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Jimit Bagadiya | August 08, 2019

Well, now that social media runs this deep in our communication channel, can we even think of not including it in our marketing strategies?

In fact. I'd say social media is one of the most important marketing platforms and if these platforms leveraged right, can yield great results. Can you count the number of social media platforms? Well yeah, that is not a very difficult thing to do, not that of a huge number yet, right?

Now, let's take this not so huge number and multiply with the number of time you need to post a creative. Hey, it doesn't end here. Imagine posting this huge number of creatives every single day. Sounds exhausting, right?


Implementing multiple social media marketing strategies on a large scale requires a lot of time, effort and resources. This is why social media teams and agencies are opting for smarter solutions. Automating the monotonous work helps you simplify, organize and get better results.

Effective social media marketing comes with its set of challenges - right from “can’t think of any content ideas” to “can’t spend so much time on a video.” Social media management tools come with features that aim to help your team tackle these challenges. Having a stack of tools that your team or agency uses regularly can increase their productivity, efficiency, and ability to achieve their goals.

We have created a comprehensive list of the 24 best social media marketing tools for you. All the tools listed have a brief to help you evaluate and decide the best-suited ones for your team’s needs. These tools will empower you in every possible way. From scheduling social posts, curate content, analyze social activities, manage influencer marketing to design visual content. 

List of Top Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Scheduling Tools

1. SocialPilot

$50for 5 Users

SocialPilot helps you view analytics data for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. It’s in-depth and comprehensive analytics reports gives you an overview of all essential metrics - engagement, top fans, best times to post, popular hashtags, and more.

But that’s not all. This tool has useful capabilities like sharing evergreen content and rescheduling posts within the content calendar. Also, it enables you to schedule visual posts with multiple images and GIFs (from the Giphy library).

SocialPilot’s affordable team plan ($50/month) and agency plan ($100/month) will fit perfectly into your marketing budget.


2. Buffer

$99for 6 Users

Buffer’s social media scheduling platform helps you manage major social accounts - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. While its great user-interface is appreciated by its community of happy customers, teams like yours may find it to be expensive in the long run. In order to take advantage of all of Buffer’s features, you’ll need to buy separate subscriptions for Buffer Reply and Buffer Analyze.

3. Tailwind

$15for 5 Tribes

If your team’s or agency’s primary focus is visual marketing on Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind would fulfil your needs perfectly. Tailwind takes care of all your marketing processes - right from discovering content to analyzing results. Its features for finding hashtags, monitoring trends, and sharing evergreen content can save your team a lot of time and effort.

However, if your team manages social accounts other than Pinterest and Instagram, they’ll have to use another tool in combination with Tailwind. Their plans start at $15/month and you get 14 days to explore the tool for free.

4. Planable

$99for 7 Users

Planable’s features are tailored for your small social media team. You can bring all your communication from email threads to this platform with its features like tagging and content feedback in real-time. Also, with Planable, you can see previews of every post. This way you can be sure of creating and publishing error-free posts.

What’s more? Planable also enables you to collaborate with your clients by including them in your content approval and feedback process. 

5. Loomly

$73for 6 Users

Loomly started off as a social media calendar that focused on content discovery, organization, and management. Now, they’ve added scheduling and publishing capabilities through an integration with Buffer. If you boost Facebook posts frequently, Loomly helps you do that directly from their dashboard.

While Loomly has become a one-stop social media marketing solution, you may find its pricing to be steep (the standard plan is priced at $73/month) and some essential capabilities missing (like uploading multiple photos).

Content Curation Tools

6. ShareIt


ShareIt is free content curation and discovery tool that helps you find the right content as well as share it seamlessly on your social. If you’ve hit a content block, ShareIt can help you with brainstorming ideas for your blog and social posts. It’s a fairly simple tool - just enter keywords and you get a curated list of relevant content. You can filter this list to see the most recent content.

Bonus: ShareIt also helps you check for the content shared by your favorite influencers on their social - just enter their Twitter handle and hit search.

Free content curation tool

7. Feedly

$18for 1 User

If you read multiple publications, keep track of trending conversations on social, check on various blogs, explore new videos on YouTube to keep up with ongoing, Feedly is the app for you! Feedly organizes all the web content to one platform. So, you and your team can organize this content and consume it in a manner that saves everyone’s time. It’s most popular features are shared feeds, third-party integrations (like Zapier), and multi-language content support.

While Feedly is free, it has a separate service for teams called Feedly Pro which will cost you $18/month.

