8 Extraordinary Twitter Automation Tools That Save You Time And Effort

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Social media marketers have a lot on their plate to do each day. It is a misconception that their work largely comprises writing copy and putting it up on social media platforms. From understanding the target audience to identifying the kind of content they engage with to analyzing how their content is performing to optimizing copy - there is a lot of ‘behind-the-scenes’ work that goes into creating a winning social media strategy. Thankfully, there are tools that can automate a lot of work that goes into social media management.

If, say, you have to increase your Twitter engagement, you could use a Twitter tool to schedule multiple posts in one go, customize content in formats that look cool and win more engagement for this particular platform, and even analyze content performance.

Other than these basic functionalities, the best of automation tools also allow you to do some intelligent work like curating top performing content and re-scheduling/resharing such posts. Twitter automation tools, for example, there is a lot of content that’s being created. Bloggers publish ten, twenty, and sometimes even thirty tweets a day. Even though their content might be related to your business you can’t just blindly re-tweet or re-share it. However, manual curation is extremely time consuming, and that’s where you’ll need an automation tool.

So, let’s quickly dive into reading about eight such tools that you can use for Twitter automation.

8 Twitter Automation Tools For Social Media Marketers in 2021

Why SocialPilot?

  • Advanced scheduling and publishing
  • Engage your followers with GIFs, images and videos
  • Ability to mention other people
  • Content curation
  • Analytics and downloadable reports
  • Connect 25 accounts at just $30/month
  • 24x7 support

Let’s take these up one by one.

1. SocialPilot

$50 for 3+ Users


SocialPilot is an easy-to-use, multi-purpose social media management tool. So, whether you want to run basic Facebook campaigns or elaborate ones for Instagram you can get started with your work in no time with this no-fuss tool. For Twitter marketing too, SocialPilot offers some really interesting capabilities.

For example, if you wish to plan and create content right now but don’t want to publish all your tweets immediately, you can use the ‘queue your posts’ feature. Based on the time that you’ve selected and set on the dashboard these posts will automatically be posted on the Twitter accounts that you are managing.

This Twitter automation tool allows you to create custom posts for Twitter so that you can make the best of the character limit that Twitter has set. Using SocialPilot you can also attach GIFs, videos, and multiple images to your copy to fetch more engagement.

The platform also helps you discover and share the most trending content on Twitter, taking in consideration the target audience. So, if you are using SocialPilot for a fashion blog’s Twitter account, this automation tool will come up with curated lists of the most recent and trending content that you can share with your Twitter followers.

Another awesome capability that SocialPilot provides is their Social Inbox. From the Inbox you can discover conversations happening about you on Facebook and if you have got any ‘Mentions’. Get involved in discussions, converse with people that matter, and drive positive brand building in real-time, using this powerful feature that SocialPilot offers. Similarly, you can also use the tool for understanding your follower growth trend, identify the best time for tweeting posts and then scheduling them accordingly, etc.

When it comes to Twitter analytics, SocialPilot is a tool that digs deep into numbers. Other than being able to identify overall trends about engagement, audience reach, etc. you can also find out in detail about the performance of each tweet. Using this tool you can identify most retweeted tweets and more favorited Tweets. You can also breakdown your analysis to see the number of posts you’ve posted on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis.

What people say about SocialPilot


SocialPilot is amazing! What is really brilliant about this software is that it can generate fresh content for me to post to my social media pages, as if I was the one that came up with it! I love how SocialPilot does most of the work for me!

Verified SocialPilot User

What I like most about SocialPilot software is that it saves me time! This software is smart and easy to use. It is designed in such a fantastic way that anybody can learn to use it. It is so easy to schedule posts to my various social media platforms ahead of time I just love the efficiency of SocialPilot!

SocialPilot Free Trial

2. Buffer

$99 for 3 Users

Twitter automation tools - Buffer

No one wants to start every day at their job with having to post twenty posts on Twitter. That will end up eating at least an hour or two. Isn’t it better if you could just schedule all your created posts for the next three day in advance?

This is where Buffer comes in handy. All you need to do is login and start scheduling your created content. Buffer will send out your tweets at that exact set time.

Buffer as a Twitter automation tool in known for its easy of use and their well-built community. Overall, Buffer makes an easy to use tool with a cool and user-friendly interface. It also provides a basic free plan that will make Buffer as one of best free Twitter tools for you to use.

Pros of using Buffer

  1. Extremely intuitive platform that you can start using without having to refer to any guide or FAQs.
  2. Allows you to customize posts as per Twitter’s guidelines, or for that matter suited for any platform that you are posting on.
  3. You can take a look at all the posts you’ve scheduled on Buffer, in a glance. And, you also have the choice of reviewing posts before they get published.

Amber C.

Buffer makes it easy to schedule out your social media posts ahead of time and you can also manage multiple different accounts from one place. At our marketing company, it's also easy for clients to understand and use on their own time whether they're on their phone or computer.

Cons of using Buffer

  1. You can’t discover and curate best performing content on Twitter, which means you’ll have to manually find out trending and most shared posts to retweet them.
  2. For 25 social media accounts you can post only about 2000 posts. Using the free version allows you to post only 10 posts in one go. It’s also not very budget friendly.

