8 Fantastic Instagram Automation Tools You Must Know

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Instagram is the go-to social media tool for people these days. With an audience of more than 1 billion users every month and 200 million of them visiting at least one business profile daily, your business needs to maintain its presence on this fast-growing social media tool.

In fact, did you know that one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses.

But let’s accept one fact- Instagram is time-consuming, especially when you need to create engaging content daily for your target audience and find ways to grow your account.

Add to the list liking and commenting on posts, designing engaging stories, following people and you’d likely want to pack your bags and run away to a peaceful island.

But worry not, Instagram automation tools are here to your rescue!

Instagram Automation Tools for your Business

Why SocialPilot?

  • Connect 25 accounts at $30/month
  • Directlly publish via Zapier integration
  • Design instantly with Canva integration
  • Schedule multiple images, GIFs & videos
  • In-depth analytics & reporting

1. SocialPilot


Instagram automation tool - SocialPilot

If you are looking for a tool that makes managing not only your Instagram accounts but all other social media accounts easy, SocialPilot is your best bet as an Instagram automation tool. P.S. It is quite cost-effective too!

It helps you connect and manage over 100 profiles, analyze and report, review your social media team’s work in one place. You can discover and curate Instagram-worthy content and upload up to 500 posts with the help of an amazing feature called Bulk scheduling.

The best part is here to come. It caters to all possible social media platforms for your business, be it Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, Tumblr and VK. Instead of juggling and stressing over the information overload of using too many tools, become an expert social media manager with just one powerful social media tool - SocialPilot.

Features of SocialPilot:

  1. Create customized posts for different social media accounts
  2. Analyze and report your social media performance
  3. Organize and visualize your social content with calendar
  4. New content suggestions with the content curation feature
  5. Upload 500 posts with bulk scheduling
  6. Create and schedule visually attractive posts for Instagram
  7. Manage your team with its collaboration features
  8. Leverage the power of social inbox to access all social media conversations in one place
  9. Manage client approval workflows to work seamlessly.
  10. Create best designs with Canva integration right from the SocialPilot account.

Advantages of using SocialPilot:

  1. The integration with Canva will help you make aesthetically pleasing posts for your Instagram profile.
  2. The comprehensive analytics provided by SocialPilot is in depth as the content analyzed by the tool isn’t restricted to just the posts that come from the system but from other sources, pages and accounts as well.

Christopher C.

The benefits are on going, the best part was the ease of onboarding team members and the high level of support we continue to receive from SocialPilot's team. Significant increase across the board in social engagement, increase in followers and conversion from social to our primary destinations.

Tal T

What can you NOT DO with Social Pilot? In all honesty I don't have any clue. The ultimate friendly all in one marketing platform, with features such as: scheduling, adding up to 50 different social accounts, analytics, social calendar and planner, URL shortening, content creation and many many great value tools. I highly recommend any marketer out there to check it out and give it a chance to prove its massive powers.

Walter A.

SocialPilot is literally the only social media scheduling and marketing tool I use. It has a clean and easy to use interface. It's a valuable tool for any business. I've been using its paid subscription for over 2 years and I'm not stopping any time soon.

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2. Ingramer


Instagram automation tool - Ingramer

Ingramer is that Instagram automation tool that allows you to bulk direct messages, auto follow/unfollow people, auto like posts, generate suitable hashtags, schedule posts and leave comments on your target audience’s posts. They make use of targeting filters to find the right people for your content so that you can build a loyal audience and gain more engagement.


  1. You can make use of the user-friendly dashboard that can be downloaded on your computer and can be customized to suit your niche and industry.
  2. It can conduct an analysis of your account for better promotion on Instagram.
  3. The hashtag generator works really well and makes it convenient for the user to find the hashtags needed through a link or a photo.


I've been using Ingramer for one month and am already impressed with the results! HG (Hashtag Generator) is a good way to grow your target audience. This tool speeds up the search.


