Top 10 Loomly Alternatives for Sensational Branding in 2023

Is social media management taking up too much of your time? You’re not alone.

Posting daily on social media can be a time-consuming task, even if you’re well-prepared. That’s why over 80% of marketers have turned to social media automation tools to ease the burden. However, finding the best tool for your team remains a challenge.

Loomly is one such rising star that has recently entered into the talks. With its impeccable user interface and user-friendly workflows, Loomly has become a favorite choice for marketers.

However, amidst a plethora of social media marketing tools, it’s essential to explore potential Loomly alternatives for a better comparison.

These alternatives cater to diverse needs, whether advanced analytics, seamless collaboration, or advanced automation.

Before making a decision, dive into our list of handpicked Loomly alternatives to find the perfect fit for your team, amplifying your social media efforts and saving you time.

Let’s explore them one by one!



Per month

SocialPilot is one of the best Loomly alternatives that can aid even novice marketers to manage social media marketing like an experienced professional. The tool is beginner-friendly, loaded with features that automate posts on 8+ popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Business Profile, etc.

Trusted by more than 12,000+ professionals, SocialPilot plays a crucial part in aiding marketers to adjust to the fast-paced world of social media with its state-of-the-art capabilities.

SocialPilot allows you to schedule a month’s worth of posts in one sitting. You can repeat posts, track campaigns, set up watermarked logos for brands, and automate RSS feeds and workflows with assigned roles. For agencies that struggle to cater to several clients, its white-label feature is a must-try.


  • You can manage multiple accounts on 10 platforms.
  • Schedule Reels, Stories, and Shorts along with image, video, or text posts to publish them directly without any extra step in between.
  • Add images from Google Drive, Dropbox, or from the high-quality stock image library from Unsplash integration.
  • Customize each image post for every account with its own watermarked brand logo
  • It has team collaboration features that make it possible for teams to work together.
  • You can leverage social inbox to engage with the audience at every opportunity.
  • Run marketing campaigns across different social media platforms and gauge their performance with cumulative analytics reports.
  • Add alt text and custom fields to your posts.
  • Tag friends or collaborators and schedule the first comment to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts.
  • Create UTM Parameters to track social traffic
  • Its Canva integration lets you do last-minute edits.
  • You can bulk schedule 500 posts in one go.

Kate W

Over the years, I have used quite a few of the social media management packages. I always found something that jarred with each one…. until I tried SocialPilot. Not sure how many years I have been using this now, but I love it, and it forms a big part of my engagement strategy. The best thing about it is that it’s so easy to tailor messages to each channel and tag relevant businesses into the posts on Facebook and Twitter. Analytics are good, the calendar view is great, support is excellent. Fabulous. Thanks to the team at SocialPilot. It makes my life easier working on different client accounts.


Burt R

I own multiple businesses, all with multiple places. I want to keep posts flowing, and this allows me one place to do it all in one dashboard. I also love the Calendar view, so I can see past and upcoming dates of posts.



is one of the Loomly competitors that provides you with powerful integrations for apt social media marketing. The tool has several features like reputation management and brand monitoring to top off the feature stack.

Set up queues with scheduled posts and check their posting with Calendar view. It has content curation and team collaboration capabilities as well. You can monitor and track conversations about you with hashtags and keywords.

eClincher has 3 plans. The Basic starts at $65, while the Premier plan costs $175 per month. The Agency plan is a bit too steep and costs $425 monthly.


  • The UI is navigable and simple.
  • Smart inbox makes interacting with followers easy.
  • Its hashtag effectiveness reporting is great for boosting your reach.

Francis M

Analysis and reporting features. Eclincher is the only platform that met our needs in terms of inbox analysis. All interactions received on the pages of the brands we manage are collected by the platform so that we can analyze them in detail later. Automated reports are available, but there is also a world of possibilities in terms of data visualization in custom reports.


  • It takes a while to load and feels clunky at times.
  • The plans are on the expensive side.
  • Generated hashtags are not always useful.

