Social Media Tools for Agencies

9 Exclusive Social Media Tools for Agencies in 2023

Generally speaking, digital marketing agencies consist of small teams with minimal financial resources. Thus, picking tools can be quite challenging. The best social media tools for agencies have to be budget-friendly, cost-effective, and diverse. By diverse, we mean that they must be able to suffice multiple clients and their requirements.

Now you must be wondering where to find this “ideal” social media management tool.

The best bet in this regard is to keep certain goals in mind. When you know your goals, it would be easier for you to shortlist the tools that might meet your requirements. Some of the key features that you must bear in mind during the hunt for the best social media management tools for agencies are the following:

1. Advanced Social Post Scheduling

Manual posting is no fun, particularly when you have a lot of other things to do. Hence, we make use of different social media management tools that schedule the posts for us and publish them at the right time. In this way, you can make sure that you are posting at the right time for each social site.

2. Analytics and Reporting

For any campaign to be successful, it is important that you keep a keen eye on its analytics. The data you receive from different social media management tools are shared with your team to develop a better strategy – or keep following the same if things are going in the right direction.

3. Social Media Engagement

The basic reason why we employ social media platforms is engagement. Companies and brands need to reach out to people and increase their engagement. The followers that you get from different social media platforms are actually your potential customers. However, you must be capable enough to turn these potential customers into buyers.

4.Social Channel Integration

The social media tools for agencies must enable you to integrate with different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. In this way, the management tools will help you keep insight into what’s happening on your social media sites.

5. Responsive Alert System

In case of mentions or more than usual activity on the social media platforms, the tools must inform you. In this way, your team can effectively respond to any issues or queries that people are putting forward.

Many different social media management tools are available that offer multiple services. Let’s have a look at some of the best social media management tools for your agency and their features that comply with your requirements.

Now that you know what all features your ideal social media tool should have, check out the list of the best tools for your agency.



per month

SocialPilot is the most cost-effective social media tool for agencies. Not only does it allow you to make budget-friendly choices, but it also offers you a wide variety of amazing features.

It helps you analyze your social media activities thoroughly, schedules your posts in advance, helps you manage your client accounts hassle-free and your team can seamlessly collaborate for a smooth workflow.

Moreover, it integrates with different apps such as Canva, GIPHY for interactive content posts . Such tools that have diverse functions prove themselves to be the right choice for your agency. Thus, we can say that SocialPilot possesses all the abilities that must be present in social media tools for agencies.

SocialPilot’s wide integration with other social media sites makes it the best choice for different businesses and agencies. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. It carefully fetches all the data from these sites so that you might easily plan and strategize for the future.


  • SocialPilot has a very neat and polished dashboard. The users love how easy it is to navigate.
  • You can manage your client’s social media accounts without having to login to their credentials yourself. SocialPilot offers a hassle-free client management experience.
  • Seamless team collaboration where you can assign roles for an easy workflow.
  • Analyze your clients social media accounts and share white-labeled reports in the form of PDF or a shareable link.
  • Target the right audiences your clients seek for, with targeting options while scheduling.
  • Manage your social comments on Facebook with Social Inbox.
  • Bulk schedule upto 500 posts in one-go uploading a CSV.
  • Never run out of fresh content with RSS feeds integration.
  • Visualize the whole content strategy with a social media content calendar where you can filter views as per client’s accounts.
  • You can also opt for a white-labeled solution to create an amazing branded experience for your clients.

Nicolle H.

Simple and easy to use with all the functionality. I run many social accounts, setting up these accounts is so easy. I use this on a daily basis and can keep track of all my scheduled posts.


Wendy P.

I have multiple clients with multiple social media profiles and SocialPilot offers me a platform where I can easily schedule all of them in one place. For 90% of my clients, I choose to use SocialPilot.



10 social channels

Buffer is a very intuitive and focused social media tool. Many brands, agencies, and enterprises rely on it to drive results based on social engagement. It offers a complete suite that allows for publishing, engagement, and analysis. Hence, it is a complete tool in itself.

The Buffer customer support team is quite friendly and easy-going. Hence, if you face any difficulty at any point, you can easily talk to them. For this reason, we can say that it is one of the best social media tools for agencies.


  • It offers you a free image creation tool called Pablo.
  • Buffer has their own URL shortener – Buffly.
  • You can customize your posts for each individual account.
  • The customer support is very friendly and supportive.

Kara M.

