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  • January 30, 2023

Top 25 Must-Have Tools for Your eCommerce Website

Statista predicts that by 2025, the global eCommerce economy will cross the $7.4 trillion mark. If you have an eCommerce website or plan to build one using an eCommerce platform, be ready for neck-breaking combat.

As more eCommerce platforms emerge, the existing players need to anchor themselves firmly. Hence, it would be wise if you complement your eCommerce website with a few online marketing tools to deliver a seamless experience to your users.

These eCommerce tools can help you from setting live chatbots on your site to digging out vital customer touchpoints. Here are some of our favorite ones that will transform your eCommerce website into a money-making machine.

Top 25 eCommerce Tools You Should Know About

Acquire Live chat

Customer service is a crucial part of any business. The manner in which a business deals with its customers or clients determines whether they would recommend it to anyone.

E-commerce websites face certain limitations when it comes to customer servicing, thereby adding to their problems. Therefore, Acquire has come up with a Live Chat tool.

This eCommerce tool makes it easy for businesses to keep a clear line of communication with their customers, at all times. Whether your customers need help in finding the right product or need technical support, with the help of Live Chat software you can give them a live demonstration of your service or product. Also, the ‘screen sharing’ feature allows you to guide your customer step by step.

You can even add links, emojis, or tags while scheduling Shorts or videos. If you feel stuck, you also get enterprise-grade support on all plans to resolve queries at the earliest.

Features of Acquire

  • Live text chat: It is possible to send and receive text messages simultaneously through this feature. It is one of the best tools used for the customer and inquiry conversation.
  • Live Video assistance: In today’s time, it is very important for most of the businesses to provide video assistance to their customers. This tool helps the business reps to interact with the customers personally and face to face.
  • Co-browsing software: Co-browsing technology allows an agent to connect directly to the customer’s browser window. The rep can also see the customer’s mouse cursor, web page and interact with the web page in real-time.
  • Screen sharing: Most of the customers aren’t tech savvy so they might need the additional support. Acquire’s Screen-sharing feature allows the agents to gain temporary access to the customers’ computer and assist them through the process. It’s flawless and fluent and provides a full HD experience to both the parties.


If you host an e-commerce website, you need to have a customer feedback system in place to understand your visitors’ behavior and increase conversions. Plus, 78% of people also favor brands that regularly collect and work on customer feedback.

That’s where Qualaroo comes into place.

It’s a complete feedback collection and management platform that lets you collect actionable insights from website visitors using surveys. You can collect on-page and off-page feedback to build a seamless website experience.

For example, you can create surveys to understand why people leave their cart without making purchases to reduce cart abandonment. It can also help you collect data about your customers’ preferences, fear, and motivation.

Then, channel the data into creating engaging content, improving SEO, recommending products using past purchase history, optimizing your website, and increasing conversions.

Features of Qualaroo

  • Create multiple survey types: Create various surveys like NPS, CSAT, and exit-intent to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • No-code survey editor: The intuitive survey builder lets you create surveys in minutes with pre-built templates and real-time preview. It also guides you through every step of the process.
  • Multi-channel deployment: Use multiple channels like website, email, social media, link, and more to collect data about customers’ website experience.
  • In-built advanced audience targeting: Target different visitors types based on location, device, time on page, repeat visitors, and other attributes to understand your customer base.
  • Personalization options: Use skip-logic and automatic language translation to personalize the survey experience. You can also change the survey appearance to align it with your website theme.
  • AI-based analytics: Qualaroo’s in-built AI-based sentiment analysis and word cloud engine automatically categorizes the feedback in real-time. Use the in-depth reporting section to filter and analyze the data.


Whether you have a growing number of incoming support requests or want to reach more people to sell your products, you can optimize the process with a well-established internet-based call center solution.

Every eCommerce business needs a fast and efficient way to handle shipping, delivery and returns, communicate with stores, reach potential customers, and turn existing ones into loyal, returning fans.

