11 Must-Have Facebook Marketing Tools to Juice Up Your 2021 Campaigns

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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, boasting over 2.41 billion active monthly users. This makes it an unparalleled platform for online marketing, offering massive opportunities for marketers and advertisers.

Though the platform opens a doorway to reach millions of users but marketing your products and services cannot be effective on your own. You need specialized Facebook marketing tools that help you target the right audience.


These tools simplify the following aspects of Facebook marketing:

  • Content creation: Helps you create engaging posts
  • Publishing: You can post now or schedule to post later
  • Analytics: Track and analyze campaign effectiveness

Here are 11 of the best tools to help streamline your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Why SocialPilot?

  • Schedule album, carousel & native video posts
  • Mention other pages/people
  • Audience targeting & geo location tagging
  • Add a Call-to-action button
  • Facebook ads - boost posts & lead ads
  • In-depth analytics & reporting
  • Social inbox




SocialPilot is feature-rich, easy to use and most affordable tool for agencies and social media marketing teams.

It helps you craft, schedule and publish the Facebook posts for various pages from one place. With this tool, you can create optimised posts and publish them at the best times to get the maximum engagement.

SocialPilot’s scheduling engine enables you to make timely announcements, ensure consistent posting, and reduces the chances of mistakes. You can also boost posts or schedule the boost post for later, right from the dashboard. It allows you to schedule and manage posts for your Facebook pages and groups.

SocialPilot enables you to tell an interactive story by adding add visuals to your posts, such as images, videos, and GIFs. This helps you build awareness about products, drive more traffic to your site, promote events, and more. And, with the new Canva integration you can easily create beautiful visuals right from the SocialPilot dashboard.

You can also find popular content using its content curation tool. You just need to enter a keyword, hashtag, or domain name, and SocialPilot will show the top-performing content related to that search.

The tool also provides you with Facebook analytics reports which help you create data-driven strategies. You can track engagement, discover influencers in your niche, identify your top fans, and know the best times to publish your posts. The tool allows you to mention fans, influencers, and experts to attract their and their audience’s attention.

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Facebook Marketing Tool - Shortstack

Shortstack is one of the best marketing platforms for contests and giveaways. The free tool is designed to make it easy to build and run engaging campaigns for Facebook and other social media platforms.

It has a friendly UI and dozens of templates, widgets, themes, and other tools. The platform enables you to build contests, landing pages, interactive quizzes, special offers, custom forms, and more.

ShortStack collects contact information for you and provides campaign analytics. It also allows you to access real-time insights on traffic sources, views, shares, device types, and more. The platform also makes it easy to embed your promotion on your website and across channels, enabling you to collect more leads.

While ShortStack is a free tool, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan for advanced options with your campaigns.

Post Planner


Facebook Marketing Tool - Post Planner

If you have trouble finding the right content to post, then Post Planner, is the tool for you. It helps you find, plan, and post great content on your Facebook pages.

It shows you the top-performing content that is relevant to your audience. You can search for any topic, hashtag, blog, or social media account using this tool. Post Planner also shows you the content that is generating the most likes, shares, comments, and clicks.

Post Planner has content suggestions organized by industry. Therefore, you can get articles and content ideas that will resonate with your audience. The tool allows you to automate your content posting with a custom publishing calendar. It helps you to optimize your posts, recycle your best content, and analyze performance metrics.

It’s a great tool for agencies and marketing teams as it allows team collaboration. The Pro app is free, and paid plans start at $3 per month.



Facebook Marketing Tool - Socialbakers

Socialbakers is a social analytical tool that uses artificial intelligence to determine your marketing persona and their interest.

It’s an all in one solution providing effective publishing and scheduling, social media conversation monitoring, team collaboration tools, and analytics. You will receive extensive and in-depth social media analytics both for your page and the pages of the competitors.

This tool also provides insights, top trends, and content ideas. It helps you create relevant and engaging content for your audience.

With Socialbakers, you can discover the right influencers for your business with actual engagement, and who align with your audience. The platform is simple to use across all types of businesses and brands. It offers some free tools and a paid plan for more features.



Facebook Marketing Tool - Pagemodo

Visual aspects of your Facebook page go a long way in appealing to your potential clients.

Pagemodo has positioned itself as one of the best tool when it comes to Facebook page customization. It features tools for cover photos, custom tabs, contests, and ads. With customizable templates and easy to add features, you can create a stunning cover photo and a professional welcome tab. It also enables you to design and schedule engaging posts.

Pagemodo is a great fit for a business looking to add some functionality to a Facebook page. It provides useful, easy to use analytics that helps you to know how your posts are performing.