I think that Buffer, once you get the hang of it, can be very convenient and pretty quick to use.


  • Buffer offers Publish, Reply and Analyze all separately. So in order to have a one-stop-shop dashboard, you need to subscribe to all these dashboards individually which turns out to be super expensive.
  • Buffer doesn’t let you connect or collaborate with your clients.
  • They lack an important content feature – Content curation.

Michael S.

This app is double what it should be priced at! Way too expensive. We can schedule social media posts, just like Apps at 1/2 or 1/4 of the price.



per month

Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media management tools for marketing agencies. It is designed to manage different social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

It provides a very collaborative environment and ensures proper engagement and management between the teams. This helps to generate revenue at a much faster pace. Hootsuite offers very scalable management features.

Moreover, it has a comprehensive set of analytics to have a complete insight into social media outcomes and campaigns. Its comprehensive services and features are what make it one of the top social media tools for agencies.


  • You can even manage your WordPress with this social media tool
  • Monitor your social media feeds within the dashboard.
  • Hootsuite provides in-depth customizable analytics where you can analyze your competitors also.

Ben E.

Overall, Hootsuite provides a single place to monitor multiple social media platforms, create branded and consistent marketing campaigns, schedule content in advance with easy oversight, and get insights into content performance.


  • To enjoy a full-suite social media tool, you have to go for higher plans. This social media tool sometimes proves to be expensive for agencies.
  • They have a clunky dashboard. The interface is not user-friendly and outdated.
  • Hootsuite lacks the most important feature an agency would require – client management. You will still need credentials to each client account you manage.

Brie S.

The user interface is weak. It’s not user-friendly, nor is it practical or modern looking. It has a tendency to leg, it also isn’t mobile-friendly, they do have an app, but again it’s not easy to navigate, which is an absolute must when working on social media on the fly.



per month

SocialBee is a social media tool that offers social media management with training sessions for your team. This social media tool for agencies has automated publishing, efficient tracking, content management, customer engagement, and many other features.

The reporting and analytics, as well as post scheduling, are quite efficient with SocialBee. Additionally, you can easily manage multiple accounts at once. It covers the content across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Google My Business.

It can recycle the content by producing certain variations in the content. Hence, it makes SocialBee one of the most praised social media tools for agencies.


  • You can track your brand’s position with detailed analytics.
  • Never leave your queue empty with the option of recycling content.
  • You can assign each post to a specific category.

Julie S.

It has lots of bells and whistles, and just like Recurpost, its dashboard is content-based. It also allows you to save hashtags and use RSS feeds.


  • SocialBee lacks Instagram direct posting capabilities.
  • Analytics does not work fine for all platforms sometimes.
  • Their dashboard isn’t user-friendly. You need help from customer support to navigate and understand the flows.

Prokopios S

The user interface is a bit “clunky” and unintuitive (for me). It’s not always clear how to achieve what you want.

Post Planner


per month

Post Planner is one of the amazing social media tools for agencies. It helps the social media experts to come up with a high quality of content, plan the publishing schedules, and post consistently.

It allows for keyword filtering, which is not available in many social media tools. Additionally, it offers features like content management and efficient post scheduling. The different but relevant data is analyzed to give a proper insight into the social media activity.

You can easily plan and schedule your social media posts. It helps to increase the reach of your content and enhances your engagements. It also allows for content curation.


  • With Post Planner you can predict the engagement of the post while scheduling.
  • Has unified content streams.
  • You can recycle evergreen content.
  • Allows you to revive top-performing content.

Megan C

When I am stuck, I can find inspiration from their post suggestions. The ability to manage multiple accounts at the same time just makes life so much simpler.


  • They have a non-intuitive user interface and it becomes difficult to navigate through.
  • Their customer support isn’t available most of the time.
  • Scheduling features are pretty laid-back.

Post Planner User

PostPlanner is an extremely non-intuitive, difficult, inflexible, stubborn, and impermeable program that has never left me satisfied after use. Moreover, their customer service and use of “fine print” are more than unethical.



per month

In the list of the best social media tools for agencies, eClincher is an addition. It is particularly important for companies that are looking for a powerful and intuitive interface to manage their social media platforms. It helps you with editing, scheduling, boosting posts, and monitoring.

The analytics and report results of eClincher are quite remarkable. Moreover, it collaborates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, Canva, Zendesk, and others.


  • Find out top influencers in your niche based on the keywords you use.
  • A centralized inbox to manage your social media comments and messages.
  • It has an image library where you can upload and store images and videos to use while scheduling.