CloudTalk is a cloud-based VoIP telephony solution that helps you and your team communicate easier with customers, prospects, and even your suppliers, the factory, the warehouses, and so on.

Connect your Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce store with CloudTalk with just one click or your WooCommerce store via Zapier.

Features of CloudTalk

  • International numbers: If your store sells to multiple countries, each country can have its own phone number, so your clients will see a familiar number on their screens. Choose from over 140 countries!
  • 40+ integrations: Connect your favorite CRM, Helpdesk, sales automation, and other productivity tools via one click! CloudTalk also works with Zapier and offers Open API.

ProProfs Help Desk

In the online industry, repeat customers are paramount to the success of any e-commerce business and therefore, it becomes all the more important to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Now, with a lot of queries coming in the form of product feature requests, pricing requests, etc. your support team might fail to respond to every customer email.

This is exactly where the ProProfs Help Desk comes to the picture and makes your team well-equipped to deal with an increasing number of tickets quickly.

So if you are having a hard time keeping track of valuable customer emails, then ProProfs Help Desk is the solution to your online business needs. Let’s quickly explore some more benefits of this tool.

Features of ProProfs

  • Share faster responses: When it comes to ecommerce customer service, speed is the name of the game. ProProfs helps reduce the efforts of desk agents and allows them to share lightning-fast responses.
  • Shared Inbox: With a shared inbox, you can club all your customer-facing inboxes (support@, returns@, billing@, info@, etc.) under a single roof and manage multiple accounts from a shared dashboard.
  • Automated workflow: Rise above repetitive tasks with an automated workflow where tickets are automatically assigned to the right agents and they receive automated alerts and notifications.
  • Canned responses: Is responding to common customer questions eating up your valuable time? ProProfs offers a canned response feature that allows you to resolve common requests with ease.
  • Awesome human support: ProProfs is known for its awesome 24×7 support. You can contact them via phone, email, chat, or simply register a ticket on their website.


A handful of your website visitors know what they are there for and will make a purchase without much hesitation. Others, however, would need a bit of convincing and a little push to make them convert.

Here, ecommerce popups can come in handy by helping businesses display promotional and informative on-site messages for better conversions.

This is where Picreel comes into play by allowing users to add website overlays, popup messages, exit popups, and hello bars to maximize value for visitors and improve conversions.

Picreel is extremely easy to set up and use, and it comes built-in with capabilities like tracking visitors’ digital footprints and monitoring their click behavior to send them the most relevant offers through popups for better conversions.

Features of Picreel

  • Easy to set up: Picreel is extremely easy to set up, and you can design popups and deploy them on your ecommerce website within minutes.
  • A/B testing: Picreel offers built-in A/B testing to help marketers design and test their marketing campaigns with real users before full-scale deployment.
  • Built-in surveys: Picreel also allows users to conduct popup surveys for collecting contextual information from your visitors and making data-driven decisions.
  • Advanced targeting: Only show your popups to the people who matter to your business with the help of precise targeting and improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.
  • 700+ integrations: Integrate Picreel with over 700 CRM, CMS, email marketing, and analytics tools to supercharge your workflow.


If you are running an eCommerce website, you must consider mobile shopping and cater to mobile users. Your digital marketing strategy must include targeting mobile users. Failing to do so means ignoring a lot of potential customers.

MageComp’s Mobile App for eCommerce is an absolute choice for merchants looking for a ready-to-use mobile app for their eCommerce store. Our no-code mobile app allows you to tap into the M-commerce world immediately.

Whether you are targeting Android users or iOS users, MageComp Mobile App Builder can prove to be useful for you. Launch your Mobile App swiftly to Google Play Store and App Store with our out-of-the-box eCommerce Mobile App Builder.

Features of MageComp’s Mobile App Builder

  • Draw user’s attention to specific products, offers, discounts, and more using the banner slider on the home screen of the eCommerce Mobile App.
  • Allow customers to visit their favourite brand page easily using the brand slider feature.
  • Users can quickly locate their desired product with filter options.
  • Amplify your mobile app’s login process by allowing customers to log in via their social accounts.
  • Send various notifications to customers’ mobile about new product launches, flash sales, or any news.


