Instagram analytics app is quite different from the free trial version.
  • If you miss out on putting trackers in place from the start, it can be difficult to set them up later.

Jon R

If you don’t remember to put your trackers in place at the beginning of your campaign, then it can be a little challenging to get the analytics data prior to them being added.


Emplifi, previously known as Socialbaker is recognized for its free Instagram analytics reports with its Instagram Quadrant report tool. You can create personalized dashboards and view reach, impressions, top posts, most used hashtags, and tagged accounts.

The custom user interface of Emplifi is recommended for top-level insights and Instagram analysis. It also lets you connect profiles from different platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • It offers a free Instagram analytics tool to all users.
  • The UI of customized dashboards is easy to navigate and simple to use.

Leslie H

It has a very clean user interface with easy-to-use data. It has a lot of additional features, like influencer database and search engine, also content search, which is good for the UGCs and advertisement analysis.


  • While there are a lot of areas to look at, the time period is fairly restricted with the free version. You have to switch to the paid version.
  • The analysis reports by Socialbakers aren’t massively in-depth and are expensive in comparison to the market.

Maria C

I don’t like its price, I consider it a bit high. There are no video posts on Instagram through the use of this tool, it is a notable disadvantage for anyone who works on that platform.



per month

Looking for a tool to measure, understand your ROI, and automate your reporting process, Crowdfire is a great option. It lets you take a closer watch on what’s happening on your Instagram profile.

You can dig deeper into each of your posts to check Instagram reach, track how each post performed and accordingly refine your marketing strategies. Getting all this data in a pdf and PPT format for reporting is another ability of Crowdfire.


  • You can conveniently schedule and publish your posts.
  • Track who followed and unfollowed you.
  • Apart from Instagram, you can also integrate it with other social media accounts.

Nawell W.

Posting and scheduling are quite easy using crowdfire application. It is easy to track people who have followed/unfollowed, and it gives us relevant suggestions for people to follow. I like how it automatically creates a post whenever we post a product in our Shopify store. Crowdfire also supports all major social media networks.


  • Hard to link accounts.
  • The tool sometimes freezes and displays connection errors.

Morgan S.

Despite using the app for years, the app consistently glitches and I have to refresh the pages multiple times after getting connection errors.



per month

Sendible is an Instagram analysis tool that supports a range of social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can also connect Sendible to various blogging sites like Medium and WordPress. Sendible lets you onboard your clients and teammates for streamlined collaboration.

Sendible tracks vital Instagram analytics metrics such as reach, impression, likes, comments, demographics, and audience growth. It also gives you insights from Google analytics for apt estimation on your online performance.


  • Sendible has a customizable reporting feature, which comes in handy when managing multiple clients.
  • You can curate content for specific topics and gather influencer information.

Katie S

I enjoy that I am able to view metrics from each website I am able to post on through Sendible, including Google analytics. It is also very easy to make a post and schedule it if you need to.


  • The platform is clunky and difficult to grasp.
  • Users complain of the platform’s slow loading and frequent crashes.

Victor W.

The Instagram post is automatically cropping it to square, and we have to go in and adjust to the original perspective. If I’m uploading the photo, I’ve got it sized how I want it. I am having issues with the mobile app (Sendible) for iOS on my iPad and iPhone. As soon as I log in, the app crashes. I’ve tried reinstalling, rebooting, hard reset, still the same issue.

Rival IQ


for 2 users

Rival IQ is one of the Instagram analytics tools that provides real-time insights into a brand’s social media handle. This Instagram insights tool extracts valuable data for comprehensive reports, helps you make informed decisions to improve results, and better understand your competition.

Rival IQ’s cutting-edge technology makes it a reliable tool for Instagram analytics. With competitive social media surveillance and benchmarking, you can stay ahead of the competition on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.


  • Custom chart option with historical data representation is an unparalleled feature of Rival IQ.
  • You can export reports in multiple formats.

Brendan B.

The insights from Rival IQ inform a lot of how we plan and execute our social media strategy. To be able to see a snapshot of our competition across the league is invaluable as well.


  • The basic plan is quite pricey. If you need more features and metrics, it becomes even more expensive.
  • Support for other social media platforms is lacking.

Verified Rival IQ Reviewer

I found that the data that we wanted was sometimes not available through the software, and we either had to go into the platform directly, such as Facebook, to get it.

Which of the Top Instagram Analytics Tools are You Going to Choose?

Instagram updates its platform regularly to provide new features. As a result, you’ll need an Instagram analytics tool to keep track of your progress and see if your presence is threatened or thriving.

While you’re busy creating innovative content ideas to charm your fans, the above-mentioned Instagram analytics apps will take care of the tracking.

Your choice of Instagram analytics tools may vary depending on your industry. While some people combine free Instagram analytics tools with premium ones, using a multi-purpose tool like SocialPilot is highly recommended.

Wait no more and unlock the potential of controlling everything from one dashboard with a 14-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free Instagram analytics tools?

SocialPilot is among the free Instagram analytics tools. You can use SocialPilot to analyze your Instagram account with a free 14-day trial, no credit card required.

What are the best Instagram analytics tools?

Some of the best Instagram analytics tools are:

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Social Status
  3. Sprout Social
  4. Union Metrics
  5. Icono Square
  6. Squarelovin
  7. Keyhole
  8. Emplifi
  9. Crowdfire
  10. Sendible
  11. Rival IQ

Which Instagram analytics tool lets you post to Instagram directly?

SocialPilot is one such Instagram analytics tool that helps you to schedule and directly publish posts to Instagram. It also analyzes your Instagram campaigns thoroughly at an affordable price of $25.5/month.

How do I get Instagram analytics?

You can access analytics from the Insights tab in your Instagram business account. You can find out the number of accounts you reached and the content interaction you had in an interval. But if you are looking for deeper insights, opt for Instagram analytics tools like SocialPilot.

What do Instagram analytics tell you?

Instagram analytics reveals if your content strategy is actually working. You get to know what type of content goes down well with your audience and fetches you more website visits. You can dig in detailed demographics to find more about your followers. In short, Instagram analytics summarizes your performance on the platform.

Does Instagram analytics show who views your profile?

No, Instagram analytics doesn’t show who views your profile. It only shows the number of visits your profile got over a period for easy comparison. It is beneficial to gauge if your recently-launched ad campaign or a content experiment is bringing you more visibility or not.

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