How to Repost a Reel on Instagram (+ Algorithm-Aligned Reposting Tips)

How to Repost a Reel on Instagram (+ Algorithm-Aligned Reposting Tips)

Do you know how to repost a Reel on Instagram? More importantly, is reposting them still relevant? Discover the steps to repost your own or others’ Reels and learn about recent algorithm changes to enhance your reposting efforts.

How to Repost a Reel on Instagram

We all know how great Instagram Reels are at boosting engagement and reach. 2.35 billion people interact with Instagram Reels monthly.

However, making Reels consistently from scratch is a time-consuming and challenging task.

The good news is, though, that you can always repost Instagram Reels to keep your Instagram presence active. Do you know how to repost Instagram reels?

Well, you can either repost your own top-performing reels on Instagram Reels or capitalize on someone else’s reels by posting them on your profile. Reposting is an effective way to keep your Instagram presence fresh without the effort of making a new Reel.

In this blog, we will discuss ways to effectively repost your Instagram and explore powerful tips to enhance your reposting.

Adapting to Instagram’s Reposting Algorithm Changes

Instagram has overhauled its content recommendation algorithm to give smaller and original creators more distribution on explore, reels, and in-feed tabs. This directly impacts the Instagram reposting strategy.

The new algorithm prioritizes original content, reducing the visibility of reposted material in recommendations. Does this mean that you should stop reading this blog and drop your reposting plans?

Well, not exactly. Instagram is making these changes to discourage content aggregators who repeatedly post content from other Instagram users without adding their creativity.

On the brighter side, Instagram said, “We won’t replace content if it has been changed in a significant way, for instance, if it’s materially edited to become a meme, a parody compilation, narrated with a new voiceover or remixed to express a reaction.”

So, as you embark on your journey, make sure that you:

  • Repost with value: Add significant value to reposted content by turning them into parodies, voiceovers, or remixes.
  • Avoid over-reposting: Limit reposting content from other users to avoid being classified as a content aggregator.

If the algorithm’s changes have left you feeling disheartened and you’re hesitant to try reposting, allow us to highlight its advantages to make up your mind.

Why Should You Repost Instagram Reels?

Reposting Instagram reels is a great way to keep a constant influx of content on your Instagram profile. But that’s not it; it has more benefits. Let’s break down the reasons for reposting Instagram reels one by one.

For Varied Content Mix

While you may not have the time to create state-of-the-art Reels consistently, you can always repost the best-quality Reels from creators in your niche. Reposted reels not only keep your profile full but also give it a fresh look.

Creators in your niche understand what your audience wants and create content that resonates with them while adding their unique flavor to it. Surely, you are creating amazing Instagram Reels, but there’s no harm in showing the best of both worlds.

Showcase User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) holds a lot of value in today’s digital age. It acts as great social proof by showcasing your brand’s credibility and helping you build trust amongst your potential audience.

You should encourage user-generated content, and when you get an audience creating Instagram reels on their profiles discussing your brand or product, you must repost them. When you repost Reels from your customers or fans, it sends the message that you care about their contributions and helps foster a more personal connection.

Foster Long-term Partnerships

Good relationships with industry experts, influencers, and complementary brands are a byproduct of reposting Instagram Reels. They lead to long-term partnerships in which both sides get a piece of the engagement cake.

When you repost someone’s Reels, and they repost yours, both of you get exposure to each other’s audiences. Who knows where this relationship can head—joint campaigns, teaming up for brand partnerships, and many other cool opportunities.

To Become a Source of Knowledge

Reposting is not a one-off thing. We are going to talk later in the blog about how you can subtly fit it into your content strategy to make it consistent. Because when you do, it builds your credibility as a source of knowledge over time. You become a go-to source for knowledge in your niche or industry.

Can you Repost a Reel on Instagram?

Yes, you can repost a reel on Instagram. However, the process isn’t as straightforward as simply hitting a repost button within the Instagram app.

The steps of reposting depend on what kind of Reel you want to repost.

Reposting your own Instagram Reel is fairly easy, as it can be done using the native Instagram app. However, you will need a third-party app to repost someone else’s Reel because the app does not have a built-in reposting option.

Let’s break down the step-by-step process for both Instagram Reel reposting scenarios so you can start leveraging the power of reel reposting.