Here one gets a reward for telling their friends about your store. It is the eCommerce store plug-in that helps your eCommerce site to get more word of mouth sales.

ReferralCandy has been successfully running referral marketing campaigns since 2009. This eCommerce tool has helped numerous brands to increase their referral rates and growing sales for customers.

Features of ReferralCandy

  • ReferralCandy gives you the flexibility to create and set a variety of reward and incentive programs.
  • It gives every customer their own referral link and makes it easy for new members to join your program.
  • In today’s era, referral marketing is one of the most powerful methods to generate new customers for any other business.
  • According to ReferralCandy, the ROI of referral marketing can go up to 300%, or even more!

Chatbot Builder by SendPulse

Chatbot marketing is currently front and center of innovation in the promotional strategy of many eCommerce businesses. Chatbot builder by SendPulse is just the tool to get you started.

SendPulse is a marketing automation platform that specializes in a multichannel communication approach. This means that the eCommerce business can be rather flexible in terms of maintaining a relationship with its customers. The platform can facilitate automated marketing campaigns by means of email, SMS, and web push notifications.

SendPulse takes pride in its powerful, no-code chatbot builder. At present, the service allows users to create chatbots for major social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and popular messengers – like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Features of SendPulse’s chatbot builder

  • Build elaborate sales funnels or simple auto-replies and engage with your customers on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram.
  • Accept payments via a secure payment system integrated into your chatbot.
  • Have your Instagram chatbot react to your subscribers’ stories that mention your brand.
  • Get your hands on the WhatsApp business API with no set-up or additional fees. (SendPulse is the official WhatsApp Business solution provider.)
  • Manage your chatbots on your smartphone or make quick replies to your customers on the go.
  • Combine your chatbots with marketing emails or SMS to better match your customer’s preferred channel of communication.


Dukaan is the perfect choice for businesses looking for an all-in-one platform. This is especially working great for new starters as it will help beginner eCommerce stores build and design their website, add and sort products, and get their online journey started.

With Dukaan, eCommerce brands can start selling and growing in less than 30 seconds. Also available on Google Playstore and iOS, Dukaan offers an exclusive app to make all your eCommerce processes even more simple.

All you have to do is choose your eCommerce brand name, think of the most proper design, add products, and start selling successfully.

Features of Dukaan

  • With Dukaan, you can choose and acquire a free custom domain that’s authentic to your eCommerce brand.
  • The mobile app version of the platforms allows customers to order directly from their phone, and businesses-to build their mobile presence more easily.
  • The Dukaan support staff is there 24/7 to cover your marketing, accounting, and other support-related operations.
  • The platform offers add-in plug-ins, including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and even SEO tools.
  • The private community of eCommerce merchants is there for questions and support.


Before you add tools to your online store, you’ll first have to build it. WordPress will naturally be your platform of choice. But what if you can’t (or don’t want to) code?

Well, you can always use Elementor. A code-free WordPress website builder, Elementor boasts a powerful WooCommerce website builder feature that can be leveraged towards creating WordPress-based online stores, as well.

Users can choose to create their eCommerce website from scratch, using Elementor’s dynamic drag-and-drop editor. Alternatively, they can opt for Full-Site Kits. Complete websites, Kits are designer-made and can be effortlessly customized for immediate launch.

Features of Elementor

  • Cloud Hosting: Elementor users can create their own WordPress-based online store without ever needing any external hosting service. With built-in cloud hosting for WordPress, you can create your WooCommerce site for as little as $99
  • Live Video Assistance: Today, it is very important for most businesses to provide video assistance to their customers. This tool helps the business reps to interact with the customers personally and face to face.
  • Full Site Kits: Elementor offers a number of designer-ready WordPress stores you can lightly customize and launch within minutes.
  • 20+ eCommerce Widgets: Offering users 90+ widgets, Elementor boasts more than 20 widgets tailored specifically for eCommerce use cases, such as ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Menu Cart’.