Darien C.

Quickly discovered that the platform could not suit my needs because of one insurmountable obstacle - price. There are alternatives (be it, with less features) out there that offer a lower overhead cost. With products such as "Reply", "Publish" and "Analyze" featuring little to no immediately accessible descriptions, and each one carrying a different pricing structure & subscription requirement. Lastly, one feature I've found missing on Buffer is the ability to draft a single post that can be queued in multiple social media channels, and customized for each channel.

3. Coschedule

$30 for 1 user

Twitter automation tools - Coschedule

As the name suggests, CoSchedule is a social media planning and scheduling tool. It is a great tool for bloggers who want to automate social media posting for the blog posts. CoSchedule integrates with blogging tools like Wordpress and Hubspot, making it simpler and less time consuming to organize and publish your blogs right from your Coschedule account.

Using CoSchedule as your Twitter automation tool, you can also choose to queue the blog posts or other tweets that you want to use for marketing, as per a pre decided schedule. Queue tweets to automatically post well into the future. Once you have created a schedule for posting on your CoSchedule dashboard you can revisit it and look for gaps if any, in your calendar.

Pros of using CoSchedule

  1. Using ReQueue, a feature that CoSchedule comes with, you can reschedule your top-performing posts. This way you don’t have to end up creating fresh content for Twitter all the time. Also, in case you miss out on posting as per the schedule, CoSchedule picks the top-performing posts from Twitter and queues them up in your schedule for that time slot.
  2. CoSchedule has this Kanban Project dashboard, where you can see everything your team is working upon and progress each stage. You can apply custom statuses to workflows based on the way your team works.

Verified CoSchedule User

I like being able to see what my team is up to, the different views I can use, and the ability to organize all my tasks effortlessly. If you want your dashboard to look like Trello, you can do that. If you just need a to do list.

Cons of using CoSchedule

  1. It isn’t pocket friendly at all. For the price you subscribe for CoSchedule you only get basic features. There aren’t any enterprise-level features like social listening and social media monitoring.
  2. Some of the features that might look intelligent in the first glance aren’t that useful when you dig deeper. For example, when you start using ReQueue you get to know that one post can be queued only twice.

Kinga Odziemek

a) The panel is overwhelming -- a better onboarding would help.

b) Find the pricing quite high.

4. SocialOmmph


Twitter automation tools - SocialOmmph

One of the smartest tools to have in your social media marketing arsenal, SocialOmmph comes with a variety of interesting Twitter automation features. For example, it allows you to DM your new followers. It also automatically follows people who have just followed you, and unfollows those who’ve unfollowed your account. These capabilities help you develop an audience base that’s really actually interested in your Twitter content.

This Twitter automation tool also allows you to automate your post scheduling and add RSS feed to your tweets. Another important feature that businesses can make use of is the Email Reply Digest. Enabling this feature means that every day you will be sent an email with all the mentions about your brand, company, or service that have been made on Twitter.

Pros of using Social Ommph

  1. They always update their features in accordance with Twitter policies. This way, you are always operating in compliance when it comes to Twitter automation.
  2. They offer both free features and paid. You can use all the free features and selectively pick whichever premium ones you really need.

John T.

Socialoomph lets you automatically generate content streams from RSS feeds. Socialoomph does it better by letting you define keywords that limit what you publish to only the topics or ideas you want. Customer support is prompt and excellent.

Cons of using SocialOmmph

  1. The interface needs a lot of improvement. It is text-based!
  2. Sending automated direct messages on Twitter is something you would have to pay for, which isn’t the best deal.

Mindy I.

There have been times when a post didn't go out. It is kind of buggy at times.

5. Dlvr.It

Twitter automation tools - Dlvr.It

Social media tools like Dlvr.It have quickly become popular because they make content planning extremely simple. Using Dlvr.It as your Twitter automation tool you can find great content that can be shared in a matter of seconds.

Apart from its fantastic automation capability, Dlvr.It also has a very powerful scheduling capability. You can schedule more than 100 posts to the queue at once. Additionally, the tool automatically re-queues your best performing content.

Pros of using Dlvr.it

  1. The automatic sharing of RSS to Twitter and Twitter to RSS is really helpful.
  2. For the capabilities that it provides Dlvr.It is quite pocket-friendly.

Gabriel D.

You just specify the rss-feeds, connect social accounts and set the interval. and the service does everything according to the schedule for you. Quite convenient and saves time.

Cons of using Dlvr

  1. The interface is clunky. It kills the utility of the tool.
  2. Doesn’t allow you to reshuffle your scheduled posts.
  3. Analytics are missing. Once you’ve kickstarted posting on Twitter you’ll feel the need to see how your content is performing.

Vince McConville

The interface was glitchy at times especially around creating categories and timings for bulk post scheduling.

6. StatusBrew


Twitter automation tools - StatusBrew

Sending the right message at just the right time is the key to keeping your followers happy. That’s why if you plan on automating your direct messages for a platform like Twitter go for something that personalizes your communication. StatusBrew can be a killer choice if you are looking for a Twitter automation tool.