8. Buzzsumo

$179for 10 Users

If you need powerful content discovery, curation, and insight features, Buzzsumo is your best bet. This tool provides you with advanced options to filter curated lists, discover influencers, monitor social content, and analyze content trends on various social platforms. Buzzsumo also helps you discover the most popular questions posted on forums like Amazon, Reddit, Quora, etc.

Buzzsumo is perfect for small teams handling content creation and strategy for brands. Having said that, its plans can prove to be expensive for your team - the plus plan for small teams costs $179/month.

9. Quuu


Quuu is a great option for your team if you don’t wish to spend time crafting and scheduling posts. You set Quuu to automatically share relevant content to your social accounts at specified intervals. Quuu does not have a scheduling platform of its own, hence it integrates with Buffer and HubSpot to publish content.

The tool has over 500 categories wherein you find content suggestions that are the most relevant to your niche. If you use Quuu Promote, your content will be suggested to other Quuu users following the same niche so they might share your content to their social.

While Quuu has a free account, a team like yours will need its Pro plan (priced at $19/month) to fulfil your social content needs.

10. Curata

Curata’s intelligent Content Curation Software (CCS) improves your experience of curating content by constantly adapting your content preferences. It has a browser plugin that helps you curate content when you're surfing the internet, plus the capability of receiving content suggestions from your team member. 

Curata doesn’t just help you find the right content but share the relevant content on social, use it in emails, and publish it on your blog/website with its various integrations. For when you need to add your perspective to the curated content, Curata enables you to make changes to the content before you share or publish it. It also provides you with SEO and image suggestions.

Social Media Analytics Tools

11. SocialPilot

$50for 5 Users

SocialPilot helps you view analytics data for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. It’s in-depth and comprehensive analytics reports gives you an overview of all essential metrics - engagement, top fans, best times to post, popular hashtags, and more.

To create a consistent brand experience, SocialPilot enables you to add your organization’s name and logo to the reports. Then, you can either export them or share them with your team and clients.

12. Keyhole

$59for 3 Brands

Keyhole mainly focuses on hashtag tracking, keyword tracking, and listening for your connected social media profiles. Its dashboard displays real-time analytics and also helps your download it in PDF format. An added advantage of this tool is that you can discover the most relevant influencers in your niche by filtering the list with keywords, hashtags, and geographical location.

However, Keyhole doesn’t provide analytics for all major social accounts. Its keyword and hashtag tracking are available for Twitter and Instagram. And its account tracking is available for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Keyhole’s team plan allows you to track 9 keywords and connect 9 social accounts for $59/month.

13. Audiense

$1500for Unlimited Users

Audiense is an advanced analytics tool with unique features like audience personality insights and audience segmentation. Their intelligent audience segmentation capability takes into consideration significant things like users (in your target audience) who have low engagement. This refines your audience segments and helps you target them better. Its personality insights capability helps you take a closer look at your audience’s behaviour and mindset. 

Audiense has another product called Audiense Connect. This product helps you with all aspects of Twitter analytics - gain insights, competitive analysis, manage Twitter followers, chatbots, and more.

While you can create a free account for using Audiense Connect, its starter plan (priced at $10/mo) includes more features meant for small businesses.

14. Brandwatch

$800for Unlimited Users

Brandwatch is an advanced analytics tool that helps you get a better insight into your customers’ and audience’s mind with AI-powered insights, social listening, sentiment analysis, and reporting capabilities. This tool is apt for you if you are an agency dealing with big brands and handling all their marketing processes.

Brandwatch also helps you find micro-influencers in your niche, create visual data reports, and find relevant data with many filters. Brandwatch’s target audience comprises of agencies and enterprises. Hence, for small to medium brands, its pricing may seem steep.

15. Mention

$99for 3 Users

Mention works as a community management tool for you by monitoring keywords, analyzing competitor’s strategies, and finding relevant influencers. One of the most popular features of Mention is its ‘alerts’ system. When you set to track a keyword, you get notified about its mentions in real-time.

What’s more, you can get summaries of your analytics delivered to your inbox every day. You have instant access to all your brand mention on the web, along with the ability to filter analytics to focus on certain metrics.

However, its starter plan meant for teams is priced at $99/month and this could mean stretching your marketing budget to adjust the cost.

Influencer Marketing Tools

16. Buzzsumo

$299for 15 Users

While Buzzsumo is popular for its content discovery, curation and analysis features, its influencer marketing capability equally useful. The tool helps you in the entire process of influencer marketing - right from discovering influencers with real social influence to reach out to them. You can review the content shared by an influencer to see if it matches your brand’s tone and message. Also, you can follow influencers directly from Buzzsumo so they get added to your Twitter lists.