Unlike Google Analytics, the Metrilo tool updates the order statuses in real-time. Therefore you can see your revenue calculated accurately. You can get detailed analytics from the KPI dashboard.

It doesn’t count refunded or canceled orders. You can look up specific order statuses like “on hold”, “delivered”, “pending”, etc. Metrilo offers 30+ filters to get desired segmentation for targeting apt audiences.

Features of Metrilo

  • Customer LTV
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Average orders per customer
  • Checkout completion
  • Conversion rates by device
  • Revenue per visitor
  • Average order value


Wigzo’s Machine Learning technology converts your data into predictive insights and also suggests the best engagement channel that is suitable for your marketing action.

One can access all the audience data whether it is from media channels or digital forums. Wigzo technologies unite marketing automation with individual behaviors. This eCommerce tool helps marketers to boost their campaign results.

Features of Wigzo

  • 360-degree user profiling
  • Behavioral automation
  • Email personalization
  • Personalized notifications
  • Product recommendations
  • Exit intent

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most preferred way to track most of the data of your e-commerce site. You simply need to add a small amount of code to the back end of your site.

It will allow you to collect data to view which traffic sources have been most beneficial or profitable. This facilitates you to work out your marketing ROI easily.

Features of Google Analytics

  • Number of transactions
  • Conversion rate
  • Total revenue
  • Average order value
  • Number of unique purchases
  • Quantity of products sold
  • Quantity of product sold
  • Revenue by product
  • Average price of products
  • Day to transaction
  • Visits to transaction

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg gives you the extraordinary and competitive advantage to improve your website without spending much. With the help of the tool, you can build a site that your users and customers love.

Once you get to know what they like to use and what they don’t, you can make changes will make a difference in your site.

Features of Crazy Egg

  • HeatMap: This gives you a picture of where people clicked on your site.
  • ScrollMap: This gives you the picture of how far down in the page visitors are scrolling and it helps to determine where the visitors abandon the page.
  • Overlay: The report displays the data of the number of clicks of each element of your page.
  • Confetti: Once you are aware of where your most clicks are coming from, you can work on the exact traffic sources to maximize the revenue.

Facebook Ads

Marketing on Facebook is one of the most efficient tactics to increase sales of your online business. Facebook ads make it simple to reach the audience who matter to your business. It also tracks the results of the advertising across various devices.

Features of Facebook Ads

  • By setting up a page
  • Boost the post of your page to reach more people
  • Reach the customers you know using the right Facebook business tools
  • Choose a particular advert audience
  • Track customer actions on your website


Operating an online store is not as easy as you think. During this process, store owners might have to tackle several problems with their eCommerce platforms that cannot be solved. If that’s the case, you should consider switching to a different solution.

This is when LitExtension comes to the rescue.

LitExtension is a tech company specializing in shopping cart migration. It allows you to securely and speedily transfer all your data from one eCommerce platform to another. For example, if you are running an online store on Wix and want to switch from Wix to Shopify, you can have LitExtension take over your task. This solution will automatically shift all your products, customers, and orders from Wix to Shopify in just a few simple steps.

Features of LitExtension

  • Easy to use: LitExtension is user-friendly, even for those with little knowledge of technology. All you need to do is fill in your carts’ information and let LitExtension work its magic.
  • Support a wide range of carts: LitExtension supports over 120 eCommerce platforms. Whether you are selling on a hosted solution or an open-source shopping cart, LitExtension can easily meet your demand.
  • All-in-one migration package: Don’t have time to perform the migration yourself? LitExtension offers an all-in-one migration package that can save you more time and effort. Upon registering for this package, you will have access to an exclusive support agent who will assist you during the migration process. They will help you perform the transfer and keep you up-to-date on everything that happened along the way.


With online shopping becoming more of the norm, having products present and visible on eCommerce channels like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., is a must for advertisers. And the quality of the data sent to these channels is crucial to every campaign’s success.