  1. There are many user reviews that state the follow-like functions do not work properly which is a big disadvantage for someone who is using Ingramer to save time.
  2. Some users got their account banned and the worst part about it is that they couldn’t even unsubscribe the tool and the support staff barely helped them.
  3. If you avail all the services the tool offers, the price increases and to shed that money just for handling your Instagram account would put a strain on resources, especially for small companies.


Used to work the first 3 days but since then paused constantly. After also subscribing to the additional VPN tool (extra cost) in hope to solve the pausing, I then got a warning message from Instagram. So, not worth the money and time.

3. Kicksta


Instagram automation tool - Kicksta

Kicksta offers an Instagram growth tool powered by cutting edge artificial technology that creates meaningful engagement and authentic connections. When you work with this Instagram automation tool, you select either the standard or premium plan and then customize your dashboard to fulfill your account’s specific needs. Within the dashboard you create a list of accounts of competitors, brands and influencers who’s audiences you would like to target. They encourage clients to continue posting high quality content and interested accounts will surely follow.


  1. Unlike other companies, Kicksta doesn’t guarantee a number of followers because the followers you will gain are real, authentic accounts, not bots. Their targeting options on the dashboard ensure the accounts being engaged with are real.
  2. Another pro that separates Kicksta from the rest is 24/7 customer service. Instagram is an integral part of your marketing strategy, so knowing you have live chat and email support to reach out to as well as video courses and FAQ answers to reference is imperative.

Megan McQuade Wadsworth

I have been using Kicksta for about two months. Customer service has been easy to work with, and I am seeing positive momentum on my account!


  1. The results are very slow to come and sometimes there’s no real growth for many users which makes the tool a little less trustworthy.
  2. This Instagram marketing tool is very expensive for the meagre results it provides.


It's a bit early to write a full on review, but it's been a slow start (very slow at the beginning) however I can see daily additions in the 5's to 10's each day. It's not going to deliver hundreds of new followers, so don't expect that.

4. Instazood


Instagram automation tool - Instazood

Instazood is an Instagram automation tool that helps you automatically like, comment, follow, unfollow and also schedule your upcoming posts. To top it all, it also helps you view people’s stories and even direct messages to your target audience. In order to promise customer safety, they make sure to reduce their speed so that Instagram doesn’t mistake those actions as spammy behaviour.


  1. It lets you have full control over your Instagram marketing strategy which means you can customize their features to suit your industry and find the right audience for your content.
  2. While you can download stuff on your laptop, Instazood also has a fully functional website and mobile application that can handle everything.
  3. Its dashboard is quite powerful, comes in different languages and has a lot of customizable features.

Dave C.

Easy to use and I enjoy the features I can access.


  1. According to many user reviews, the application has stopped working effectively after Instagram changed its algorithm.
  2. The customer support isn’t that great. Sometimes, even if they reply quickly, their answers hardly solve users’ problems.
  3. If you avail all the services the tool offers, the price really shoots up which can be a huge disadvantage.


I've been using instazood for awhile, and it has been working great. However, it stopped working all of a sudden and I've submitted multiple tickets with no response over the past month.

5. Upleap


Instagram automation tool - Upleap

This Instagram automation tool, Upleap helps you grow your account organically. For this very reason, they have real people who help in growing your client accounts manually over the phone. They also have several algorithms that require users to narrow their target audience with the help of filters such as location, hashtag and theme.


  1. You can try their service for free with a trial period of three days. The best part is that during this time, you don’t need to share your card details with them.
  2. After you sign up, you are assigned a personalized account manager. This person then oversees your account, assists you with customizing it to your specifications and helps resolve any issues that you face.

Pauline Machnik

The program is amazing! And it really helps to get real nice followers. Moreover the managers are really friendly and answer all your questions.


  1. Some people have claimed that while Upleap has helped them grow their account in the initial few days, that has stopped just after a month or so.
  2. Many users have cited that while they did gain followers, most of those followers were fake and did little to help their engagement.


I’ve been using Upleap for a few months now. I signed up for a year of premium service after a great run with their trial period. About a month into the service I began losing followers and had noted that their service is targeting bot and trashy accounts using mine.