You have the flexibility of exporting and sharing the influencer data with your team members. You can even maintain a list of all influencers your team needs to reach out to.

Buzzsumo’s plus plan for teams doesn’t have advanced influencer search. So, teams can sign up for its large plan priced at $299/month.

17. Upfluence

$795for 1 User

Upfluence is a tool that helps you at every stage of influencer marketing - looking for the right influencers, tracking your influencer campaigns, and measuring the success of your campaigns. This tool enables you to search for influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs. Its smart filters help you narrow down the list as per the influencer’s location, language, metrics, and activities on social.

As for its campaign management capabilities, Upfluence helps you set your campaigns' budget, coordinate with the influencers throughout, and finally transfer the payment to them. If you run an agency that provides influencer marketing services to its clients, This tool can work wonders for you.

18. TapInfluence

While TapInfluence competes with Upfluence in terms of features, it has the added capabilities of an advanced search and content scheduling for your influencer campaigns. It not only helps you review the influencer’s reach and engagement rates but also gain insights about his/her audience - interests, brand affiliations, income, etc.

TapInfluence’s real-time dashboard helps you schedule posts, invite influencers to collaborate on assignments, and check the progress of each assignment. Its analytics gives you an edge by comparing your campaign performance with that of the industry’s standards.

What’s more, TapInfluence gives you an estimate of the return on your influencer marketing investment in real-time.

19. NinjaOutreach

$120for 1 User

As the name suggests, NinjaOutreach helps you find and reach out to influencers. This tool’s features are tailored for agencies that are looking to do influencer outreach in bulk. So, NinjaOutreach enables you to automate the entire process of creating emails and sending them to influencers. With its ready-to-use templates, you can save the time you currently spend in writing emails.

After you’ve sent all emails, you can see what worked with the open rate, click rate, and replies. This tool is perfect for teams and agencies that are looking for simple search and outreach features.

Designing Tools

20. Canva

$12.95for 1 User

Canva is unarguably the most popular image creation and editing tool used by professionals across various industries. Its hundreds of templates for social posts, photo library, and icon library makes it easy to create compelling visuals.

While you can use Canva for free, its Pro account has advanced features for small businesses and agencies. For instance, it helps you create a brand kit so your team can maintain a consistent tone across all visuals. Also, it provides you with great animation and team collaboration features.

Canva Pro is priced at $12.95/month (for one team member) and you can try it free for 30 days.

21. Lumen5


The short video format is a winner on social media, and tools like Lumen5 can help you create such videos in minutes. Import your content and Lumen5 will convert it into a text video. You can customize font style and colour as per your brand tone. Lumen5 also has a large library of images, GIFs, music, and short videos that you can just drag and drop to use for your video.

While this tool has a free plan, it has certain limitations when it comes to the quality of the video and number of videos (5 videos in free plan). Your team or agency will need its premium plan priced at $199/month.

22. Fotor


Fotor is a great free online photo editor and design maker. It enables social marketers and businesses to create beautiful, specially designed ads, social media posts, and more for their targeted audience. You can edit photos, make a photo collage, and create a design.

It provides a wide range of photo effects and filters as well as design templates for social media including Twitter cover, Facebook cover, and YouTube Channel art.

23. Animoto

$94for 3 User

Animoto works quite like Lumen5. It has a storyboard feature that enables you to drag and drop photos and videos directly. It also has a library of Getty images and videos. While Animoto has great templates for various themes, its customization features (style, speed, layout, text, etc.) are a little limiting.

Animoto’s business plan, priced at $95/month, provides you with more than 50 templates and fonts along with high-quality videos.

24. Snappa

$30for 5 Users

Snappa is a graphic design tool that helps you create and refine your images with a feature-rich photo editor. Its asset library gives you access to more than 1,00,000 photos and graphics. Want more? It enables you to import your brand’s fonts and organize all your designs into various folders.

This tool works great for teams as it helps you share all designs, assets, and folders with your team members. Also, Snappa’s integration with Buffer helps schedule all these visuals to Facebook and Twitter.

Snappa’s team plan, priced at $30/month, lets you use the tool among 5 of your team members.



Teams and agencies across the world are realizing the importance of having a powerful social media management tech stack. Your decision about which tools you use must depend on three factors: scalability of the tool, its user-friendliness, and its value for money. These factors ensure that you choose tools that grow with your team, increase efficiency, and save your time.

Picture of Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya is the co-founder and CEO at SocialPilot. He brings 13 years of leadership experience in building SaaS platforms. He divides his time between working with his team on product engineering and maintaining a good customer happiness quotient. He aims to bring SocialPilot to the forefront of social business.