DataFeedWatch is a leading feed marketing and PPC automation solution available in over 60 countries and across 2000+ eCommerce channels with the goal of helping agencies, retailers, and online merchants grow, both locally and globally.

Using a feed management solution like DataFeedWatch will allow you to create fully optimized product feeds based on your existing data. Optimized listings will then help you increase sales, easily sell on multiple channels, and prevent advertising out-of-stock products.

Features of DataFeedWatch

  • Advanced feed optimization: Turn feeds into sales with accurate, up to date, and enhanced data.
  • Price watch: Leverage competitive insights to strengthen your market presence.
  • Feed-driven search ads: Automate your Google Search Campaigns, Keywords, and Ads.
  • Product level analytics: Identify best-sellers and underperformers. Shift focus to profitable products.
  • DIY or managed feeds: DataFeedWatch offers both DIY and managed options for data feed management.


Sender has been developed and maintained with functionality and ease of use in mind. The user interface and features are designed to be as simple as possible while maintaining robust functionality. Adding invincible pricing to the equation will give you an absolute monster of value.

Sender takes a customer-first approach. This means that all customers can get the same attention, regardless of their subscription plan. In other words, even the top-level features have no limits or restrictions.

In addition to effective email marketing services, Sender also offers SMS marketing for the best eCommerce results. SMS campaigns are rarely done alone. They are always a small but important part of a larger marketing strategy. Ideally, you should choose a solution that combines both SMS and email marketing under one interface.

Features of Sender

  • Clean and easy-to-use UI
  • Sophisticated subscriber management system
  • Hassle-free drag and drop design editor ( including HTML and plain text)
  • Reports & Analytics
  • User-friendly email automation
  • Subscription form, popup builder with a few-click integration
  • 24/7 real-time customer support
  • Exceptional email deliverability with no daily limits.
  • eCommerce integrations with web platforms like WordPress, Zapier, RESTful API for developers, and others


Any e-commerce store owner who works with employees or contractors, or has to help customers troubleshoot, has to create written documentation. Typically this takes writing out instructions, taking and editing screenshots, and then uploading a document to the proper location.

Scribe cuts out all the manual work, capturing your screen while you work and turning it into a shareable guide with screenshots and written instructions. You can then share your Scribe with a link or embed it in your customer help center or internal knowledge base.

Its Chrome extension is free for unlimited users to create unlimited guides. Scribes can be embedded in any e-commerce store where you can customize HTML.

Features of Scribe

  • Create documentation in a fraction of the time, then edit your steps or share with teammates or customers
  • Unlimited team members, Scribe creation, and page creation for free
  • Quickly build out your FAQ page or help center and ensure great customer service

Plytix PIM

For a long time, the little guys in ecommerce have been deprived of powerful technologies like Product Information Management (PIM). That all changed when Plytix introduced its PIM to the market. PIM is no longer a luxury but something that is essential to your ecommerce business’s success.

With Plytix’s PIM, you can forget about messy spreadsheets to create, edit and store your product data. All your production is in one place and up to date, making collaboration between teams seamless.

What’s more, you can optimize your product data to rank higher on the different online marketplaces inside the PIM. It will update your optimized product data on all your channels; a PIM is a great tool for going omnichannel.

Plytix’s PIM is user-friendly and affordable. So whether you are a small to medium eCommerce business or an established enterprise, Plytix can work for you.

Features of Plytix PIM

  • Control your product information on multiple channels via one place
  • Optimize your product data using the PIM
  • Create tailor-made brand portals (catalogs) that you can distribute to your customers
  • User-friendly and cost-effective

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is one of the most reliable free customer feedback tools which enables businesses to collect feedback effortlessly with the use of the latest technology.

It enables multi-channel survey distribution and easy response tracking so that you can target different audiences with different surveys and still be able to make sense of all the feedback you have collected.

The feedback tool that allows you to collect feedback through email, SMS, survey link, QR code, mobile app, mobile, tablet, and kiosk.

Using Zonka Feedback, you can measure feedback across the most important CX metrics, including NPS, CSAT, and CES. Moreover, you can collect quick and in-the-moment feedback using its free customer feedback app.