But before that, keep this very important thing in mind:

Note: Always tag the original creator of the Reel you are reposting

How to Repost a Reel on Instagram?

Using a third-party Instagram reposting app enables you to repost Instagram Reels of a different account on your feed. The published reels will have the username of the original creator appearing in the corner of the video.

Let’s break down the steps one by one.

Step 1: Download an Instagram Reposting App

Instagram’s native app doesn’t have the option to repost someone else’s posted reels on your feed. So, you will need to download a third-party app that allows you to repost Reels on Instagram.

You will get plenty of third-party apps on your smartphone’s app stores. Choose the ones that have the best reviews and ratings. Here’s the list of some of the Instagram reposting apps:

  • Repost for IG (iOS and Android)
  • Repost for Instagram – JaredCo (Android)
  • Repost for Video, Story, Photo (iOS)

We will download the “Repost for IG” application to demonstrate the process of reposting Instagram reels. However, you can download any app that you like since the process of reposting is almost the same in each of them.

Step 2: Copy the Reel URL

After downloading the reposting app, go to the Instagram Reel you want to repost. Click on the airplane icon to reveal the option to “Copy Link.” Tap the button, and the link to the Reel will be copied to your clipboard.

copying Instagram reels link to repost

Step 3: Paste the Reel URL

Now, open the reposting app you downloaded earlier. In most of the reposting applications, including the “Repost for IG,” you don’t need to paste the URL manually. Simply open the app, and it will auto-detect and process the link from the Clipboard and load the Reel.

Step 4: Make Edits

Once your Reel is uploaded, you can add a caption and decide where in the video, in which corner, and on which background color (either black or white) the attribution label should appear.

Some reposting apps allow you to bring in the original caption and edit it immediately, while others redirect you to the native app to change the captions at the time of sharing.

reposting app interface

Always tag and credit the original creators in the first line, regardless of when you add the caption. Once everything is finished, you can repost the Instagram reel to either your story or feed or share it with someone directly.

How to Download Someone Else’s Reel and Repost it as Your Own?

When you say downloading and reposting someone else’s reels as your own, it means not giving the attribution to the original creator and posting the Reels as you have created it.

Almost every reposting app enables you to remove the attribution tag. But using this kind of strategy is a big NO!

We encourage you to post only the reels you have created this way and always give proper credit when posting other people’s reels. However, when you schedule the reposting of reels on multiple accounts at different time intervals, you will need to download the reel.

Let’s learn how to download someone else’s Reel and Schedule it’s reposting.

Step 1: Download the Reel

Instagram’s native app lets you download Reels from any account unless the creator has turned off the downloading. You can simply click on the airplane icon and download the Reel easily.

how to download instagram reels

If downloading is off, you can download the videos from third-party websites or applications. Here are a few options:

But then again, if the creator has turned off the downloading, then they might not want their created Reel to be downloaded. So, always obtain permission before sharing the Reel on your own profile.

Step 2: Schedule the Reel

You can easily schedule your Instagram Reels with Instagram’s native scheduler. You will find this functionality inside the app. Simply upload the Reel, select the time and date, and schedule away.

schedule your Instagram Reels

However, when you are managing multiple accounts and want to plan out and execute Reels reposting along with original posts for all of them across months, then using a scheduler is the most obvious way.

SocialPilot Instagram scheduler

With SocialPilot’s Instagram scheduler, it’s super-easy to schedule Instagram Reels, Stories, posts, and all your content on different social media platforms.

How to Repost Your Own Reel on the Instagram App?

Let’s move on from the topic of reposting someone else’s Reel to reposting your own Reel. The process is very simple; you just need to have the original video file saved on your device, and you can post it like you usually post any Reel.

However, people feel a little hesitant about sharing the same content on their feed again. Let us tell you that it makes complete sense to repost your own Reel at regular intervals.

Vanessa Lau, who is a social media expert, does this often and has seen some good results.

Reposting your own Instagram Reel can be a great way to revitalize past content and show it to new followers and audiences who might have missed it the first time.

Do you forget to repost your high-performing Reels at regular intervals? It’s time to automate your reposting schedule.

