10 Must-Have Instagram Marketing Tools for Growth in 2021

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Are you looking for Instagram marketing tools that will help you grow your business? Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month, and that number is rising. If you have a target audience you want to reach, you can bet that you can find them on this popular social platform.

Business owners and marketers face plenty of struggles when developing their Instagram marketing strategy. Generating leads, spreading brand awareness, building social proof, and increasing engagement are all factors you should consider if you want to rapidly grow your brand profile.

The Instagram tools on our list will help solve a variety of problems from direct Instagram publishing to analyzing your posts. We’re going to show you products that change the way you engage with your followers, help you learn about the customer personas that visit your profile, make scheduling your Instagram posts easier than ever, and much more.

Instagram Marketing Tools For Your Business

Why SocialPilot?

  • Connect 25 accounts at $30/month
  • Directly publish to your Instagram business accounts
  • Design instantly with Canva integration
  • Schedule multiple images, GIFs & videos
  • In-depth analytics & reporting

Let’s dive in!

1. SocialPilot



SocialPilot is the first Instagram marketing tool on our list due to its robust list of product features, stellar customer support, and affordable pricing. You can connect your various social media profiles, including Instagram, all in one place, making this product essential for business owners with growing teams.

Now, you can take your Instagram strategy to the next level by directly scheduling your posts in advance which can save your team hundreds of hours. SocialPilot has integrated with Canva so you can create beautiful Instagram posts right from the SocialPilot dashboard.

Combine all of these features with the ability to research trending topics and posts, and it’s easy to see why SocialPilot is at the top of our list of Instagram marketing tools.

Pros of SocialPilot

  1. Brainstorm new blog post ideas with the content curation feature.
  2. Schedule up to 500 posts in bulk all at once.
  3. Direct Instagram publishing to your business accounts.
  4. Comes with a URL link shortener—perfect for creating highly shareable content.
  5. Built with a full suite of in-depth social media analytics and reports.
  6. Share your content on all social media platforms, not just Instagram.
  7. Keep all of your social media chat conversations organized in one place with the help of social inbox.

What People are Saying about SocialPilot

Hannia F.

What I like about SocialPilot is that it facilitates the scheduling of posts in bulk and it does not seem automated at all. It’s customization and UI is what I love most about this program, since it’s very flexible and allows the creation of hundreds of posts without any issues.

Lee C.

“I love its ease of use and that you can schedule up to 30 posts which is way more than other platforms. I love the Chrome Extension which allows you to schedule on the go. The interface is beyond easy to use. It automatically shortens your links. You can reshare posts you've previously posted. SocialPilot is one of the best tools to use to schedule all social media - from Twitter to Pinterest to Instagram even Linked In and Tumblr.”

SocialPilot Free Trial

2. Buffer


Instagram marketing tool - Buffer

Buffer lets you schedule posts for your Instagram account well in advance, which helps you create thoughtful, consistent content for your Instagram account.

Posting content on a regular schedule with image uploads and links is beneficial for busy solopreneurs or business owners with small social media marketing teams.


  1. Integrates with other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  2. Smooth UX ensures that first-time customers will learn the ropes quickly.
  3. Dive deep into the comprehensive analytic reports, which can help you make smart content planning decisions for the future.

Amber C.

Buffer makes it easy to schedule out your social media posts ahead of time and you can also manage multiple different accounts from one place.


  1. The price is comparatively high. For $99 a month, you can only manage 25 social media accounts.
  2. Buffer is sometimes known to disconnect users from their social media profiles, which can slow you down if you’re on a roll.
  3. When using Buffer, the default schedule can cause some confusion. The app will not prioritize your posts and this can lead to some extra work.

Charity R.

The default posting schedule that Buffer comes up with is random, even for premium users, it has nothing to do with engagement or views of past social media posts.

In addition to Instagram scheduling, Buffer offers a great set of features, but many small and medium sized agencies may not find the price in their marketing budget. Checkout a detailed comparison of how SocialPilot proves out to be a great Buffer alternative

3. Iconosquare


Instagram marketing tool - Iconosquare

Iconsquare is another popular Instagram marketing tool. You can schedule content for both your Instagram and Facebook accounts, track analytics, and monitor engagement in real-time.

