Why Social Media Automation is Useful For Online Seller?

Why Social Media Automation is Useful For Online Seller?

  • Jimit Bagadiya

  • May 30, 2016

  • 8 Mins Read

Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to reach out to your potential customers and relevant audience. Additionally, they also provide an opportunity to build your own personal network from the ground up. Whether you are running a small business or large one, social media offers many benefits to you as a business owner. Some benefits include: increased engagement with the customer, discussions on certain issues, getting feedback for your product or services, and etc. However, managing various social media accounts can be a challenging task. It’s time-consuming and requires special attention. For a social media marketer starting out, it can be quite overwhelming. This is especially true when you have limited resources. This is why marketing automation comes in.

Before I start explaining why an automation tool is useful for an online seller, you need to understand something. There are quite a few benefits of the social media for a marketer to use. Here in this post, I have explained major strategies and benefits of social media automation that are a godsend for any online seller.

Social Media Automation Online Seller

What are the benefits of social media marketing for online sellers?

Social media definitely has the power to reach millions of people all around the globe. Here are five benefits of social media marketing for online sellers for the sharing of their posts across all platforms.

1. Increase Customer Engagement:

Customer engagement means you need to always nourish your relationship with them. This could take the shape of constantly posting content that they will like and comment on. A good poster takes a time to respond to queries that customers have and maintaining an ongoing relationship with them. Your main aim of social media use is to drive people to your online store. Keeping them engaged will actually get you more users to check out your site. For example, let’s pretend that you are running a designer clothing store. A great way to get potential customers engaged is by posting blogs about clothing. Such blog posts are very helpful for customers to learn new things from you.

In my previous post, I have explained how to increase engagement on social media. Engaging with your customer is not only telling about what you have to sell. If you want to engage with your customer then join the conversation; discuss with them. It is important to post content that matters to them because this is the way for you to earn their trust and loyalty.

2. Increase Brand Visibility:

Increase brand visibility

Social media is the great platform you can utilize to improve your store’s visibility online. Shares will help to get more followers, leading to more visibility, returning traffic and the building of a community.

Your presence on social media allows your customers to know what your business is doing and what direction it is heading. When you are doing great things, your followers are more likely to share your business within their groups. These people who reside in their groups just might end up being interested in what you have to offer. The more followers you have through your social media, the more exposure you can gain. If done properly, the people you have established a rapport with will share your business with others.

3. Reduce Overall Marketing Cost:

Social media can reduce the marketing cost considerably. However, one of the most important features of social media is that it’s a free way to share content to your potential customers. In addition, it’s a great and cost-effective way to get your brand in front of fans and potential customers. When you use these social networks, you don’t need to hire digital marketing agency for the marketing your product. Facebook allows businesses to create pages and groups without any cost. Many companies have taken great advantage of Facebook pages as a free advertising tool.

4. You Can Offer Better Customer Service:

Offer better customer service

Social media gives the perfect opportunity to reach your customers. Maintaining a social presence allows you answer questions, solve their problems, address their concerns and respond to complaints. All the things that benefit your customer will also help you boost your reputation.

If you are using Facebook or Twitter, customers can directly communicate with you. Additionally, you can quickly answer them in a public format that allows other customers to see the quality of your customer service. If you are providing good customer service, your customer will recommend your brand or product to other people as well.

5. Increase Brand Awareness:

One of the most important benefits of social media marketing is easy to recognize. It’s a way to introduce people to your brand. If you build your brand intelligently, customers will easily come to buy your product. Therefore, social media is the perfect channel to promote a brand or attract new customers. If a customer found your products on social media, it essentially influences their shopping behavior and potentially enhances brand loyalty.

I hope you understand the benefits of social media marketing for an online seller.  However, along with these benefits, you need to understand why social media automation is useful for an online seller.

Social media automation strategies for online seller:

Social media automation, when done properly, is awesome. It can amplify your great content while freeing up your time to create more of it! Let’s take a look at some of the ways a social media automation tool is useful for an online seller.

1. Save Time by Curating Content:

Curating content

Finding and sharing excellent content is a great way to build a brand and discover your audience on social media. For this content, curation tools scour the web for relevant media for your audience. They can save lots of valuable time that you may otherwise burn up searching for content on your own. Content curation is the best way to get the right content for your website. It works well without any big investment of your time.

2. Automate Your RSS:

Online marketers generally want to share their latest posts to as many social places as possible. They, like you, also end up depending on social media, therefore automation is also helpful here. You can automate your RSS feed so that new posts get transmitted directly into your social media channels. You will find plenty of content online so finding the specific content is very difficult. “Rich site summary” or RSS is the standard format that is in almost every app. A feed reader is an automation that does the searching for you. Zapier is one kind of RSS reader that goes to the next level by allowing you to integrate RSS with lots of other apps automatically. It saves lots of time and you don’t need to repeat your posts from one platform to the next.

3. Save Time and Efficiency with Scheduling Posts:

Social media automation tools make your job much easier and give you a lot of advantages. It saves you time as you can bulk upload posts and easily maintain a posting schedule on social media platforms. Automation tools allow you to schedule your post in a queue according to your specific requirement.

In addition, you can properly define your strategy as well as extend your post limit. You can easily schedule an update efficiently to save you time that is better used for another activity.  Additionally, if you have evergreen content, you can schedule updates more frequently. Using one of the top social media scheduling tools for publishing posts allows you to maintain your virtual presence when your audience is online, even when you are not.

4. Organize Your Social Sharing With Automation Tools:

Automation tools like SocialPilot allow you to connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts. As a result, you can create queues of content that get sent at the time you choose. Whether you are an online seller or a marketer, this type of tool really helps you to create advanced schedules for your post. An automation tool really helps you with getting real-time updates and maintaining your social presence with your audience. By using an automation tool, you can easily manage all social media campaigns and manage multiple accounts with one login.

In conclusion, I hope now you are convinced of the benefits and strategies of social media we have covered here. So, which of these benefits and strategies appeal you the most? Share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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