9 Best Tips That Could Affect Your Social Media Marketing

9 Best Tips That Could Affect Your Social Media Marketing


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A fierce competition and the need to improve every day – this is the reality faced by digital media marketing.

Regardless of the online platform you use to promote a business, making a brand recognizable among customers is nothing but easy. For example, increasing the number of page likes, customer engagement, followers, etc., does not happen overnight.

That’s why

Every marketer has a comprehensive to-do list that contains a wide range of tasks that need to be completed. For example, HubSpot describes ten most important things that digital media marketers get done every day.

They include:

  • Creating Content
  • Social Listening
  • Addressing a Target Audience
  • Setting Goals
  • Studying the Competition
  • Nurturing Leads
  • Segmenting
  • Testing
  • Measuring & Analyzing
  • Innovating

That list certainly seems like a lot, right?

Now, just imagine how many of those little sub tasks are there as well.

Often, we call these little tasks quick wins. They are incredible because they can be done within minutes. In essence, quick wins are fast fixes or experiments that provide almost immediate benefits.

For marketers, quick wins are a useful thing and they should be included in the to-do list every day. In digital media, there are many things you can tweak with them, so let’s see how you can make your working day more efficient.

1. Power of Email Marketing with Call-to-Action

As a marketer, you send a lot of emails, so it’s safe to assume that you have included a signature there. Perhaps, you have your name and your position there like this:

Power of Email

That’s pretty common.

However, you can improve the effectiveness of your networking effort by adding links to your social media profiles like this:

Add your social media profile links

Now, the person seeing your email will have the opportunity to connect with you or just review your profile and see what you do.

Adding an email signature is very easy.

For example, if you’re using Gmail, choose Settings and scroll down until you see the signature editor (it’s about three quarters of the way down). Edit it and save the chances by clicking Save Changes button.

2. Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

Perhaps the most important metric that shows how well you perform on YouTube is the number of the people subscribed to your channel. If a channel has a lot of subscribers, it means that it performs very well, and the videos are engaging.

Some marketers just post a link to a YouTube channel they promote and hope that the viewers will click “Subscribe” when they find it. We, on the other hand, are going to take a smarter approach with the automatic subscription link.

To include it, use the following steps:

  • For example, let’s suppose that this is your YouTube channel


  • Add the following string to it


So it becomes


Now, you’ve added a subscribe box popup that the visitors will find when they visit your channel. See how this box is used by Tubular Insights.

Add Sunscribe box popup

3. Be Smart about Scheduling

Every self-respecting digital media marketer knows that the time, when a social media post is promoted, is critical for achieving the highest possible engagement. The quantity of posts also matters because no one likes a spammer.

For example, many studies were completed to define the best time to post on social media. Fast Company, for example, recommends a specific strategy based on these studies.

This data can serve you well in this quick win: posting at the right time, at the right day. Let’s suppose you’re running a B2C company’s page on Twitter. Here are the tips for you, according to Fast Company:

  • The best day to post: Mondays – Thursdays
  • The best time to post: weekend posts typically perform better than workday posts by 17 percent;
  • The best workday time to post: 12 pm, 3 pm, 5pm, and 6pm.
  • Twitter users are 181 percent more likely to be online during the commute

But the above-mentioned recommendations may or may not be valid for you. Thus it is important to find the best time to tweet that works for you. One simple way you can do that is by experimenting with the multiple time slots.

Over here, Twitter management tools can help you schedule for the pre-defined timing, and by using the in-built twitter analytics feature, you can analyze the time when you have received the maximum engagement.

4. Reward those who Reshare Your Content

People love when their content gets shared.

For example, professional essay writers appreciate when educational content they produce is appreciated by other people. Sharing greatly increases the reach and improves the chances of being found on Google, so you can use it to your advantage. For example, if someone shared your content on social media, you can use this opportunity to return the favor or follow them.

By doing so, you connect with more people who display interest in your content. Given that growing your social media audience is one of your primary goals, you can use this tip to expand the reach of your content.

5. Share the Most Engaging Content

Knowing what content performs the best on social media is critical for achieving success with a content marketing strategy. You can use some free social media scheduling tools to help you with this.

Getting some information about relevant topics is not difficult at all.

Take advantage of SocialPilot’s RSS feed automation.

Let’s suppose you work for a company dedicated to the fashion and apparels industry. You can get the RSS link of a famous online fashion magazine blog . You can set the interval for the tool to check that website. New pieces of content will be directly published on your social media handles from that website!

As the result, you can get niche-relecvant content posted regularly, boosting your content strategy.

6. Hashtag Marketing on Twitter

Twitter hashtags are great things that allow your content to be found by more people. We all know that it’s possible to look for content by using keywords and following hashtags. By clicking on it within a post, they find other posts with the same hashtags.

That’s why so many brands engage in hashtag marketing.

Anyway, you have to use hashtags in order for your posts to be present in the search results. Their effectiveness has been proven many times; for example, here’s what leading social media scientist Dan Zarella discovered about the effect of hashtags on retweeting in his Science of Retweets Report.

Effect of hashtags in Tetweet

7. Automate Email Marketing

Undoubtedly, email marketing is one of the most effective methods for getting more sales and generating engagement with content. The secret of this success is a high level of email personalization; for example, the content of an email sent to a lead is created using their own preferences and behavior on the site.

For example, if the visitor visited a page with a product several times but did not make a purchase, a business should send an email notifying them about a discount on that particular product. Or, the business can inform the customer about upcoming sales and other perks.

An email from an online healthy nutrition store Holland & Barrett is an example of great email marketing.

Example of Great Email marketing

Emails like this one should be sent to the customers automatically to keep them posted on the latest products, discounts, and educational content.

To automate the process and ensure that all of your customers receive personalized emails, you should use special software. The most popular choices right now include MailChimp and HubSpot. Additionally, there are a lot of MailChimp alternatives out there for your email marketing and marketing automation need.

8. Insert Links in Social Media Posts

If you’re a marketer, chances are you’re using a landing page on your site. It is a great tool for converting more people into leads; they are really worth adding to your social media marketing mix.

Inserting the link to your landing page into social media posts with an encouraging message to visit it makes a perfect sense.


If you want to explore some effective pages, you can visit a service like Unbounce and check out their templates.

9. Eliminate Website Errors

Google and other search engines strive to provide Internet users with the best possible experience. They do so by prioritizing websites that have great overall user experience and downgrade those with errors.

The examples of typical website errors that may reduce the rank of a website include:

  • 503: unavailable
  • 500: server error
  • 404: not found

Clearly, they are bad for business.

But they can be easily eliminated. For example, you can use Screaming Frog, Broken Link Checker, or Dead Link Checker tools to scan your website and identify possible errors. Also, your web developers can solve it by implementing a 301 redirect to a relevant page.

Wrapping Up

Although no one can really guarantee success in digital media marketing, it’s your perseverance that counts. Hopefully, these small quick wins will help you to achieve some big results!

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