Danielle R

Eclincher is very clunky. It takes a long time to load, it has certain strange rules regarding linked Instagram and Facebook accounts. Multiple times it has notified me that something I scheduled has been posted when it has not.



Sprinklr is one of the Loomly competitors that makes branding a breeze. It is not just a scheduling tool but a complete customer experience management system. Hence, it deals with the nitpicks of social media and beyond.

Sprinklr lets you manage advertising, publishing, research, market, and sell across 30+ digital platforms. It utilizes AI to dispense its state-of-the-art service to its customers. Though it might seem alluring, Sprinklr’s focus audience is enterprise.

If you are an agency owner or a marketer, then Sprinklr might be a tool of just price and little use. You can take its free trial only after putting up a request.


  • It has a social inbox to keep track of all conversations.
  • You can optimize campaigns quite easily with analytics and reporting.
  • Workflow and collaboration setups work well.

Luis Gustavo

Lots of filters to zoom in and out of your search and analysis. Customizable dashboards are a great way to keep up with lots of searches at once and in different parts of the web or your own pages. Alerts are a great way to be ahead of the game when something is going on, either bad or good.


  • The UX is complicated and confusing.
  • It is a hassle to raise a ticket and get in touch with the support team.
  • Since it offers too many things, users tend to get confused.

Marie N

It is a very large program. Making it difficult for new users to really get the full benefit of the software. Better digital training modules outside of the self-led programs would be helpful.



Per month

Agorapulse is one of the Loomly alternatives that provides you with an unusual mix of features. It helps you schedule posts at the best time for maximizing your brand reach. Additionally, it keeps aside all your engagement-related notifications like messages, replies, reviews, and comments separately so you can answer them without any distractions.

Another striking feature is its ability to delve into audience data and find your most active followers and loyal fans. It also provides listening benefits, so you engage with potential leads and convert them into your customers.

Agorapulse has 3 paid plans. Standard, Professional and Advanced cost $69, $99 and $149 each month, the Enterprise plan is customized.


  • Unified Inbox is a great addition to the tool.
  • The UI is top-notch and quite pleasing.
  • Keywords and hashtag monitoring capabilities are included.

John C

Honestly, for me, I have always been about data. For me, the biggest tool/advantage (even at an extra monthly cost) is the Power Reports. Being able to create ‘Labels’ for each post, regardless of social media profile, and run a report strictly on that label is HUGE – both from a time-saving standpoint and for demonstrating ROI to internal teams.


  • In-depth analytics are not offered.
  • Posts can’t be edited or drafted.
  • Reports are not customizable.

Anna Beth R

The analytics on Instagram stories is quite limited, and we do a lot of work and community building through those, so it would be great to have a better drill-down of engagement (beyond message replies). Additionally, the draft box on the publish feature is quite small and has no option of dragging to make it bigger, making it frustrating to use for editing longer captions. Additionally, the scroll bar on the draft box tends to scroll all the way up or down, compounding the problem.



Per month

Buffer has long joined the race with Loomly competitors. It has managed to capture the attention of marketers because of its forever free plan. Though it is a good tool to start with, it becomes pricey with your growing needs with unexpected scaling expenditure.

Also, Buffer alternatives pose multiple solutions together while Buffer adds each of its services as add-ons. So make sure to audit your requirements beforehand. Coming to the feature set of Buffer, it has the basic capabilities of creating, publishing, and analyzing social media posts across multiple networks.

Buffer provides users with 4 plans, out of which 1 is free. Essentials, Teams, and Agency are 3 other plans that cost $6, $12, and $120 respectively.


  • You can edit images with Pablo editor.
  • You can get a one-glance view of all your scheduled posts and campaigns from its calendar.
  • You can customize links with shorteners.

Jackson F

I know that it is one of the best companies to manage publications and other things regarding a social network, whatever it may be, it is very orderly, thus being able to program with some time in advance, which helps us to make a more prepared material and that is published without delay at an exact time most convenient for us Buffer users.