The Pagemodo account is free to open. However, it has limited features, and you will need to upgrade to paid plans for advanced features.

Headline Analyzer


Facebook Marketing Tool - Headline Analyzer

Most people only read post headlines. Therefore, it’s vital to get your headlines right.

With so many businesses posting on Facebook, it’s your headline that can make your post stand out. Headline Analyzer shows you how you can improve headline for your Facebook posts, ads, as well as blogs.

It analyzes the headlines that drive traffic, search hits, and shares. Based on that information it then evaluates and suggests changes to your post.

Headline Analyzer is free to sign up. Once you do, simply enter your headline, and the tool will analyze the structure and content. It will take into account key features that contribute to powerful headlines such as common words, power words, and emotional words.

It will then give you the overall score, along with a detailed assessment of the headline’s sentiment, structure, and character count. The tool will also provide tips to improve the headline.



Facebook Marketing Tool - Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a comprehensive tool for all your social media monitoring and scheduling. It enables you to schedule and publish posts, manage content and engagement on Facebook. You can also respond to conversations, and create powerful interactions with your audience, all in one place

The tool gives you in-depth analytics and insights of your audience to help you know what works for your page. It also enables you to compare and learn about your competitors.

With Agorapulse, you get the features that make team collaboration easy. Therefore it's ideal for agencies and marketing teams. Once you sign up, you get a 28 day free trial with a paid monthly plan starting from $89, thereafter. Additionally, it has a free tool that allows you to run Facebook timeline contests from quizzes to sweepstakes to photo contests.

SocialPilot competes as a great Agorapulse alternative. Check the detailed comparison with features here. 



Facebook Marketing Tool - Canva

You already know how important visual content is in social media marketing.

Canva is an amazing image creation tool that enables you to create stunning graphics that you can share on your Facebook pages. With this tool, you can easily create Facebook banners and other content such as memes, infographics, cover photos, event covers, and logos.

The app boasts over a million images in its database and more than 50,000 pre-sized templates.

All you need to do is log in, and then select “Facebook Post” from their options. Next, choose from their array of layouts, add text, and customize the colors, background, and design as you like. You can even add your brand’s logo on the images or hyperlink the post. When everything is perfect and ready to share post it on your Facebook page, directly.

Canva is free, but some of the pictures, layouts, or elements come at a small fee.



Facebook Marketing Tool - Qwaya

Qwaya is a valuable tool that provides multiple key functions to help agencies and marketing teams manage Facebook ads. It has several features that can help drive traffic to your Facebook page. For instance, Qwaya provides you a platform to A/B test your audience and ads. This helps you optimize your ads more effectively.

The tool provides an efficient ad creation and management workflow. You can automate your ads, schedule the campaign to run at different times, add tracking URLs, and integrate Google Analytics. Qwaya also has a multi-user feature that allows you to add team members to collaborate and share resources.



Facebook Marketing Tool - Buffer

Buffer is an easy-to-use Facebook marketing tool that enables businesses to schedule and publish posts, analyze performances, and manage all their accounts in one place. Once you schedule your post, Buffer automatically shares your content at the optimum time of the day. It’s ideal for marketers who want to save time while giving their audience consistent content.

Buffer also provides analytics and insights on posts performance. You can review the data and find the content that is most engaging, the best time to post and the frequency.

It also has a browser extension that integrates with WordPress and other tools for finding, saving, and distributing content. You can add content from across the web and share it on your Facebook pages.

Despite all the great features offered by Buffer, many digital agencies find their pricing structure complex. SocialPilot comes out a cost-effective Buffer alternative here. Check a detailed comparison between these two tools here. 

Drum up


Facebook Marketing Tool - Drum up

Drum up is another great social media management tool focused on helping you reduce the time you spend managing your Facebook pages. It mines through the web to find the most appropriate and effective content topics that your fans would appreciate.

In addition, its smart scheduling tools allow you to quickly review, create and publish posts to your audience. With this free tool, you can manage and monitor several Facebook pages from one place. It also allows you to reach more people with repeat schedules and hashtag recommendations. It also gives you key insights into your marketing strategy.

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Summing it up!

Gaining traction on Facebook can be quite a challenge, but with the right facebook business tools and effort, the rewards can be incredible. The tools listed above have different advantages and disadvantages, and therefore, you should choose the ones that fit your needs and preferences.

Any of them will give you a competitive edge when it comes to building and managing your presence on Facebook. You will reach your audience in an efficient way, schedule posts effectively, and increase visibility. They will also save you time and money. The key is to test several of them to find the ones that will work best for your brand.

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