The ability to analyze trends while keeping a steady stream of content flowing can do wonders for your marketing campaign. For instance, the ability to look at your analytics in real-time can help you make informed decisions about what kind of content users want to see.


  1. Includes a feature called Conversations, which allows you to read what people are saying about and to you on your social media profiles.
  2. Spy on your competitors so you can see what they are doing right and learn how you can improve.
  3. Create custom feeds that give you the flexibility to track influencers in your industry.

Akshay A.

I used Iconosquare for six months to aid Influencer search. It lets you find influencers based on a wide number of parameters. Of about 5 platforms tested, Iconosquare had the most accurate data


  1. Limited social media integration means many business owners and marketers will need a second tool to track and schedule their other social media accounts.
  2. Some users experience a glitchy UI if they upload too many posts to their Instagram or Facebook.
  3. They removed the free plan and now only offer a 14-day trial.

Chris B.

Unfortunately no integration with some of the top popular networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, and other networks my company uses.

4. Later


Instagram marketing tool - Later

Later can help you create visually stunning content for your Instagram. This Instagram marketing tool allows you to create and schedule posts with a drag and drop visual planner. Organize your pictures and content in advance, and then preview what it will look like when visitors land on your profile.

It’s worth noting that Later is not ideal for medium to large businesses. They’re a good choice if you’re running 1-5 social media accounts and only need the bare bone features.


  1. Later comes with a free version for people who only have one social media account they want to manage.
  2. Use the visual planner to see what your images will look like on your profile before you post them. You can use this feature to create and schedule multiple images.
  3. Plenty of valuable premium options for small businesses.

Samantha C.

Simple to use, drag and drop to auto-schedule based on your preferences, add text, crop, and share to Twitter and Facebook all options when posting or scheduling. It also has plenty of free options!


  1. There are no premium plans for managing more than 5 social media accounts.
  2. You can only upload one still image at a time per post.
  3. The analytics reports give a general overview but lack more detailed actionable reports.

Mike F.

Most features don't start until you pay $20/month

5. Blog2Social


Instagram marketing tool - Blog2Social

Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin that gives you full access to your social media accounts from your blog.

When you can track all of this data from your website, you’ll save time and money. Instead of swapping back and forth between an uploader and your WordPress site, you can keep track of both platforms in one place.


  1. Blog2Social allows you to automate and share across a vast number of social media platforms.
  2. You can see the best time to share your posts based on where your target audience lives.

Christopher J.

I absolutely love how I can push a post directly out to all of my social media platforms. Being able to push to Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter in one push has saved me so much time and frustration


  1. Lacks the ability to report your old blog posts. You can only upload posts as they go live.
  2. There’s a difficult learning curve with little training information.
  3. The free version does not allow you to schedule posts or engage with a majority of the social platforms offered in the premium versions.

Sylvia S.

It is, in the beginning, a bit difficult to set up as the training video is too short and does not go into detail.

6. Awario


Instagram marketing tool - Awario

Awario is a social listening tool that allows you to monitor important conversations taking place about your industry. You can use Awario to look for influencers on Instagram that will promote your brand, find new ways to connect with your target audience, and research your competition.

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from Instagram marketing tools like Awario. Alternatively, if you are working for several clients, this software will let you track multiple accounts at the same time.


  1. You can track down relevant keywords in your industry. These words allow you to connect with your target audience by using the right hashtag and language in your posts.
  2. Up-to-date, personalized reports give you all of the information you need to tweak your social media marketing strategy.

Marco M.

It finds the keywords that I'm looking for without me having to break a sweat. I love that the blog is useful and teaches us how to use the interface to greater effect each week.


  1. Fine-tuning specific search criteria can pose a challenge if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for.
  2. You can't track your LinkedIn mentions with Awario, which could be a deal-breaker for people interested in growing their personal brand with LinkedIn.

Gary Smith

Your first searches may not bring back the results you want. You really need to learn how to use the search tool and boolean searches to get what you need, so there is a learning curve on how to use the tool.

7. Socialinsider


Instagram marketing tool - Socialinsider

Socialinsider is a social media analytics tool that can help you in Instagram marketing, with a suite of analytics reports to learn more about the people who visit your site.

The ability to analyze how people engage with your brand can help you improve customer relationships and create relevant content.