This brilliant social media tool comes with features like social media automated publishing, brand tracking, customer engagement, and reporting.

Pros of using StatusBrew

  1. You can track all the conversations around your brand that are happening on Twitter, and on other social media platforms. It is also possible to build advanced queries and dig deeper into specific conversations using StatusBrew’s social listening feature.
  2. The tool integrates easily with other platforms like Slack, Google Drives, Zendesk, etc. so that you can do more with your content and marketing.

Peter B.

This product has a simple and generally intuitive interface. It also offers social media automation and integrations to work effectively. Apart from this, Statusbrew is the best social customer service software.

Cons of using StatusBrew

  1. Their mobile app is a bit difficult to understand and navigate for a new user. You need to get in touch with their support team to get you started with it.
  2. You can’t check/review the feed or post before it gets posted.

Verified StatusBrew User

I think the cost of Statusbrew is a bit high. But if I go through the features.

7. Audiense


Twitter automation tools - Audiense

If you are doing enterprise level social media marketing Audiense can prove to be a great analytics tool. That said, it is so easy to use that even individuals and solopreneurs can use it. The tool offers some amazing features for Twitter marketing. For example, using this Twitter automation tool you can easily find those influencers who you are connected to on Twitter.

Another smart capability of the tool is that you can identify the best time to tweet by looking at metrics like CTR during different times when your previous posts have been published on Twitter. You can also automate direct messaging using Audiense.

There is another unique capability that Audiense offers as a Twitter automation tool is conversation trees, a feature that gives you a clear idea about your customer interactions allowing you to review if you need to optimize and customize them.

Pros of using Audiense

  1. Audiense is a certified Twitter product, which means it can really take your Twitter marketing to the next level while ensuring that you operate within the compliance standards of Twitter.
  2. In just a few clicks, and in no time, you can create a custom chatbot for Twitter. The chatbot can automate and manage subscribers with opt-ins, for you.

Gadi B.

The ability to filter my twitter following by keyword within the bio and by geography, create a list based on that filter, and then create a column or stream from that list to see what conversations and links are most prevalent among specific subsets of my community. I also really like their ability to create audiences and perform Direct Message Campaigns.

Cons of using Audiense

  1. The tool has some very good capabilities but it is extremely pricey as compared to some other popular ones. The free version of the tool has very limited functionalities.
  2. The interface could be better. Some of their features are ‘hidden’ or difficult to find.
  3. It is more an analytics tool so you would still have to use a Twitter posting tool to schedule and plan your tweets.

Billy M.

It can be a little slow gathering information for reports - I often want the data immediately. Sometimes the advanced search syntax doesn't work as advertised and I need to run the same search a few different times to get the results that I am looking for.

8. Hootsuite


Twitter automation tools - Hootsuite

Everyone is familiar with Hootsuite. It’s a popular name that’s hard to miss when looking up social media management tools. With a user base of over 15 million people worldwide, HootSuite is quite ahead in the game with a focused audience of enterprise customers. It has some very interesting features like Hootlet that can be used to bookmark content that you like and share it as and when you like with your social media followers.

As a Twitter automation tool, Hootsuite is a good choice. It comes with capabilities like social listening, team collaboration and management, easy and speedy sharing of content using scheduling, and social media performance insights.

Pros of using Hootsuite

  1. You can track trending topics on Twitter by using Hootsuite’s Geosearch feature. This enables you to interact more meaningfully with your audience by personalizing your messaging for their location, say, for different segments in different time-zones.
  2. The tool integrates with over 20 other social media platforms making your marketing game really strong and streamlined.

James C.

Hootsuite is one of the best options that can be found to constantly organize and maintain updated social networks. It has advanced features to analyze what are the topics in trends that allow you to keep updated the content that is shared on social networks.

Cons of using Hootsuite

  1. Can be extremely pricey. With each additional service that you wish to avail you have to pay extra, top up charges. Even the most basic feature like custom URL shortener comes at an additional cost.
  2. You have to move to and fro between different platforms when using HootSuite. For example, you can’t schedule stories right from within HootSuite. For that you’ll have to toggle between HootSuite and Instagram.
  3. It's very hard to get responses from their customer support.

Zachariah K.

The platform does have errors, or sometimes can be buggy. The site can also lag at points or be quite slow at points.Its analysis of negative and positive feedback in its analytics is not always accurate, which skews results for reports at times and is super expensive.

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You have a range of Twitter tools to pick from. Ideally, you should shortlist tools that provide you all capabilities that enable you to run end-to-end campaigns on Twitter. Most Twitter automation tools might look budget friendly and thus tempt you to invest in them. However, later you might have to shell out more money to avail top up features. That’s why, shortlist those tools that provide nearly all capabilities that you need now and some that might require later. You needn’t pick the most advanced tool also. Something that *meaningfully* and *intelligently* automates social media marketing should be a good tool. Alongside, it should not burn a hole in your pocket also. Socialpilot fits the bill. Try it out for free and see for yourself!

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