Use SocialPilot’s repeat post-scheduling feature to schedule your Instagram Reels and other content formats at regular intervals from the get-go. Choose the number ovf times you want to repeat the posting of the Reel and the time period over which you want the reposts to occur. Effortlessly schedule your months of reposting plans in a single click!

SocialPilot repeat post

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How Do You Repost a Reel on Instagram Story?

Reposting your or someone else’s Reels on Instagram stories is a cakewalk. You get a straight-up option to repost reels on stories inside Instagram. It’s just a matter of clicking a few buttons. Let’s break down the process:

Step 1: Tap on the Share Button

Whether the Reel you want to repost on the story is yours or someone else’s, the process is the same. Open the Reel you want to repost and tap on the paper plane icon. This will open up the option of “Add to Story.” Tap on it.

Tap on the Share Button

Step 2: Edit and Share Your Story

You will land in the story editor. This is where you can repost the Reel as a story right away or make it more appealing by adding emojis, stickers, polls, or links.

If you repost someone’s reel, they will get a notification that you have mentioned them, whether you tag them or not. Still, it’s common ethics to properly tag the original creator of the content more visibly using the Mention sticker.

When you tag them, they are more likely to repost your story on their story, giving you more exposure and visibility.

Edit and Share Your Story

How to Repost a full Instagram reel on your stories?

Reels reposted on a story get cut off after the initial 15 seconds. This is a real bummer for people who want to show the whole Reel in one go.

So, is there a way to repost a full Instagram reel of your stories?

Well, Instagram Reels are 90 seconds long, whereas Instagram Stories are only 60 seconds long. So, obviously, you can’t fit in a full-length Reel in a single-story view anyway.

But if you want to show at least the 60-second part of the Reel you reposted, there is a workaround—you will need to download and repost the Reel.

Use any Instagram Reels downloader app and website (mentioned above) to download the Reels with their audio and then repost them as an original story. Again, remember to credit the original creator using the Mention sticker. Better yet, add a Link sticker carrying the link to the original reel.

3 Tips to Effectively Repost Instagram Reels

With the new Instagram algorithm in play, plainly reposting someone’s Reels is not going to help you in any way. Here are some tips to make the most out of your reposting plans.

1. Remix to Add Your Commentary

You can add your commentary to the Reel you are reposting and give it an original touch by making an Instagram Reel “Remix.” The Remix feature enables you to infuse your own perspective into the Reel by adding video overlay, voiceover, or text.

Remix to Add Your Commentary

This feature is popular for dance collaboration and challenges, but you can also use it while reposting to build upon existing content by sharing your insights relevant to the audience.

2. Create a Curated Series

Do you want to include Reels reposting regularly in your Instagram content plan? Start reposting Reels on a specific day and make a theme out of it.

For instance, if you sell fitness equipment, you could start reposting fitness-related reels on Friday and naming the series “Fitness Friday.”

It will add a layer of intentionality to your efforts and help you stand as a curator in your niche. Your audience will know what to expect on specific days and may look forward to those posts, helping you build a regular viewing habit among your audience.

3. Utilize Interactive Stickers

Don’t just simply repost a Reel on the story. Take it one step further and try to engage your audience using Instagram’s interactive features.

You can add Polls, Quizzes, and Question stickers to the story to engage with your viewers. This will add a more immersive experience audience for your audience and encourage them to participate.

Wrapping Up!

So, there you go!

Reposting Instagram Reels is a great way to keep your audience hooked to your account without consistently creating content.

We are not saying you should not make original Reels. With the new algorithm in the play, creating new reels is something you should focus more on. However, to maintain an active and engaging Instagram profile, you must create a mix of your own content and the creative work of others.

Remember, while reposting your own reels or those from other creators, the key to success lies in adding your unique touch and always giving credit where it’s due.

As you move ahead, keep the tools and tips we have mentioned in this blog to make your reposting journey a breeze. Happy reposting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I repost a full reel on Instagram story?

Instagram Stories are originally up to 60 seconds long, but the limit for displaying a Reel on a Story is 15 seconds. That’s why you can’t repost a full Reel on an Instagram story.

Is it legal to repost Instagram reels?

Reposting someone else's Reel without permission from the original creator is a violation of copyright laws and Instagram's terms. Therefore, always ensure you obtain permission from the creator before reposting their Reel on your account.

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