Aly L.

No logging in and out of accounts or different managers as well as can post and schedule to all the social channels needed. Monitoring accounts and interacting is also easier.


  • They have a cluttered user-interface that gives a bad user experience.
  • Their unified inbox is a great feature to have but it’s super clumsy and challenging to use.
  • They lack a client management feature.

Angela B.

The price is pretty steep for a small business. The analytics options really are minimal. Quite honestly, it’s not much to go on — the keyword research kind of sucks.



per month

CoSchedule is one of the best social media tools for agencies. to complete work on time and deliver it accordingly. It employs agile methodologies to bring out the best results.

In addition to being the management tool, it is an amazing calendar as well. It perfectly manages the posts, contents, tasks, and events.


  • CoSchedule has this unique feature where you can analyze your headlines.
  • Along with tracking your social media accounts you can also track your team performance.
  • Keep your assets organized with Asset Organizer.

Abigail N.

Most social media marketing and content marketing tools do not come inbuilt with a headline analyzer to help you choose the best headline for your post. With Coschedule this is possible which I love the most.


  • CoSchedule lacks enterprise level features like monitoring and listening. They don’t have a social inbox to help you manage comments, messages in one place.
  • Customer support is not very helpful to fix problems.

Aaron E.

There’s tedium in managing lists. Why can’t items be hidden when they’re completed, for example? Linking projects and tasks together is also very clunky.



per month

MavSocial is a simple social media tool for agencies where one can streamline their social media activities by engaging with the audiences, listening to the newer trends, monitoring the analytics and collaborating with team members, etc.

MavSocial supports platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business, and WeChat.


  • With MavSocial you can monitor your competitors.
  • Curate content with the content curation feature.
  • This social media tool for agencies has an in-built centralized asset management system.

Clint M

It has a very intuitive design, you can easily navigate between the different menu options and access the configuration options of campaigns and elements.


  • MavSocial doesn’t support Pinterest scheduling. So if you are looking to grow your Pinterest profile, you’ll have to subscribe to an additional tool.
  • Though they have an asset management system – they still do not support Google Drive for easier access.

Julie Anne G

My only suggestion to improve MavSocial would be the ability to link with Google Drive to easily upload photos, images, etc., as this is where we currently store all our content.



per month

Sendible is another excellent social media tool for agencies that will assist you in managing and automating your social media networks.

Sendible allows you to schedule individual campaigns on various social media accounts and allows you to control how your campaigns are delivered directly from your dashboard.

The best feature is creating content and scheduling it prior to a week, month, or more. You may also customize your post for other social media sites.


  • It helps you manage multiple social media accounts by managing workflows.
  • You can also delegate tasks and measure your ROI.

Luke F

The three things that I like the best about Sendible are the content calendar and its functionality, analytics and customizability with great data charts, and the monitoring aspect.


  • Users report frequent glitches and reconnection issues.
  • Navigating through the dashboard is overwhelming.

Verified User

Sometimes the integrations don’t work 100%. Instagram often doesn’t pull featured images even when fetched. Hashtags sometimes run together after they’re added to various services. The mobile app seems to have a lot of bugs and the Services concept takes a little bit to get used to.

Wrapping Up

The sheer amount of options of social media tools for agencies can sometimes overwhelm you. It is highly dependent on varied use cases and needs. However, considering crucial goals and pricing factors in mind, the best bet among these so far is SocialPilot.

Manage multiple accounts of different clients in more than 8 social media channels hassle-free. You even get to enjoy white-labeled reports having detailed performance analytics. Give it a shot with a free 14-day trial for super easy and efficient social media management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are social media tools?

The tools that help you manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard with different sets of features are social media tools.

What should an ideal social media tool for agencies look like?

A social media tool that has features like the following would be an ideal social media tool for agencies:

  • Advanced scheduling and publishing
  • Monitoring
  • Listening
  • Deep analysis and reporting
  • Ads
  • Team and client management

What are the best social media tools for agencies?

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Buffer
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Social Bee
  5. Post Planner
  6. eClincher
  7. CoSchedule
  8. MavSocial
  9. Sendible

What are the four main types of social media tools?

The four types of social media tools are as follows:

What is the best social media scheduling tool?

The best social media scheduling tool for agencies is SocialPilot. You can curate, create, schedule, and even get reports on your social media performance with this tool. The pricing is also affordable for the features it offers.

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