Features of Zonka Feedback

  • Website give you up to 3 free surveys, which can be created with a few clicks with 500+ ready-to-use, industry-specific survey templates; no need for coding and technical knowledge.
  • Multilingual surveys (30+ languages)
  • It provides automated workflows, feedback segmentation and tagging with real-time alerts, notifications, and response actions.
  • Reporting and analysis to retrieve insightful data and trends from responses.
  • Unified response inbox.
  • Survey logic to create relevant surveys despite different customer experiences
  • The surveys are mobile-responsive.

Luigi’s Box

Online shopping should be effortless and enjoyable. That’s why Luigi’s Box, a unique product search and recommendation technology, was developed.

With proven results in increasing conversion rates and helping customers find what they need quickly and easily, Luigi’s Box is the solution you’ve been looking for to take your e-shop to the next level!

Features of Luigi’s Box

  • This tool helps e-shoppers find exactly what they are looking for with just a few clicks. Whether visitors to your site need help filtering through vast collections of products to find the perfect match, their smart search engine ensures a seamless, hassle-free browsing experience every time.
  • A single dashboard that gives you super quick visual feedback about the state of your search.
  • Recommender displays product suggestions in your e-shop, personalized to every visitor with AI, based on his preferences and previous online behavior.


DSers is a dropshipping app on the Shopify app store. Founded in 2018, the app now has 8000+ 5 star reviews on the Shopify app store and serves more than 150K customers. Whitelisted by AliExpress, the app is the best AliExpress dropshipping tool allowing you to save 97% order processing time.

In addition to its key features like automatic pricing rules to ensure your profits, easy account setup, inventory management, multiple store management, etc., it also has its affiliate program that helps users or affiliates from their AliExpress Get cash back on every sale.

Moreover, DSers dropshipping app is also a great option to get success with your online dropshipping business if you are planning to start dropshipping on Wix or WooCommerce.

Features of DSers

  • The Supplier Optimizer makes it easier for you to find new suppliers selling the exact same product but with higher ratings and cheaper prices with Supplier Optimizer.
  • With Bulk Order, you can place orders to AliExpress easily and fast. You can place all new orders received from customers with just a few clicks. Every product in your online e-commerce store should be linked to the AliExpress supplier you want to use in DSers. Each variant of the product should be linked to the corresponding variant provided by the vendor.
  • With Bundle Products, you can create a Pack Of AliExpress Products to increase the average cart value.
  • DSers will automatically sync the AliExpress tracking number and then transmit it to your store to notify customers.
  • Automatically track the status and information of all orders. New orders will appear once you receive them and orders will move to different tabs based on their current status.
  • DSers is here to make sure that you know the exact amount of goods ready to be sold for each AliExpress supplier at any time.
  • Pre-select your preferred shipping method by country, price, or delivery time, depending on your preference.
  • Automatically apply some pricing rules to all new products you import.


Tally is one of the highest-rated business accounting software. It is also one of the best listed GST software with barcode integration, inventory management, email integration, VAT/service tax, TDS/TCS, and several other functions. It is also accepted by more than 140 countries across the world.

Apart from being a brilliant GST software, Tally’s excellent scalability, flexibility, remote access, multilingual capability, and speed makes it one of the most used software.

In a company’s Tally database, relevant business data such as inventory records, financial transactions, creditors and debtors lists, sales records, and even taxation details are saved. Tally is widely used by many of e-commerce businesses.

Tally is an integral software for small, mid-size, and large organizations. It is also termed as one of the finest debt management advisors that blends automated debt assistance and line of credit to help people get out of debt.

With Tally, you can manage your credit cards, save money on interest, pay debts faster, and whatnot!