  • The free plan has limited utilities.
  • Add-on services can make your existing plans pricey.
  • Its chrome extension doesn’t work so well.

Kara M

A lot of things. They have recurrent “unknown error” issues where posts will fail (especially Instagram), the link shortening will override your text even if you selected “unshortened”, you have to know exactly where to click if you want to post to multiple platforms at the same time (not very intuitive), and tagging is near impossible.



Per month

Hootsuite is probably one of those alternatives to Loomly that actually started social media scheduling when it wasn’t a mandatory need but an elite choice. Serving thousands of clients each day, Hootsuite is a tool that helps famous enterprises to carry out their social media activities.

The tool’s core lies in Streams. All you need to do is add multiple social media accounts to each stream, and then you can track all at once in a cohesive space. This is similar to TweetDeck. It also has a unified inbox, so you can access all conversations from a single space.

The tool comes in 4 plans. The Professional and Teams plan cost $99 and $249 each month. The Business plan is priced at $739 monthly, while the Enterprise plan is customized.


  • Loads of integrations are available.
  • You can utilize RSS feeds for curating content.
  • Its dashboard is customizable.

Julie M

Hootsuite is easy to use. I love the fact that all the platforms that I use can be shown on the same page and the publisher screen makes it so easy to see exactly what you are publishing each day at a glance. Moving posts is easy to do and is as simple as drag and drop; adding media is easy. It’s just perfect!


  • Advanced plans are expensive.
  • Analytics don’t always provide proper insights.
  • Accounts often disconnect and lead to failure in scheduling.

Shelly B

Hootsuite does not publicize all of its updates (including ones that will affect your posts), does not notify you when or why something fails and is making it increasingly hard to use the program to manage social accounts effectively.



Per month

Later is one of the Loomly competitors which stresses more on visual marketing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. It has unique features that are specifically rolled out for these two social media platforms like link in bio, visual planner, story analytics, and more.

The tool has a bunch of add-ons for hashtag and content research. Later tracks your online performance and suggests you the best time to post on social media to heighten your reach. Its visual planner is also worth a special mention.

The tool has 3 pricing plans: Growth, Advanced, and Scale plans at $40, $80, and $200 per month respectively.


  • This is an Instagram-first tool, so you get advanced analytics related to the platform.
  • Its drag-and-drop functionality in the calendar is an awesome addition.
  • You can even schedule stories from the tool.

Monique S

I love that Later is “approved” by Instagram, meaning scheduled posts won’t be hidden and considered posted by a third-party app by Instagram and will still show up in people’s feeds. It is also super easy to schedule posts and drag and drop media in, add locations, hashtags, and links in bio.


  • You can’t share text posts without uploading images.
  • Better support for videos is lacking.
  • The bulk uploading feature could be improved.

Stephanie H

I have found that the amount of open menus, tabs, and boxes on the screen at any given moment makes Later’s UI look a bit cluttered, and it can actually make it more difficult to find things, not less.



Per month

PromoRepublic is one of the potential Loomly alternatives that stresses more on insight-driven marketing. The tool aids in automating posting and discovering content for everyday branding on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business.

You can team up with your clients and peers to ideate campaigns and share posts on social handles. There’s also a report generation that sums up intuitive analytics and useful metrics for crafting apt strategies.

PromoRepublic comes in 3 plans. Small Business and Agency plans cost $59 and $99, while the multi-location plan is fully customizable.


  • The analytics dashboard is intuitive and easy to understand.
  • It saves posts, so you don’t create them each time to reshare them.
  • You get a library of editable templates as well.

Major H

Its Analytics and reports are truly useful and informative. The autopilot’s truly effective, I promise. They have an inbuilt media editor. You can easily resize the design dimension in your online editor. Free history pictures and creative possessions. Connect all your different social Media accounts. The mobile application is simple but useful.


  • Customers have complained about the platform being buggy.
  • Pricing is steep for the features they offer.
  • It lacks advanced editing capabilities.