6. Jarvee


Instagram automation tool - Jarvee

Jarvee is a Windows-based Instagram automation tool. It helps you follow, follow-back, repost, like, unfollow, delete posts, conduct hashtag and user research, handle comments and direct messages. They also offer certification in social media marketing.


  1. Apart from Instagram, it also lets you handle other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Youtube.
  2. It lets you manage multiple accounts for your different businesses or clients.


I've been using Jarvee for 1.5 years. It's a great automation tool with a lot of supported social media platforms.


  1. Jarvee has a very steep learning curve and you’d need to watch its training tutorials, otherwise you may face a lot of problems with Instagram automation.
  2. The support staff does not always help solve users’ problems due to which the user may get stuck and not reap any benefits from the tool.

Andy Gunn

I have tried 2 times to use this software and both times it has failed to load correctly. So then you are supposed to play ping pong with their customer support for days. They don't actually try and fix anything they just send you question after question, it's actually the same questions just worded differently.

7. Instavast


Instagram automation tool - Instavast

This Instagram tool automates activities such as commenting, liking and even messaging. Instavast offers a free three-day trial period where you can test the different features before committing to it in the long run. You can make use of different methods to narrow down users and get in touch with your targeted audience.


  1. Their analytics feature and filtering criteria help you improve your growth and have more meaningful conversations.
  2. You do not have to download the tool so there’s no storage issue or the risk of catching a virus.
  3. It has a good image editor which makes it a good option for advertising.

Emma Z.

Great photo editing option before you post pictures and you can upload as many photos and videos as you desire.


  1. Many user reviews say that the tool consumes a lot of data which could be a major disadvantage to small companies.
  2. The web application is lacking in some areas. For example, it doesn’t allow you to do or see things like upload photos, view history, etc.
  3. The customer service isn’t that great and sometimes they take too long to resolve your issue.

Valeria L.

Uploading the videos sometimes takes a while, and advertising takes up a lot of space between the posts of the users that one follows. In addition, it spends a lot of data and takes up a lot of space in the phone's memory.

8. Instamber


Instagram automation tool - Instamber

This Instagram automation tool, Instamber allows you to automate your interaction with the target audience, send bulk direct messages, schedule your upcoming posts and manage comments. You also get exclusive access to a personalized marketing assistance who understands your profile, niche and industry in depth so they can target the right people for you.


  1. This tool is cloud-based so you do not have to worry about downloading anything to your computer and risk getting any viruses.
  2. Instamber offers detailed reports of the progress they are making for their clients so you get to know what’s working and what isn’t.
  3. You can customize their features as you wish which makes the tool turn into something that caters to just your account requirements.

Certified Instamber User

Instamber has a lot of benefits that makes this service really good to use. I had a good experience with this tool.


  1. The support staff is almost non-existent. According to some user reviews, they take weeks to reply back or worse yet, they never reply.
  2. The tool faces many glitches and bugs which make the user experience quite tiresome and unsatisfactory.
  3. It works fine in the initial days but after that, the results just keep dropping down.


Signed up for a week. No one answered my questions through email or online chat. Has no customer service at all. And my account got blocked after the trial.

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Managing a business can be quite time-consuming. From strategizing, providing customer service, handling your clients, taking care of your vendors, there are a multitude of things to do.

That’s why businesses are now trying to garner the power of social media marketing. After all, nothing else provides an audience ranging in billions. The market becomes wide open when it comes to social media.

There’s no surprise then that Instagram marketing has picked up pace now, with so many people using it daily. It becomes more imperative than ever to maintain your presence on this platform.

While there are a lot many Instagram tools you could use, a wise decision would be to pick one that caters to all your social media marketing needs. That’s where SocialPilot comes into the picture. SocialPilot is a cost-effective social media marketing solution that helps you save time by automating many of your tasks so that you’re free to work on other things.

Before time runs out, activate your 14-day trial period and see the benefits for yourself.

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