  1. Under the right conditions, you can generate helpful social media benchmark reports that give you valuable insight on how to grow your business.
  2. You can use Socialinsider to track your competitors’ page too. If you want to learn more about how they are generating so many followers and shares, this could help.

Johnadeen A.

I like the fact that Socialinsider can analyze any social media page. It allows me to track my competitors and learn more about my audience.


  1. Socialinsider is pricey for what it offers. Depending on your needs, there are other products on this list, specifically SocialPilot, that give you more value for less money.
  2. If you’re running a small business or operating an account with only a handful of followers, you’re going to have a hard time finding value with this product.

Mattia P.

Its main downside is that it's most useful when linked to big profiles, with tons of followers and page likes. It's harder to retrieve relevant data to study smaller profiles and to compare their trends with the biggest ones.

8. Agorapulse


Instagram marketing tool - AgoraPulse

Agorapulse acts as a CRM and a scheduling tool. You can use the Instagram marketing tool to plan your content in advance, which can free up some of your time and give you more opportunities to grow your business in new ways.

Plus, they offer a number of other tools that will help you boost your engagement.


  1. If you’re working with a client, you can separate their data and leave them notes on their reports.
  2. Agorapulse has a clean design, making managing all of your different content and pulling reports quick and easy.

Bobby B.

I like Agorapulse because it is easy to create publications and analyze the reports that the same tool provides us to increase the productivity of each of our social networks.


  1. While this Instagram marketing tool does come with an impressive selection of tools, some people might find the nearly $100 a month cost a little steep.
  2. Getting the hang of Agorapulse can be tricky if you’re new to using CRMs and scheduling software.

Ramona C.

There are some parts of the site that use language that isn't really explained anywhere, which is pretty frustrating. This is especially a problem in the analytics section. And these aren't specific terms to social media stuff.

9. Kicksta


Instagram marketing tool - Kicksta

Kicksta is an Instagram marketing tool that helps you get more followers. Normally, users would have to manually go through accounts liking and following everyone that they think might follow their account back. This process is time consuming and usually results in a significantly lower ROI than most people expect.

When you use Kicksta, you can search tags and rival profiles for your target audience. For instance, if you’re an email marketer, you might look up the hashtag, #EmailMarketing. Now you can set parameters around who you want to follow under that group. The AI technology used with this program helps you fine-tune your Instagram strategy and reach your target audience.


  1. You’ll have all the tools you need to find profiles that are most likely to engage with your business. Look at people following your competition, similar interests, and more.
  2. Automatically engage with the people most likely to follow your brand, which results in more likes and shares.

Alicia C.

We love that Kicksta lets us optimize our followers and grow organically without us having to spend tons of time one our account growth.


  1. It may take some time before the technology reaches your audience, since it is an AI based software.
  2. As far as Instagram marketing tools go, it works. However, you’ll have to supplement it with another program if you want scheduling benefits and detailed analytics data.

Ben T.

“It's good to complement Kicksta with a solution for automating regular Instagram posts.”

10. Smartly.io


Instagram marketing tool - Smartly.io

Smartly.io is an automated Instagram marketing tool that helps you get the most out of your advertising campaign. If you have an idea for an ad, they can generate thousands of different variations of your ad so you can find what’s best for you.

You can create, change, and measure your social ad performance and you’ll also get the added benefit of knowing what kind of ads work for your followers, and which ones are lacking engagement.


  1. Create thousands of ad variants so you can look at plenty of options before finalizing your marketing campaign.
  2. Plenty of flexible payment options designed to help business owners based on their ad budget.

Korraratt S.

What I like the most is how their customer service is always on 24/7 during the working days. Every time I have a problem or a question they always answer me quickly in a very friendly way as well.


  1. Smartly UI varies depending on the product within their catalog you’re using. This change in design can be overwhelming to new business owners.
  2. Only capable of supporting ads Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Stang G.

The UI is a little dated. The platform can be slightly buggy at times, but support is always a few minutes away on the logged in chat. I'm also not so sure how useful it is for smaller accounts that don't need dynamic creative.

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These Instagram marketing tools all have their pros and cons. Factors like your business size, experience, and budget can play a role when you’re trying to choose software to grow your social media account.

When you stack all of these products up, our number one pick is still SocialPilot. All in all, this Instagram marketing tool has the most features, has the ability to scale, is easily accessible for new users, and is at the perfect price point.

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