Features of Tally

  • Budget-friendly with a low APR: Tally is one of the most cost-effective business accounting software with a low APR.
  • Secure system: With Tally, users don’t have to worry about losing confidential information.
  • Late fee protection: Tally provides late fee protection to all its users. Every month Tally checks the users’ credit card accounts to ensure that users have satisfied the minimum payment amounts.
  • Remote access: With Tally’s remote access, you can access your data anytime and anywhere!
  • Easy-to-use GST software: Tally is one of the most efficient GST softwares that helps users with accurate return filing and several other features.


Take your website or online store from good to great! Do you have good site traffic but could use more leads and conversions? Having a well-constructed website is only half the battle. It should be your best salesperson on the team.

That’s where POWR comes in. Choose from over 60 website apps and plugins, like form builder, popups, countdown timers, image/video galleries, and many more, all created to help eCommerce businesses accomplish business goals.

Features of POWR

  • Integration with G-suite + over 70 website-building platforms like Wix, WordPress, and Shopify and 100s of other tools like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Zapier
  • Start for free with no credit card required, and keep apps free for life based on features and limitations
  • Embed a “Buy Now” feature on most apps and accept payments via PayPal and Stripe
  • Personalized analytics dashboard to track contacts, responses, and overall sales
  • Support agents are available 24/7

Free Logo Creator

Freelogocreator is a graphic design tool that allows users to create and customize logos for their businesses. The tool can also be used to design logos for an e-commerce website, as it allows users to create professional-looking logos that can be used for branding of their online store.

It can also be used to create graphics and other visual assets like business card designs, flyer designs, merchandise design, and social header designs that can be used to promote an e-commerce business on social media or other online platforms.

However, it’s primarily a logo design tool, and it has fresh & unique designs, a rich customization bar, and a completely cost-free design experience.

Features of Free Logo Creator

  • A wide collection of 1000s of logo-templates to choose from
  • The ability to customize logos by changing colors, fonts, and other design elements
  • Can easily download logos in various formats, including PNG, JPG, and SVG
  • Users can create logos with transparent backgrounds
  • Complete branding packages available with the option to preview logos in different contexts, such as on a business card or mug etc.
  • Save and edit logos online, allowing users to make changes and updates as needed and absolutely free of cost

Final Words

Running eCommerce businesses requires you to constantly reevaluate your offerings, so you stay on top of your customers’ minds at all times. But it isn’t all about the price. You have to deliver an effortless experience and assist them at every step.

You can use these eCommerce tools to streamline it all. You should also focus on a holistic marketing strategy to drive more leads to your website.

That’s where social media tools like SocialPilot come in handy. Manage branding on diversified social media platforms from one place. Take a free trial to put your social media on autopilot and spike your website traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is eCommerce worth globally?

As per Statista, global retail e-commerce sales were estimated to be around 4.9 trillion dollars in 2021. This value is expected to increase by 50%, reaching $7.4 trillion by 2025.

What are the 3 types of eCommerce?

3 types of eCommerce are:

  • Business-to-Business
  • Business-to-Consumer
  • Consumer-to-Consumer

What are the challenges in eCommerce?

Here are a few challenges in eCommerce industry:

  1. Cyber security
  2. Rigorous competition
  3. Return and refund policies
  4. Customer loyalty

What are the ways to increase customer engagement in eCommerce?

Some ways to increase customer engagement in eCommerce are:

  1. Customer feedbacks
  2. Rewards for reviews
  3. Loyalty programs
  4. Prompt reply to unsatisfied customers
  5. Engage with customers on social media

What are the eCommerce tools best for startups?

Some of the top eCommerce tools for startups are:

  1. Acquire Live Chat
  2. Qualaroo
  3. CloudTalk
  4. ProProfs Help Desk
  5. Picreel
  6. MageComp
  7. Referral Candy
  8. Chatbot Builder by SendPulse
  9. MyDukaan
  10. Elementor
  11. Metrilo
  12. Wigzo
  13. Google Analytics
  14. Crazy Egg
  15. Facebook Ads
  16. LitExtension
  17. DataFeedWatch
  18. CloudTalk
  19. Sender
  20. Scribe
  21. Plytix PIM
  22. Zonka Feedback
  23. Luigi's Box
  24. DSers

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