Koen D

Not being able to create/post/schedule and forget about Instagram is something they need to solve. Having to push through IG posts on the app is okay if you have one account, but if you are doing this for clients like me you start to get annoyed pretty quickly.

Sprout Social


Per month

Sprout Social is a strong contender in the list of Loomly alternatives because of its ability to execute a social media marketing strategy. The interface is clutter-free and meant for easy accessibility.

The inbox comes in two variants. You can either combine all or segregate them as per channel. This also comes with proper categorization of messages, so you can filter out the ones that require your immediate attention. It also has hashtag monitoring, social media listening, analytics, and reporting abilities.

Sprout Social has 3 plans: Standard, Professional, and Advanced. The Standard plan costs $249 per month while Professional and Advanced cost $399 and $499 respectively.


  • You can track your link clicks and customize them with Bitly integration.
  • It can help you capture leads with customer relations management features.
  • You can enjoy social media listening and analytical insights.

Andrea H

Sprout has all the bells and whistles! My favorite aspects are the social listening tools and the ability to assign tasks to other users. Sprout goes far beyond simply scheduling.


  • The tool lacks support for TikTok.
  • Plans are quite expensive.
  • Its dashboard can be improved.

Caroline B

The process to edit and duplicate posts is a bit clunky. In other programs, I’ve been able to mark each post to go to multiple channels. On Sprout, I can only do that in the creation – I can’t edit to add another channel to a specific post.



Per month

Hubspot is not a tool you expected to be included in Loomly competitors, but it does have social media scheduling features. Keeping aside its amazing CRM services, Hubspot can help you manage a foolproof presence on social media.

You can set up keyword monitoring and participate in conversations when mentioned. This is a good use case for grabbing more leads. Another noteworthy feature is that you can schedule posts directly from the CRM solution it provides.

Hubspot has 3 plans for this capability. The Starter starts at $20 per month. The Professional and Enterprise cost a whopping $890 and $3600 each month respectively.


  • The CRM and scheduling integration works best for quick content promotion.
  • You can perform marketing automation and campaign optimization easily.
  • Analytics and reporting features are also available.

Sonia L

Firstly – the Hubspot platform is so easy to use, which is great because it makes my job easier! But secondly, I love the infinite possibility for personalisation and touchpoints throughout the customer journey.


  • It supports only 4 social media platforms as of now.
  • The plans are too pricey for the features they offer.
  • It comes with a steep learning curve.

Rachel K

Time zones can be confusing, and you can’t tag anyone in the posts, which is a HUGE bummer. Social posts need to have people and other things tagged. It isn’t a full solution.

Wrapping Up

Social media management is integral to modern marketing strategies, but it doesn`t need to be a gruesome and time-consuming burden. With the rise of social media automation tools, such as Loomly and its alternatives, marketers have found relief from the everyday hustle.

One such powerful Loomly alternative is SocialPilot. With its robust features, including post-scheduling, multi-platform support, team collaboration, and comprehensive analytics, SocialPilot offers a compelling solution for social media marketing needs. Take its free trial to streamline your workflow, achieve greater success and become a brand that needs no introduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better than Loomly?

SocialPilot is one of the better alternatives to Loomly. It has several agency-focused features at affordable prices with prompt customer service. Take its free trial to make your presence evident on top social media platforms.

Is Loomly Free to use?

No, Loomly isn’t free to use. However, it does offer a free trial of 15 days for a quick check. The plans start at $35 and go up to $359. That’s why we recommend you to check out a few Loomly alternatives before making the final choice.

What does Loomly work with?

Loomly supports multiple social media networks like TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google My Business, etc. Apart from these, Loomly also has multiple integrations for a smooth scheduling process.

How much does Loomly cost a month?

Loomly offers 4 flat-rate pricing plans and a custom plan. While the Base and Advanced plans cost $35 and $79 per month, Advanced and Premium are priced higher at $172 and $359 monthly. The Enterprise plan is totally customized.

Can I post to Instagram with Loomly?

Yes, you can post to Instagram with Loomly. But you can post single image and video posts to your account.

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